7 Best Luxury Gas Fire Pit Tables Worth Every Cent in 2020

best luxury gas fire pit tables

Great for creating a focal point in addition to providing warmth, outdoor gas fire pit tables have in recent years become a good alternative to the traditional outdoor fireplaces due to their flexibility and ease of use. Not only are outdoor gas fire pit tables customizable and  better placed to give an outdoor area a modern, stylish and elegant look, they better in terms of flexibility as they can be moved around the outdoor living space as desired for a change. They are decorative units that when combined with other outdoor decor and furniture, they have the capability of drastically changing the whole appearance of the outdoor living area. And because of competition among manufacturers, there is no shortage of fire pit tables to chose from. Prices for fire tables ranges from as low as $190 to as high as $4000 or more depending on quality and design. This post going to focus on some of the best luxury gas fire pit tables so if you’re in the market for one, keep scrolling.

One reason why people prefer luxury fire pit tables like most things “luxury” is that, quality and durability is often guaranteed, meaning you can expect to get several years of service from the product even with regular use. Again, luxury fire pits like the ones listed below often come with a higher BTU rating-60,000 BTUs and above, compared to the cheaper designs that come with a rating of 50,000 or less. This means that if you’re looking for a fire table mainly for the purpose of heat generation, then best go for a luxury fire pit table.

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Before we get into this list of our top best Luxury Gas Fire Pit Tables, (over $1000) you should know that extensive research was undertaken to come up with this list. This list is composed only of the highest and popular fire tables based on customer reviews on the top online retail giants and personal experiences. So you can trust us when we tell you that these are some of the best in the market.

These fire tables come with and easy to use battery powered Ignition system while some require a match or lighter to power. Also, all the fire tables listed below are UL listed meaning that they have undergone several tests by experts to ensure that they meet  the highest safety standards.

So now, the list…

Hammered Copper 42″ Round Oriflamme Fire Table Gas Fire Pit Table

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  • This gas fire pit table is made of 18 gauge real hammered copper with a vintage-fired finish for a rich rustic look while also preventing weathering and maintaining its look over time.
  • Comes with a stainless steel elegance burner that burns throughout its entire surface.
  • Produces up to 75,000 BTUs of heat on propane gas and 90,000 BTUs on Natural gas, hence one of the highest ratings in the market.
  • The most impressive feature of this gas fire pit table is that is has a “dual propane tank system”. With this system, this gas fire table is able to operate on two 20lb propane tanks for double the burn time. The two propane tanks perfectly fit inside the fire table where they are stored and can easily be accessed through an access door on the side of the fire table.
  • For your convenience, it features a frame mounted bottle opener on the side, so you won’t have to go to far to enjoy your drink.
  • For those uneven floor surfaces, this fire table also comes with adjustable frame levelers thus ensuring stability for your fire pit table.
  • When you need to convert this fire table into a full it also comes with a  lid with the same matching powder coating as the table top. The lid will also protect the burner when it’s not in use.
  • It includes a mixture of Copper fire glass, black reflective fire glass, and Gold Reflective fire glass for further accenting it.
  • A Natural Gas Conversion Kit and ice bucket insert are available for purchase separately.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Table top sizes – 42″
    • Height – 21.75″
    • Burner diameter – 22″
    • Total Weight – 170lbs

 Advantages of Hammered Copper Fire Pit

  1. High BTU rating: One of the highest BTUs for a ready made propane fire pit in the market actually.
  2. Ideal fire table  for heat: With its high BTU rating, this fire table is great for keeping your warm.
  3. Double burn time: With the dual propane tanks system, this fire pit table is capable of lasting twice the time other fire pit tables last on a single propane tank.
  4. Durable and top quality: 18 gauge real hammered copper ensures excellent quality coupled with the weather proof finish means this fire pit will last years and give you value for your money.
  5. Comes with a burner lid: Handy for converting the fire table table top surface into a full functional table.

Napoleon Grills St. Tropez Rectangle Patioflame Table

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  • This luxurious fire table is crafted from durable, rust proof aluminum all around plus a high temperature, weather resistant rustic bronze finish that also gives this fire pit table an antique style.Napoleon Grills St. Tropez Rectangle Patioflame Table
  • Sufficient heat output of 60,000 BTU’s.
  • All stainless Steel burner with easy start push button ignition. The steel burner features drainage holes for water to flow out.
  • Comes with a safety thermocouple valve that automatically shuts and cuts off gas in case the flames are disrupted by say, the wind for instance. This helps to prevent gas leaks and gas wastage.
  • Comes with a flush lid, same material as the table top for covering the burner to turn it into a full table.
  • Comes with decorative fire glass for filling the burner.
  • It comes with a natural gas conversion kit as an alternative option for those with a access to a natural gas line.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Overall Dimensions – 56″L x 36″W x 23H”
    • Burner Dimensions – 30″ x 10″
    • Weight: 105 pounds


  1. High quality construction: For enhanced durability.
  2. Fitted with flame sensor thermocouple valve: Prevents gas leaks and wastage.
  3. High heat output: Most fire tables will have an heat output of 50,000 BTUs and below.
  4. Natural gas conversion kit included: Unlike other brands where you have to buy one separately.
  5. Can be converted into a table: With the included burner lid that perfectly fits and covers the burner.

Outdoor Great Room Montego Crystal Fire Pit

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  • Montego Coffee Table features a balsam wicker base and sleek modern tempered black glass top. Access door at the side conceals the propane tank.Outdoor Great Room Montego Crystal Fire Pit
  • 304 stainless steel crystal fire burner with 65,000 BTU output.
  • Comes with a burner cover, that also comes in handy for a full table top surface.
  • Includes tumbled diamond fire glass for filling the burner.
  • Can be converted to natural gas with a kit included.
  • Optional accessories sold separately include: Vinyl protective cover, Glass wind guard and Log Set.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Height- 21″
    • Width – 59.25″
    • Depth- 30″
    • Weight: 93pounds


  1. Excellent workmanship with quality material: For enhanced longevity.
  2. High BTU Rating: Ideal for heat production.
  3. Can be converted into a table: With the included burner lid.
  4. Natural gas conversion kit: is included.

CC Products Opulent Bowls Round Propane Gas Fire Tables

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90,00 BTU 48-Inch Round Propane Gas Bowl Fire Table 90,00 BTU 48-Inch Round Propane Gas Bowl Fire Table 90,00 BTU 48-Inch Round Propane Gas Fire Table

  • These classic USA made round luxury gas fire pit tables are made of heavy duty steel with powder coat finish for an attractive look and long lasting durability.
  • Feature a match light 304 stainless steel burner with very impressive heat output of 90,000 BTUs.
  • Instead of the usual side door for accessing the propane tank, these luxury fire pit tables are designed with a lifting table top you lift to access your tank. The lifting table top also ensures the all round uninterrupted beauty of the fire tables.
  • Locking burner lid for full table use.
  • They each come with with 40 pounds of lava rocks.
  • The fire tables are available in natural gas option too.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Height- 24″, 26.5″, 26.5″ respectively
    • Width – 48″
    • Depth- 48″
    • Weight: 250, 210, 210 pounds  respectively


  1. Excellent quality construction: To ensure they still remain as attractive and efficient even through years of use.
  2. Impressive BTU rating:  90,000 BTUs, is probably the highest rating for a ready made propane fire pit table you’re likely to find.
  3. Great for heat production: If heat is the primary goal for getting a fire pit, then it probably doesn’t get any better than 90,000 BTUs for a propane fire table.
  4. Added style and elegance: With their stylish, modern design and rich finishes, these fire pit tables allude to luxury and elegance.
  5. Can be converted to full usable tables: With the burner locking lid.

CC Products Square Propane Gas Fire Table With Clock

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  • Perhaps the most prominent feature of this luxury gas fire pit table is that the clock you see on the side is not just for show. In fact, the two opposing sides of this fire table both have a fully functioning Roman numeral clock. 48-Inch Square Propane Gas Fire Tables With White Finish
  • Features a heavy duty steel frame with attractive powder coat finish that also enhances its life span aside from making this unit appealing.
  • Impressive burner rating of 90,000 BTUs.
  • 304 stainless steel burner with 12-inch fire ring requires a match to light.
  • Unique lifting table top feature to access the propane tank is also present here, thereby eliminating the need for an for access door on the side.
  •  Includes a burner lid and 40 pounds of lava rock.
  • This fire table is also available in a ready natural gas option.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Height- 24″
    • Width – 48″
    • Depth- 48″
    • Weight: 180 pounds


  1. Durability assurance: Made possible by the quality steel construction with weather proof finish.
  2.  Highest market BTU rating:  Most propane fire pit tables will have a rating of 50,000 BTUs and below.
  3. One of the top best propane fire pit tables for heat production.
  4. Can be converted to full tables: With the burner cover.
  5. Numerical clock on the sides: Allows you to keep track of time as you enjoy the relaxing and warm ambiance of your fire pit.

Outdoor Great Room Key Largo Crystal Fire Pit

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  • Features a polished brown stone supercast top with attractive, outdoor durable stucco base. Outdoor Great Room Key Largo Crystal Fire Pit
  • Battery powered spark ignition with stainless steel crystal fire burner with a high BTU rating of 88,000.
  • Comes with Diamond colored fire glass for the burner.
  • Also includes a natural gas conversion kit.
  • Unlike the other fire pit tables on this list, this one does not come with a burner cover so you have to buy it separately.
  • Dimensions and weight;
    • Burner: 12″x42″
    • Overall Height- 24″
    • Width – 54″
    • Depth- 25.5″
    • Weight: 155 pounds


  1. Durable weather proof construction: Made possible by the all-weather stucco finish and supercast stone.
  2. High BTU rating.
  3. Ideal for heat production.
  4. Has an attractive elegant look
  5. Comes with a conversion kit.

Oriflamme Octogon Giallo Fiorito Gas Fire Table 

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  • This unique and exquisite luxury gas fire pit table is made of 100% real granite table top with copper vein powder coating for longevity. Oriflamme Octogon Giallo Fiorito Gas Fire Table
  • Emits up to 75,000 BTUs on propane and up to 90,000 BTUs on natural gas.
  • Features the unique  dual Propane Tank System of storing 2 – 20lb exchangeable tanks for a longer burn time.
  • Comes with a bottle opener on the side.
  • Adjustable frame levelers for stability on those uneven surfaces.
  • Includes a protective burner lid that also expands the top surface into a full table.
  • A mixture of reflective decorative fire glass is also included.
  • Can be converted to natural gas but you have to purchase a Natural Gas Conversion Kit separately.
  • Dimensions and weight
    • Height – 21.75″
    • Width – 45″
    • Depth- 45″
    • Burner diameter – 22″
    • Total Weight – 200lbs


  1. Convenient dual tank system: For twice the burn time.
  2. High BTU rating: Capable of generating sufficient warmth.
  3. Made of durable and top quality materials: For a long life span hence giving you value for your value for your money.
  4. Comes with a burner lid.
  5. Attractive and elegant: Looking this gas fire pit table, you can tell that is quite attractive and stylish suitable for transforming your outdoor living space into an elegant gathering spot.

And there you have it. The top 7 best Luxury Gas Fire Pit Tables that are totally worth buying. Any of this interest you?

Aside from the above reason, here are more reasons why you should consider a gas fire pit table table of any kind really, and not just the luxury ones;

  1. If your looking for a way to decorate or give your patio or backyard a new look. Fire pit tables are the perfect solution for transforming your outdoor living space into a stylish, elegant and even a sophisticated outdoor space.
  2. If you want an outdoor centerpiece. Why not go for a fire pit table as it will allow you to create a focal point where you and your loved ones can gather.
  3. Your outdoor heater is not enough for heat production. An outdoor fire pit table will do an excellent job of complementing your heater in the heat department. Fire pit tables are also great for complementing pools as seen, so it’s probably something you can consider as well if you have pool.

So if you’re planning to buy a Luxury Gas Fire Pit Table or any fire pit table for that matter, first shop around and see what is available in the market and what is likely to suit your outdoor living space. Consider such things as the size of the fire table in relation to how much space you have available in the outdoor area, the surrounding look of your outdoor space and what you want to achieve, the BTU rating, included accessories and most especially the burner lid and your budget.






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