5 Considerations Before Mounting a TV Above the Fireplace

Considerations Before Mounting a TV Above the Fireplace

Mounting a TV above the fireplace will give your room a sleek and put-together look. Other than being very trendy, you can achieve so much more with the mounted TV.

Think about a home cinema. When you have a moderately large TV above the fireplace you can host movie nights whenever you want. You just need a good movie, a comfy couch, a couple of blankets and of course, delicious snacks.

If you’re here reading this article, chances are that you’re interested in mounting your TV above the fireplace.

This all can be achieved and is fairly easy to do safely if with the help of these 5 tips.

What Size Should a TV be When Mounting Above the Fireplace?

If you have made up your mind and want to mount a TV above the fireplace, the size of the TV should be considered.

Choosing the TV size depends on multiple conditions:

  1. What should be the correlation between the size of the fireplace and the size of a TV?
  2. What is the distance between the TV mounting area or in this case fireplace and a sitting area?
  3. How high should you mount the TV above the mantel?

Let’s answer these questions one by one

1. The Size of the TV Vs. The Size of the Fireplace.

In general, designers recommend that the fireplace should be at least 5 inches wider than the TV. So if your mantel is 55 inches, then you should go for a 50’’ TV and below. This way, our TV to not look bulky and overpowering.

It is also important to note that, it is preferred to mount your TV to the wall rather than placing it on the mantle. This way the TV will look sleek and not chunky.

2. Distance Between the TV and The Sitting Area.

Another important measurement to take is the distance between the sitting area and the TV.

If the couch is too close to the TV mounted above the fireplace, then chances are you might have to always look up in order to watch your favorite programs. This is a recipe for neck pain  which is why it is important to choose the right size.

To come up with the correct size of TV you should divide the distance between the sitting area and the fireplace by 1.5. So if your TV is something like say; 80″ then the distance to the couch/chair should be 120’’.

Again, just a recommendation as this may or may not work for different people.

3. Height of a mounted TV

The optimal height of the TV is at eye level, but it won’t be possible in our case. So the best option if your fireplace type allows you to would be to mount the TV as low as possible above the mental and keep a comfortable distance to the sitting area.

To give you a general idea, you should always aim to leave 4 to 8 inches of space between the TV and mantel. This will give you enough space and the wall won’t seem overcrowded.

How to Protect a TV from Heat Damage When Mounting Above the Fireplace.

When wanting to mount a TV above the sizzling fireplace the first thing that probably springs to mind for most people is whether it’s safe for TV or not.

This question is very valid especially if you’re considering investing in a good quality modern TV.

Some people will tell you that the heat and soot will damage the TV in the long run, but there are actually some ways that will protect your TV from that. Millions of people around the world have their TVs mounted above their fireplaces and millions more continue to do so too. The bottom line is that this trend would cease to exist if the concern was real and unavoidable.

Here are Some Tips to Avoiding Overheating Your TV:

  • Install a mantel above the fireplace. This will ensure to block the heat from rising to the wall above, thus your TV. Installing a mantel not only protects your electronics but gives you the chance to accessorize your room and make it fit your style;
  •  Close the doors of your fireplace. In addition to installing a mantel, to increase the heat protection you should consider closing the doors of the fireplace if your fireplace is equipped with clear tempered glass doors. If yours don’t have them, you can always get them installed.
  • Consider installing a gas-powered or electric fireplace. If you haven’t already installed a fireplace choosing a gas-powered or electric fireplace can be the best option for protecting the TV above it. This is because compared to wood, these two styles of fireplaces give you the ability to control the flame, thus the emission of heat. Furthermore, you wont  have to worry about smoke damage.

Mount the TV Above the Fireplace Using a Full Motion Articulating Fireplace Mount

Safety should be your top priority when looking to install your TV above the fireplace and this starts by selecting a good quality fireplace TV mount for the job.

One important feature you want to consider is TV mounts with a  full motion feature.

Full motion articulating TV mounts can be adjusted up and down and on either side, offering a full swiveling as desired. This feature therefore becomes  immensely beneficial in cases where the TV is too high for that comfortable eye level view or in cases where a particular sitting position is not the most favorable when it comes to the TV’s viewing position.

But don’t just stop there, go a step further and pick one that specifically designed for use above the fireplace because the truth is that not all fully articulating TV mounts will work well above the fireplace.

One popular brand with the best quality models hands-down you should consider is the MantelMount with their options of fireplace TV mounts.

Their most notable models come equipped with heat-sensing technology such that the handles automatically turn into a visible red color when the temperatures are exceedingly high, levels capable of causing damage. This feature alone is currently unique to MantelMount  alone setting the brand apart from its competitors.

Where to Put the Cable Box When Mounting a TV Above the Fireplace?

Managing cables is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to mounting a TV on the wall, but it’s something that has to be done well in order to achieve a sleek look.

One thing that you don’t want to have is hanging wires and a misplaced cable box.

If the space behind the TV allows you to run wires behind the wall then you should do so. You’ll just need to make two holes in the wall, one behind the TV and one wherever you decide to put your cable box. If this option isn’t available to you, then you should consider buying a TV that doesn’t require a lot of cables and can operate with only one.

When it comes to placing a cable box, a good rule of thumb is to place it in the center of a mantel. In general, mantels are wide enough to handle the box without looking messy. If your mantel isn’t wide enough second option would be to put a separate cabinet on the side, or use up the storage space on the side if it’s available.

How to Accessorize a TV Above the Fireplace?

If you already have a large TV mounted on the wall, you don’t need to go overboard. But still, introducing small decorations is a good way to make your room feel homey.

You can always place photo frames, small plants, and candles above the fireplace. Just take notice that they won’t fall easily into the fire and cause a fire in your house.

Here are some ideas of what you can put on the mantel:

  • Plants that hang over the mantel
  • Picture frames
  • Candles
  • Small lamps
  • Small statues
  • Vases on both sides of the TV
  • Fresh flower arrangements
  • Seasonal decorations (small Christmas trees, or wreaths for Christmas, pumpkins for fall, and so on)
  • Rocks and crystals

Final Thoughts

On a final note, it is a great idea to mount a TV above the fireplace, but there are crucial considerations to be taken in order to succeed.

Proper sizing may if done correctly you will ensure you end up with a proportionate, sleek room, where you and your family will spend much-needed quality time.

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