21 Things About Fire Glass Used in Fire Pits And Fireplaces You Should know

Fire Glass Used in Fire Pits And Fireplaces
  1. What is Fire Glass for Fire Pits and Fireplaces

In simple terms, fire glass used in a fire pit or fireplace as a filler and is glass that has been heated under high temperatures and then cooled rapidly to give it reinforced strength.

In essence fire glass is tempered glass but it has been cut into smaller pieces and beveled at the edges to provide a smooth or rugged feel for an appealing look.

  1. Where Can You Use Fire Glass?

Fire glass can be used for decorative purposes in many aspects. It is commonly used in gas fire pits to fill the furnace pan and gas burners. Fire glass is also applicable in gas and electric fireplaces for contrast as a crystal bed instead of embers.

Fire glass is also used in outdoor landscaping and gardening, indoor decorating in jars and vases as in fish tanks.

  1. Is Fire Glass Safe to Use in My Fire Pit or Fireplace?

Because fire glass is tempered glass, it has reinforced strength to withstand high temperatures as is the case in fire pits

Furthermore, fire glass does not melt not does it emit toxic odors or smoke even under intense heat temperatures.

  1. Is Fire Glass Safe to Touch?

Fire glass can be smooth or rugged with beveled edges. This makes it safe to touch.

However, when fire glass is exposed to heat, it is not advisable to touch it as the glass is sure to burn you due to the absorbed heat.

  1. Does Fire Glass Become Hot?

When exposed to heat, fire glass absorbs heat and becomes hot. Fire glass then radiates that heat to those seating around the fireplace of the fire pit.

While fire glass does indeed become hot when exposed to fire, it does NOT melt or explode.

  1. Does Fire Glass Discolor When Exposed to High Temperatures?

Premium quality fire glass does not discolor when exposed to heat, it maintains its color. However, over time, loss of luster may be experienced. This may be corrected using some water and liquid soap or vinegar.

There are cases where fire glass may start to start black in which case it probably has to do with a dirty or blocked burner resulting in poor ventilation.

  1. What is the Best Color for Fire Glass?

The beauty of fire glass is that it comes in so many dazzling colors to suit varied tastes. Colors can range from various shades of red, blue, green, orange, brown, maroon, jade, yellow as well as clear and so much more.

Different shades of blue like cobalt, turquoise, artic, sky and aqua are a top favorite for most though.

These different colors enable you to change things up from time to time as well as allow for different customizations because you’re at liberty to mix and match these gorgeous colors as you see fit.

  1. Is Fire Glass Long-lasting?

Yes, fire glass is generally very durable because it does not degrade despite the hot temperatures. Because its nature ensures that it does wear out or break, you will probably get bored with the color long before you ever need to replace your fire glass.

  1. What is the Cost of Fire Glass?

10 pounds of high-quality fire glass that does not melt or degrade costs about $20- $30 depending with the brand and the size.

  1. What Shapes Does Fire Glass Come In?

Fire glass comes in pebbles, beads, or a crushed glass appearance to name a few.

  1. Fire glass Vs. Lava Rocks, Which One Is Better?

While the two have different properties, both are great as burner fillers so its just a matter of preference.

Fire glass absorbs heat and does an excellent job of radiating that heat in even distribution to the surrounding space. Lava rocks, on the other hand, are good at absorbing heat but does not radiate the heat as well as fire glass. However, lava rock does a splendid job of retaining the heat for longer when compared to fire glass.

  1. How Much Fire Glass Do You Need For Your Fire Pit or Fireplace?

This is dependent on the size and depth of your burner pan but ideally you want enough fire glass to sufficiently cover up the burner completely.  Generally speaking, for a medium-sized burner  pans in fire pits, usually 20-30 pounds is often enough for while for fireplaces 50-80 pounds will do.

Good news for you though. There’s really no need for guesswork here as there are multiple sites with online fire glass calculators to help you correctly determine the amount you need.

One tip you can use to greatly reduce the depth and the amount of fire glass you need is using other fire media options like ceramic pebbles and lava rocks as base fillers.

  1. How Do You Clean Fire Glass?

It takes a while before the fire glass is visibly dirty or lose their luster. Cleaning can be done by simply soaking the glass in a bucket with soap water for a few minutes and then soaking the glass gems with clean water with some vinegar (or not). This will wash off the dirt and restore the vibrancy of your fire glass.

  1. Can You Mix Different Colors of Fire Glass?

Yes, you can. Mixing fire glass colors can be done according to preference and taste.

  1. Do I Need a Special Type of Fire Glass to Use in My Fireplace?

Fire glass is tempered glass in small pieces and is the only type. What varies are the shapes and colors of the fire glass. Normal glass is not tempered glass and using it in your fire pit could be dangerous as it may explode and throw out shards from the fire.

  1. Do I Need a Fireplace Screen When Using Fire Glass?

No. you can use fire glass with or without a screen for gas or electric fire pits and fireplaces.

  1. Is There Any Benefit of Covering a Fire Pit Table Burner with Fire Glass?

Yes. Fire glass adds an ornamental feature to your fire pit. Furthermore, it also protects your fire pan from direct heat from the gas burners and therefore adds to the longevity of your fire pit

  1. Can Lava Rocks and Fire Glass Be Mixed?

Yes, absolutely!

You can opt to mix them. Lava will work great as a base filler while the sparkling fire glass gems will do a wonderful job as a topping.

20. Is Fire Glass High Maintenance?

No, fire glass is very durable and low maintenance. Other than the occasional cleaning of the fire glass to restore vibrancy or remove coatings of dust and dirt, there is no other maintenance required.

  1. Does Fire Glass Burn?

No, fire glass does not burn. That’s because fire glass is merely a decorative feature and not a source of fuel.


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