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Outdoor Fire Pit Tables Review- Best Selling Fire Pit

Whenever I go for shopping on many items I buy online, I always first like to visit the various stores to look around first and see the best offers out there before I make any purchase. I especially like amazon first of all because it is globally trusted and also because more often than not, their prices will always be among the lowest in the market not to mention the numerous discounts and free shipping offers they give.

When it comes to shopping for fire pits, amazon has a wide variety of designs from various trusted manufacturers so there is plenty to choose from but, like any other product some fire pits sell better and are more popular than others. Here are some of the bestselling fire pits in amazon today

Rectangle Propane Fire Table by Real flame
Amazon Price: ($999.99)

For increased outdoor durability, this simple but elegant fire pit table is cast from tinted light weight fiber concrete and heavy steel gauge.
It comes accompanied by a lid for covering the fire pit when you are not using it and a cover to protect against the weather elements. Since this fire pit burns on propane gas, it comes with lava rocks that you will use to compliment the appearance and functionality of your fire pit table.

Like many propane fire pits, this one is very easy to set up and use. The ignition is electric so it lights up pretty quickly. Flames produced are quite beautiful and can be adjusted and varied depending on how intense you want the flames to be.
Propane tank for this fire pit sits outside the table. Propane tank is however not included in the deal so you have to it purchase individually. It comes in colors such as Kodiak brown and gray.

Something worth mentioning is that I read a review or two from customers who said that there weren’t enough lava rocks included in the package so you may have to separately buy more lava or fire pit fillers such as fire glass or basalt stone fillers.

Summary features
• Item Weight-168 pounds
• Burns liquid propane, rated at up to 50,000 BTUs of heat
• Certified for use with standard 20lb LP tank, with up to 9 hours of high setting or up or 26 hours of (low setting) of burn time
• Cast from tinted fiber-concrete and heavy gauge steel
• Comes with LP fire table, lid, 50,000 BTU burner, lava rock and protective storage cover.

Outdoor table ceramic tile top fire pit heater
Amazon price: ($128.12)

If you are a lover of the pooping and cracking of fire then this type of fire pit will suit you just fine. This ceramic fire pit burns wood and is great for that outdoor experience.
This outdoor fire table has a rectangular beautiful ceramic tile top and a curved ladder frame of brownish bronze powder coating that is rust resistant. It comes with a safety mesh screen which is coated with a high temperature resistant finish just like the bowl. This fire pit also comes with a safety hand tool to lift the mesh lid and a grate on which you will put logs.

It is also accompanied by a fire poker for stocking the fire.
Because of its not-so large size this fire pit will be great for outdoor living spaces that are not too large. Also, because of its size it can easily be moved around depending on where you want to place it.

A good thing just like all fire pit tables, it has extra wide rims can double up as your tables where you can place your drinks and snacks as you enjoy the warmth from the fire pits.

Points to note:
It does not come with a protective cover but you can easily find good covers within amazon to come with your fire pit.

The edges on this fire pit may be a little injurious if handled without care so you may want to be care around them or find something for the edges in case you have small children around the fire pit.

Summary features
Comes with a fire poker, grate and mesh screen
Overall dimensions 37″L x 28″W x 18″H , Bowl size: 27″L x 18″W
Durable rust resistant powder coated finish on frame

Both of these fire tables are designed in a simple manner but are guaranteed to  provide an elegant visual appearance and  will be great addition to your outdoor living space.