How Big Should a Fire Pit Be? 4 Tips to Guide You

How Big Should a Fire Pit Be

Are you thinking of getting a fire pit for your outdoor living space? That is a splendid idea that will enhance and improve the look and utility of your space. As you think of the type of fire pit to get, you will also need to consider how big the fire pit should be.

The most common outdoor fire pit design options often boil down to either stationary masonry fire pits or portable options featuring a suspended wood-burning chamber supported by leg stands. Other portable options include propane gas fire pits and fire pit tables which come in a plethora of designs and features. Whichever option you settle for, the issue of size has to be addressed.

Factors That Will Determine How Big Your Fire Pit Should Be

When thinking about fire pit size, there are several factors to keep in mind that will help you make the best selection possible that will meet and even surpass your needs.

1. How Much Outdoor Space Do You Have?

If you are keen on building a fire pit with gorgeous masonry in your backyard, you must consider how big your space is to see whether the area can accommodate the fire pit size that you prefer.

If your space is limited, you can either build a smaller fire pit or opt to get a portable fire pit or fire table that can be moved or stored away after use. There is a wide range of portable fire pit options in numerous sizes.

Once you have figured out your yard or patio size, you are better placed to decide whether that space can accommodate your choice fire pit and in the desired size. Generally speaking, a stationary fire pits made from masonry will tend to assume a round shape with a total diameter of 3 feet. This is a small version that can comfortably seat 4-6 people. If you want a bigger version that can accommodate 8-10 persons, then one with an 8-foot diameter will get the job done.

The dimensions mentioned above are from the outer wall to the outer wall of the fire pit. Stationary brick fireplaces are not restricted to a round shape, they can also be rectangle, square, oval, and pentagonal. However, shape and size are determined by what space you have available. A round shape is common because it conserves space.

The height of a fire pit is also important but despite the many recommendations of height above ground of between 12” and 14”, the recommended height is not cast in stone. You can always choose a height that you are most comfortable with or desire based on need. For some, tall and high sitting fire pits make for great additions to outdoor conversation furniture sets. But generally speaking, an adequate height is when the fire pit is at a slightly lower height than your seat.

The size you choose for a fire pit should leave ample space for seating and free movement. As a rule of thumb, any fire pit that you opt for should be placed 10 feet away from the house and a fair distance from any combustible railings as well as ensure that there is nothing combustible overhead such as low tree overhangs.

2. How Much Heat Output Would You Like From Your Fire Pit?

While size may not matter much when it comes to heat production for gas fire pits , the same cannot be said for  wood burning fire pits.

The deeper and bigger the width or diameter of the fire pit, the more logs or coal it can burn and consequently the higher the heat output not to mention, a longer burn time.

Further, a 12”-14” height is recommended because it helps in efficient burning of wood or coal and effective heat disbursement to warm those seating around the fire. That said, smaller fire pits of say a width of 3 feet diameter will provide decent heat to those around the fire.

3. Sitting Capacity

Determining the maximum number of people you would like to comfortably fit around the fire will inform the size of the fire pit that you need to build or purchase. If you have plenty of space to accommodate a large fire pit, then you have nothing to worry about.

Smaller spaces will confine you to smaller sized fire pits

4. What Ambiance Are You Hoping to Create With Your Fire Pit?

The size and style of the fire pit you choose can help conjure the ambiance that you are looking for.

For instance, if the thought of lounging in the backyard with friends over beers, wine, and plenty of laughter on chilly evenings under an open sky appeal to you., a stationary concrete or brick fire pit will deliver a cozy bonfire that will keep you and those you are entertaining relaxed and warm.

If you love to grill, a stationary or portable wood-burning fire pit can be fitted with a grill as you keep warm while grilling away your favorite delicacies.

To accentuate an outdoor space as well as for that cozy intimate outdoor dining, while enjoying the beauty and warmth of flames, fire pit tables of numerous sizes are a great option for that sophisticated and classy ambiance in balconies, patios, gazebos, pergolas and swimming pool areas.

The seating capacity that you desire, will determine the size that you to go with.

That choice will in turn need in tandem with the adequate room in the outdoor space that you intend to place the fixture.


So how Big Should a Fire Pit Be?

Fire pits can be large or small. This choice is dictated by whether your yard has enough space, as well as the vibe you would like to create in that space.

On a large hotel pool deck, for instance, it may make sense to build several smaller but spaced-out fire pits as opposed to building one large one. The beauty of fire pits is that they come in such a diverse range of designs and options that will provide a suitable fire fixture irrespective of the size of your outdoor space.




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