How to Update an Old Fireplace to A Modern One

How to Update an Old Fireplace to A Modern One

A fireplace in the living room or any part of the house adds a romantic charm to the interior décor. When your old fireplace is not at its best, it’s under-performing, to say the least, and not living out to its full potential. It’s up to you to update bring the best out of your fireplace and restore it to new glory. We deliberately did not say former glory because that may be outdated.

Think about it, over the years you have probably bought new and brighter furniture, changed up the floor tiles of your homes, and possibly even repainted the walls of your house and spruced up the walls with some new art pieces.

Your space has an amazing look as a result of those cumulative changes over time. But the fireplace may have fallen out of repair and you just haven’t gotten to repair it nor give it a face-lift. Hence the drab look!

A drab-looking fireplace in such a cozy environment might be a sight for sore eyes but is also an opportunity to remodel it into something gorgeous that will put it right back in being the focal point of the home.

All it takes is a few bright ideas, some attention to detail to help knock off the drab and bring out the potential sparkle that your fireplace is capable of.

In this post, we feature some basic yet effective ideas that will update your old fireplace and affordably so.

Updating An Old Fireplace With an Electric Fireplace Insert

1. Take a New Approach

Embracing change from conventional ways of doing things does not come easy for everybody. But change and new approaches to old problems can prove to be a great solution that works to your advantage.

The number one thing that makes most fireplaces look drab is the lack of use because of disrepair.

Maintenance of wood or gas-powered fireplace can be costly especially when they have become old from decades of use.

But in these modern times, an affordable and transformative solution can be right under your nose and fail to recognize it.

A new approach and a workable solution for you can take the shape of switching to an electric fireplace option at a fraction of the repair cost and maintenance of the old fireplace going forward.

Electric fireplaces come in many options. Electric fireplace inserts and log inserts are some of the most popular due to their convenience.

They are great options that can fit right into the existing cavity of your wood-burning or gas-powered fireplace. This therefore means that you will not need to demolish anything as the installation is swift with an instant impact on your décor, utility, and comfort.

Such units look clean, are easy to use and the design is minimal with a fluid flow that augurs well with the rest of your décor. You must however, get an appropriate size for your fireplace cavity and it will also serve you well to choose a high-quality model with features that meet your needs.

You can get an experience that mimics real life fires, complete with a display that features realistic-looking logs and burning embers, and some options will also include wood-burning crackling sounds to add to the fire experience.

At this point, you can add other changes such as repainting the fireplace walls, sprucing up the hearth with new materials or updating the mantle with a new one, or restoring the old one to blend with the changes made to the rest of the fireplace.

An additional advantage of considering upgrading a drab-looking fireplace with an electronic option is the fact the aesthetics of the fire flames can be enjoyed all year round without the heat as the heat function is controlled independently from the flames.

The one downside of electric heating is that the fireplace may be unable to sufficiently warm up the room due to room size. Therefore, before considering get a fireplace insert, first determine how effective the insert will be by comparing your room size in relation to your intended insert.

2. Consider Restoration

Since the advent of central heating, fireplaces have become more of a decorative features than the primary sources of heating in some homes.

If that’s the case for you, you may be determined to preserve their heritage in your home and therefore prefer to have them mechanically intact and functional as they have served you and those before you for many years.This is understandable and within reason.

Changing the drab look of a fireplace will sometimes translate to remodeling and giving the unit a face-lift. To do this, brighter colored materials, paints, and brickwork will transform the drab look of the unit into a bright cheerful space that draws attention and complements the overall living room décor.

In case your fireplace is in a corner of the room and you want a brighter, cheerful, and modern look, something as simple as infusing the unit with a clean-lined mantle and introducing a mix of toned-down tiles of for the fireplace surround will bring a crisp look that is not loud but visible.

If the layout of the room lacks storage, part of remodeling the fireplace can include a design that reworks the space to include storage. For instance, over and above choosing stonework or tiles that make the fireplace pop, one can also line the surround with display open shelves to surround the minimal fireplace.

The shelves can line with the mantel on either side creating a seamless transition and additional space that makes the space look larger.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing holding you back from a new, fancy and modern fireplace. And since your home already has the fireplace infrastructure laid down, you can spruce it faster than someone that has to start building a fireplace from scratch.

Fireplace inserts have made it easier to convert old-looking and unused fireplaces into a focal point for the living room that can be used all year round with remarkable efficiency and enhanced utility.


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