Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone Review

The Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone is manufactured in the USA by Designing Fire, a company that manufactures quality luxury fire pits and fire pit accessories. The luxury Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Tables are one of the highest rated in the market and have been featured in shows, numerous national magazines, and authority home lifestyle websites such as HGTV which speaks a lot on their quality of design.

Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone


  • The Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone is made from a quartz-concrete foam mixture with powder coating finish which makes it both durable and attractive.
  • Features a stainless steel weather resistant elegance burner with up to 75,000 BTUs on propane gas and up to 90,000 BTUs on natural gas.
  • Features a unique dual self contained exchangeable propane tank system. This means that unlike most of the fire tables in the market that operate and house one propane tank, your Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone will be able to house and operate on two propane tanks. (20 lbs not included). This essentially means that you will have double the burn time as compared to the other fire pit tables. However, the dual self contained exchangeable propane tank system is only available in the Savanna models 42″ Round, 40″ Square, and 48″ Round. The 38″ Round model unfortunately uses single exchangeable propane tank because of its smaller size.
  • Comes with an added functionality of a built-in bottle opener attached to the frame.
  • Also features adjustable frame levelers for those uneven surfaces.

Accessories included;

  • Comes with the same powdered coated metal lid to cover the burner and to transform it into a complete coffee table.
  • A  Mixture of decorative fire glass in bronze reflective, copper and gold reflective.
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit for those with a natural gas line.

Additional information;

  • Dual propane tank burn time is between 30-40 hours approximately.
  • Single propane tank burn time is between 15-20 hours approximately.
  • Easy set-up, no tools required.
  • Fire table is portable.


  • Table top sizes variations available – 38″ Round, 42″ Round, 40″ Square, 48″ Round
  • Height – 21 3/4″

Available accessories but not included;

  • Waterproof full table protective black cover.
  • Ice bucket insert for 42″ and 48″ table tops only.

My Take;

I absolutely love the dual propane system. It is a unique and very convenient feature for the user. (Remember the 38″ uses the single propane system).

Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone may not be the most beautiful among the the Oriflamme fire tables in my opinion, but it is elegant as it functional and its color will most definitely suit most outdoor living spaces. 

Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone It is a stylish fire table which means that your patio or whatever living space will definitely be upgraded with the addition of this fire pit table.

It is made using high quality materials which means that is a durable product meant to be enjoyed for years and years.

So, if you’re looking for a touch of luxury, style, elegance and durability all in one fire pit table, then Oriflamme Gas Fire Pit Table Savanna Stone fits the bill. It is everything is advertised to be and will be a good investment should you decide to buy it. I highly recommend this fire pit table. You may also want to take a look at the other Oriflamme fire tables too as they are all top notch quality units. In my opinion, Oriflamme fire tables are some of the top best!





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