Tips on the Right Fireplace Size For a Room

Tips on the Right Fireplace Size For a Room

When you’re considering a fireplace for your home, one of the first questions you’ll need to ask yourself is, “how big should my fireplace be?”

Failure to get the right size of fireplace often results in inefficiency of performance, either too much heat or inadequate heat which in turn means then fireplace’s value is reduced.

Tips for Fireplace Sizing

The size of your fireplace will depend on the size of your room and the type of fireplace you choose. This blog post will discuss room sizes and decor and major household items such as TVs.

Fireplace be When Mounted Under the TV

Mounting an electric fireplace underneath a TV  may not work for some but for those that do, it is best done based on its length. Get the length of your TV then add at least 5 inches. If your TV is 55 inches, for example, we recommend that you choose a fireplace at least 50 inches wide.

This way, your fireplace wont appear smaller or crowded.

However, this does’t work for most people plus there are other considerations, such as the style you’re going for and the amount of room you have.

Fireplace Selection For a Small Space

There are a variety of electric fireplaces that are specifically designed for small spaces. If you have limited space in your home, we recommend choosing a compact or mini fireplace.

These are significantly smaller than traditional electric fireplaces and can be easily be added anywhere without taking up too much space.

Wall mount and recessed electric fireplaces of width 50″ and below are also great for small spaces seeing us they will not require any floor space, dependent however, on available wall space.

Fireplace Selection For a large Space

There are a variety of fireplaces that are specifically designed for large spaces. If you have a lot of free floors or wall space in your home, you may want to consider choosing a larger fireplace. It is possible to create a dramatic focal point in your room and maximize the amount of heat produced by using a large fireplace.

With a large fireplace, you can create a stunning focal point in your room while also providing the much needed heat for your space.

Fireplace  Selection and Heat Needed

When it comes to heat, gas or wood-burning fireplaces are generally the fireplaces of choice. Electric fireplaces can still work effectively to provide heat provided you pick the right BTU rating based on your room size,

They are popular, are easy to install and can be operated with or without heat so that you can use them all year-round even just as decor items.

A gas fireplace could be an option if you have a large room to heat.

Can a Fireplace Be Too Big?

Yes Absolutely! The size of your fireplace should be based on available room size and also for some, the amount of heat that you need in your space. Fireplaces have the tendency to be focal points, guiding on  placement of furniture  and other household decor configuration.

A larger fireplace will tend to look too overwhelming a small room, making the room appear constricted and  too busy while a small fireplace in a large room will get swallowed up.

Similarly, wood burning fireplaces and gas fireplaces can burn really hot depending, therefore, choosing too big a gas or wood burning fireplace will result in excess heat while a smaller option will not do much interns of warming the room.

Ultimately, the size of your fireplace should be based the square footage of the room, space available or the size of the wall in the case of a wall mount or recessed option.

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