9 Ways to Use an Outdoor Fire Pit All Year Round in 2022

Use an Outdoor Fire Pit All Year Round

Besides posh patio sets, water bodies, outdoor kitchens and cool landscaping outdoors, adding an outdoor fire pit is a great value-for money structure or equipment  that can be used all year round.

Depending on the type and design, a fire pit can be used in various ways outdoors in addition to providing heat; from a conversation starter, to a food griller  to a focal point for your seating arrangement.

Types of Fire Pits

A fire pit has gone through different stages of evolution, from just a hole in the ground to a very modern and state-of-the-art tool.

The market is flooded with options depending on style, fuel choices, and material. There are fire tables, fire bowls, fire columns, portable fire pits, table top fire pits burning on wood, gel, alcohol, propane and natural gas

Before putting your money into buying a pit, it is essential you determine your lifestyle and the purpose you want it to serve.

Here are some of the more advanced options you may be familiar with;

1. Fire Pit Tables

A top favorite for many home owners, a fire pit table or simply fire table is a type of dual purpose unit for providing function as well as style. 

It’s basically a table with a center equipped with a fire pit and a gas burner mostly styled with fire glass gems, lava rocks or other fire pit filler options powered by gas. These fire tables come in different shapes and sizes, and you have an option to choose from chat height tables, coffee tables and dining tables, all at different price points.

2. Fire Columns

As the name suggests, these pits are tall petite structures  with a bowl or pit at top. These columns operate on gas, have a slim body and are ideal for outdoor decorating and heat. 

3. Fire Bowls

These are round or oval shaped units made from various materials like copper, and concrete and operating on gas. Some fire bowls with wider edges can still work like fire tables.

4. Tabletop Fire Pits

Tabletop fire pits are small, portable fire pits that are placed on the table, mainly for decor and ambiance. They are fueled by alcohol or bioethanol and can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Depending on design and brand, some can be used for the occasional roasting of marshmallows and s’mores.

They come in different sizes, colors, and materials to match personal preference and lifestyle. 

With these, you can be able to change a simple, drab coffee table into a fab conversation starter by simply putting a tabletop pit on it.

5. Portable Fire Pits

Portable options are smaller lightweight units that can be conveniently moved around on the go and these burn on either propane or wood.

How to Use a Fire Pit

As seen, a fire pit can vary from a simple pit dug in the ground and then lined with bricks to an elaborate gas-burning structure of stone, brick or metal. 

With due to the different options available, a fire pit provides endless possibilities, including warmth, architectural designing and entertainment.

Here are some of those possibilities;

1. Ditch the Cold

 Sitting in the open-air gets uncomfortable when the hot summer day melts into a fantastic breezy night.

An outdoor fire pit could be an answer to your prayers on a cold, windy night. Depending on the type of fire pit you choose, you may not need to lug around a blanket or wear warm clothes to ditch the chill of the night. Just start a fire, and voila!

Usually, wood burning fire pits are the units of choice when it comes to beating the cold. However, a suitable gas fire pit can still get the job done or at the very least, act as a supplementary source of heat to heating sources such as heaters.

2. Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

Well-maintained outdoor spaces with beautifully trimmed hedges, lovely vegetation, beautiful outdoor lighting complete with a cozy seating area adds value to a home.

An outdoor space with an outdoor fire pit as a focal point not only adds more value, it also greatly improves on functionality and aesthetics by taking comfort and outdoor entertainment to another level.

4.  For Cooking

Whether it’s the built-in wood burning option, or a portable gas or wood burning option, a suitable fire pit can be used for cooking.

5. Take Your Fire Pit Camping

 Camping is an exciting pastime that millions of people enjoy every year. Portable wood burning or gas fire pits are not only perfect for small spaces, they are also the companions of choice for lots of people when going on picnic, camping trip and other outdoor excursions. 

 Propane fire pits are comparatively safer than wood-burning ones and help prevent campgrounds and forests from fires. 

6. For Ambiance and Aesthetics

In some instances, Landscapes that include a fire pit are designed like architectural masterpieces.

Whether it’s the summer or winter season, something like a fire table will always create a stimulating environment to relax and unwind while improving on the general look of the space, whether a fire is burning or not.

7. Additions to Other Outdoor Structures

Outdoor fire pits can safely be used inside outdoor structures like pergolas and gazebos and swimming pools. Creatively combine such structures with a fire pit and other things like an entertainment system for great comforts and value addition.

8. Additional Source of Light

Fire pits in themselves when lit are sources of light. Strategically placed fire columns around a space or along a pathway for instance, are great for stunning light.

9. Use Your Fire Pit a Like Table

In the case of fire tables often, the edges are wide enough to allow for placement of food drinks and other things. But then there are options that come complete with a matching burner lid.

This lid is not only important for covering and protecting the burner pan when the fire pit is not running, but is also used to increase useable surface area and transform the fire table into a full table.

Final Thoughts

Other than the traditional fixed wood burning fire pits that most people are familiar with, fire pits now include more diverse options to suit a wide range of needs.

It is therefore a misconception to correlate a fire pit to cold weather because it can be just as utilitarian any season, including the summer.

Whether it is a blazing fire of burning wood or a soft glow emanating from a gas fire pit table, investing in a fire pit brings year-round functionality and numerous benefits for a household of two or a campfire party for ten.

Just ensure you choose the correct type of fire pit depending on your budget, space, lifestyle, needs and fuel preference.


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