Best Colors for Fire Pit Glass 

best colors for fire pit glass

When we talk about the best colors of fire glass for your fire pit, we must approach the subject from a broad perspective before we zero in on any specific color or combination of colors. You must appreciate that what may be an amazing color for you may be downright deplorable for someone else. 

Also, one designer’s choice of fire glass in a fire pit may be different from another person’s. It becomes a question of which you like best. So you want to identify the general feel you are looking for, warm, cold, neutral, or a play full mix to find the best color for your tastes.

While choosing the fire glass to use in your fire pit should not be a complicated process, a few factors will play into your selection process such as where you want the fire pit table to be located.

best colors for fire pit glass

Is it for the residence or commercial space such as a restaurant outdoor terrace or lounge? This question helps you choose colors that will augur well with you as well as with the rest of the people or masses who visit your home or establishment.

Fire glass is used in fire pits for several reasons but chief amongst those is the aesthetic beauty that they bring to a space.

Did you know that fire glass can be used in a section of the yard and potted plants for great visual effect? 

In addition to color, the other thing to keep in mind is that fire glass comes in different sizes and shapes. This will also play a role in how the color fits into your fire pit and general décor. Fire glass can take a square shape, rounded pebble shape, or a rugged random look that adds to a rustic theme. 

All these shapes are safe to use for as long as they have been polished and tumbled to present a clean look and safe to handle edges that are not sharp.

With respect to sizes, fire glass for fire pits comes in ¼” and ½” sizes. 

What size you want to go for is generally left to your discretion, taste, and sense of style.

Last but not least, you want to buy fire glass from a reputed vendor who will provide you with high-quality fire glass for the best visual effect but also a great experience when used in the fire pit. That is from a visual standpoint but also a functional perspective.

In essence, high-quality fire glass should be tempered glass that can comfortably withstand high temperatures. It should not melt or produce ash or emit toxins. Neither should it discolor as a result of coming in contact with high temperatures like a propane-powered fire pit. 

Now that we have that out of the way, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of color choices when it comes to fire glass. That’s because there are more than 100 color options to work with. Color choice for fire glass becomes even more expansive because whatever fire glass color you opt for, you will want to specify if you want the glass to be reflective, semi-reflective, or non-reflective.

 Generally, blue in its different shades is usually the most widely used and available in plenty.

Some of the best-sellers and most popular fire glass colors are as follows

  • Arctic Blue
  • Pacific blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • Cobalt blue
  • Champagne
  • Copper 
  • Azure

Remember that based on your need, you will need to specify the shape, size and whether you want the glass in reflective, semi-reflective, or non-reflective mode. If you want some shimmer and glitz in your fire glass that will add an interesting dynamic as the flames dance between and through them, then a reflective option will provide you just that.

Some popular reflective fire glass color options in either ½” or ¼” include the following;

  • Pacific blue
  • Arctic blue
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Gray 
  • Black
  • Bronze 

For a consumer who enjoys the aesthetic of fire glass but would like the pebble to come without a shimmering effect, the non-reflective fire glass option is the best way to go. This means you can choose any of the above-mentioned color options and so many more but in a non-reflective mode. best fire pit glass color

If you and your décor demand a cool color, you can work with colors on the color wheel that have a cool and calming effect such as clear glass-like, purple, green, and the many variations of blue ranging from azure, pacific, arctic to cobalt. If you lean towards warm colors that look and feel great while complementing your existing décor then striking colors such as red, orange, and yellow will also work well.

For outdoor pool areas, shades of blue like arctic blue is usually the color of choice.

Color is an important visual that can cheer us up or cause depressive feelings. So one must give a bit of thought before settling on a color. This is not only true of fire glass but of the color choices you opt for walls, painting, and furniture in the home. 

The colors we surround ourselves with can affect our mood, so depending on your preference, you want a color that has either a calming and relaxing effect or colors that cheer you up as is the case with lighter shades of warm colors that are not over overwhelming.

One can also consider the possibility of mixing fire glass colors for an awesome effect that is just in the right measure. This takes away the element of plainness and neutralizes overly strong colors.

For instance, you can opt to use strong eye-catching fire glass colors like red and orange as focus features in your fire pit and mix them up with another favorite color that is not as strong but complimentary. Neutralizing colors such as black and grey also make gorgeous muted mixes that bring out understated tones but are beautiful nonetheless.


The beauty of fire glass is hard to miss and is a wonderful focus feature that catches the eye even when your fire pit is not lit. The vast choice of colors in their reflective and non-reflective forms make the creative process both a challenge and a joy in picking an option best suited to your outdoor décor. The fact that you can mix colors, adds to the breadth of choice and ensures that there is a color option for all tastes.


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