CobraCo Sh101Hand Hammered 100% Copper Fire Pit Review

CobraCo sh101Hand Hammered 100% copper fire pit with screen cover is a fairly popular choice for a fire pit for homeowners and it’s not without reason. With its sturdy and quality metal construction and a contemporary stand design coupled with that rustic appearance that is not only decorative but blends well with the outdoor environment making it a great outdoor centerpiece.


It is relatively lightweight and portable, for easy placement around your yard or patio. The tub is made of 100% copper which rests in a durable black wrought iron stand.

With a wood burning fire pit, how big and deep the bowl is matters. The deeper the bowl the more wood you can use which means your fire will burn for longer. With this fire pit, you are sorted on this issue because it has an extra deep tub.

CobraCo sh101Hand Hammered 100% copper fire pit comes with a heavy duty screen cover complete with a handle which is finished with high temperature paint to keep burning embers in the fire pit. Also includes a protective vinyl cover with elastic cover band to hold it securely on the pit thereby preventing entry of unwanted debris and protecting the fire pit from weather elements.

The fire pit comes fully assembled. Once you take it out of the box you just simply set the copper tub in the iron frame stand and you are good to go.

Main features at a glance

Big extra deep tub for larger and long burning fires.

Hand-hammered copper fire tub is made of 100% copper for a rustic appearance.

Stand is made of wrought iron for that sturdy frame.

Dimensions: 12″H x 30″ diameter

Slight issues though;

The tub is a little thin at the bottom. The manufacturers recommend using a layer of sand at the base to evenly spread the heat thus preventing weakening which will prolong its life.

The vinyl cover is weak and will likely tear after using a quite few times. But many covers don’t last too long so this may not even be an issue, but anyway, you may need to consider purchasing a separate strong and durable cover.

After a few uses, the copper will lose its original shine and instead it will have a more dull gray color that will give it a weathered/ rustic appearance. This is something to consider if you are not okay with this because you might have to go through the extra effort to clean it with special copper polish or cleaner regularly, which might help with restoring it to its original state.

You happen to buy or own the CobraCo sh101Hand Hammered 100% copper fire pit? Please share you experiences and it shall be greatly be appreciated.