7 Best Fire Pits For Cooking with a Grate

Best Fire Pits For Cooking with a Grate

What if you could use your outdoor fire pit for cooking in addition to providing warmth. Would that not add to your fire pit experience?

It certainly would. In this post, we feature a great selection of some of the best fire pits for cooking with a grate that allow you to have an even richer experience with your family and guests.

While wood can be a little messy and come with more involving clean-up, there is no denying that the charm a wood-burning fire pit brings is quite exceptional especially when you want to spend some quality time with family and friends in the comfort of your backyard day or night.

When you have the time, activities such as splitting logs and getting the fire going are fun and allow you to get your kids involved. For grill enthusiasts, that is more like a ritual or tradition that they would not trade even for the convenience offered by gas-fueled fire pit options.

Fire pits reviewed in this post come fully equipped with cooking grates as standard and a wide range of designs and capacities to suit different needs and preferences.

  1. Best Round: Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

When the weather is favorable, there is nothing quite like spending time in the yard and having a barbeque or roasting marshmallows. The beauty of a round fire pit such as the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire pit is that it occupies a small footprint. Given that the unit runs on logs, your outdoor fire experience is not only authentic but fierce as well without having to worry about wind or your flames being snuffed out.Best Fire Pits For Cooking with Grate

This fire pit has an awesome round design and impressive versatility as well. The unit is constructed from steel with a cut-out design that offers plenty of ventilation through the partially meshed sides. The base has four strong stable stands that keep the unit steady and can more than bear the weight of the burning logs. That stability is further enhanced by the metal ring that’s attached to and surrounds the legs of the unit .

The cauldron-like pit has a good depth that can handle a decent amount of logs to build a gentle or fierce raging fire.

This fire pit is versatile because it also comes accompanied by a round removable cooking grill that can be easily attached to the side of the unit which makes it possible for you to roast meat or condiments.

The grill is higher than the mouth of the pit which is great because you can enjoy the warmth of the fire and still roast your meat simultaneously without the heat becoming too much for the roast.

What’s more, the height of the grill is adjustable. The grill can also swivel up to 360 degrees to the left or right for easy distribution of its content over the raging fire to achieve an even roast.


  • Lightweight at 27 pounds
  • Detachable and adjustable cooking grate,
  • Inclusive of a poker


  • Light gauge steel metal construction
  • Does not include a spark screen

  1. Best Square: Bonnlo Outdoor Portable Fire Pit with Cooking Grill

The shape could matter depending on your outdoor patio setup or your yard. If you are more inclined towards a square-shaped fire pit, the Bonnlo Outdoor Fire pit is a good choice.Fire Pit For Cooking with Grate

This is an excellent option to own because it’s well constructed with quality steel and a thoughtful design. The unit can be used as a conventional fire pit for purposes of keeping warm and improving the ambiance of your outdoor space and at a length and width of 32”, this unit can comfortably accommodate a party of 4-8 persons.

A log rack is included that sees to it the logs are seated right for maximum ventilation and that they deliver a nice fire. A fire poker is also included for purposes of poking the fire as well as lifting the lid to put on the fire or remove from the fire.

That’s a great safety feature because it makes it easy and safe when handling the mesh wire lid. The grill comes inclusive with the purchase of this unit.

It allows you to roast chicken, beef, marshmallows and so much more. The ledge of the unit provides additional space for placing drinks and plates without them becoming hot. The cover lid is used to prevent ash and flying embers should opt to use it.


  • Affordable, value for money
  • Design of coffee table looks nice
  • Ventilation is provided by the open-top, bottom holes, and built-in log grate
  • Inclusive of a fire poker, protective cover and fire screen
  • Ideal for a larger gathering


  • Light gauge material
  • Pit is not very deep

This unit is available in different sizes such as 24” and 26” in addition to the 32”

  1. Best for Heavy Cooking: Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit

When heavy outdoor cooking is high on your list, we recommend the Sunnydaze Nothern Galaxy Fire Pit.Fire Pit For Cooking with Grill

This fire pit is constructed from steel and finished with bronze for a weathered and rustic look that agrees with outdoor décor. The sides of the pit are decorated with star shapes and mesh for additional ventilation while offering a great view of the fire for all seated around the fire pit.

It affords plenty of depth at 9.5” x 25” which holds plenty of logs. The bottom features holes that help with ventilating the fire while the floor of the pit comes equipped with a log grate that makes it easy to arrange logs with plenty of circulating air for easy lighting as well as efficient fire that is blazing in no time.

Additionally, a foldable cooking grate is included capable of handling sufficient weight for heavy cookouts. The surrounding metal ring serves to reinforce the strength of the unit but also makes carrying the unit easy when you need to move it from one spot to another.

A detachable meshed lid acts as a protective shield against flying sparks and ash. When hot, the lid can be safely handled using the included fire poker to lift off or onto the fire pit.


  • Large surface for cooking
  • Large enough for lots of wood
  • Fire poker and screen included


  • Advertised as heavy duty but made of light metal.

  1. Best Small/ Portable: Fire Sense Portable Folding Fire Pit

While most standard outdoor fire pits tend to weigh anywhere from the 20-pound mark upwards, this Fire Sense Fire Pit one of the most lightweight and portable  its available, weighing a measly 7 pounds. Furthermore, it features a collapsible design for easy storage and carrying.Best Fire Pits with cooking Grate

This fire pit is round and stands at a height of 15 inches when the mouth of the pit has a 22” diameter. The depth of the pit is adequate to hold small wood chunks and comes with a detachable grill for roasting all manner of goodies you can think of.

When you need to guard against flying sparks and ashes, you can cover the fire pit with a dome-shaped lid that allows you the fire while it serves as a protective barrier. For safe handling of the lid when hot, the unit comes with a fire poker that is used for safely handling the hot lid as well as stoking the fire when you need to.


  • Light steel construction
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Fire poker and screen included
  • Ideal for camping and tailgating on the go


  • Made of very light metal
  • Not ideal for large fires

  1. Best Large: N/O Fire Pit Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

Size matters when you are looking to get a large fire pit that can deliver a roaring bonfire. It’s even better when the fire pit comes with a cooking grill for doing your meat roasts.Best cooking Fire Pit Grill

This Wood Burning Fire Pit is a large round steel option that is well constructed with great aesthetics. It is decorated with 100 diamond-shaped holes for added beauty but also more ventilation necessary for a quality wood fire, and finished with oiled bronze for an immaculate rustic look.

The cauldron-like pit is 12” deep featuring a bottom is equipped with a log grate and bottom holes that provide plenty of ventilation when the wood is burning.

A metal ring surrounds the the pit and serves as the handle when you need to move or lift this unit. Four sturdy legs see to it that the unit is firmly planted to the ground. Additional accessories that come with this unit include a fire poker, half grill, and spark guard or lid


  • Inclusive of the screen, fire poker
  • Large in size, longer burn time
  • Sturdy and well constructed


  • Heavier model
  • Half a grill surface

  1. With 2 Grates: Wilrex Outdoor Fire Pit with Double Layer Cooking Grill

Well, if one grill is not enough, how about two? This Fire Pit has a Double Layer Cooking Grill making it a uniquely versatile option that can be used all year round. The 32” diameter fire pit has loads of space for enough logs to keep your fire burning for a decent burn time.

The built-in log grate on the floor of the pit contributes towards the spacing of logs for a quick lighting of the fire.

The double-layer grill can swivel up to 360 degrees independently in either direction. The upper grill works very well for veggies  while the lower one is great for meat roasts because of the proximity to the fire. Both grills can be adjusted in height to suit your needs.


  • Strong metal construction
  • Accompanied with a fire poker
  • Double layered cooking grate
  • Cooking grates are adjustable and can be rotated


  • Does not include a spark screen

Final Thoughts on Fire Pits For Cooking with a Grate

If you would rather not go through the hassle of looking and buying a cooking grill for your fire pit, fire pits that already come equipped with a cooking grate are convenient options that add a new dimension to your outdoor fire experience. You can enjoy the warmth and ambiance that they deliver, as you can also roast up a storm as you enjoy a pleasant time spent in your outdoor space.

Something to take note of is that these wood burning fire pits are not recommended for use on wooden decks without protection due to extreme heat as well as the danger posed by embers. It’s therefore paramount that if you’re going to use an of these on your deck, grass or any necessary precautions are taken. This will mainly include using the fire pit on a heat resistant surface and if that’snot possible, best to make use of heat proof mats to protect the surface of your lawn or vulnerable outdoor space from fire damage.

Additionally, most of these potable fire pits are made of light gauge metal material which means durability could be greatly shortened if proper care is not taken to safeguard the fire pit.






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