When relaxing with your outdoor fire pit and enjoying the warmth in a cold night, it doesn’t help to worry about what damage your fire pit could have on your outdoor living space. More so with a wood burning fire pit where the dangers are increased with embers and sparks. For this reason and others, there is need to take measures to protect our property by use of fire pit screens and fire pit pads.  Best Heat Proof Fire Pit Mats For a Wooden Deck or Grass in

While it’s mostly important for wooden decks and combustible surfaces to be protected from getting burned by embers and sparks, it is also important to protect the surface from extreme heat temperatures. Not only are embers and sparks damaging to our floor surfaces, but also extreme heat temperatures over extended periods of time will ruin floor surfaces that are not heat resistant.

A fire pit screen cover may come in handy in keeping sparks and embers contained but it won’t help with protecting the floor surface from extreme heat which is also damaging, which is why you need a fire pit pad.

Good fire pit pads are typically made from heat resistant material. The pad can withstand high amounts of heat for extended periods of time without damage. This way your floor surface, wooden or otherwise is protected from direct heat generated by a burning fire pit.

Depending on the material it is made of, a fire pit pads thickness will vary but it should be thick enough to efficiently insulate your floor surface.
Some fire pit pads are fire proof which is especially important for wooden surfaces and other combustible surfaces on which embers may ignite fires.

Other than for safety and protection, these pads can also help in accessorizing your outdoor space. Rather than have a plain surface with a fire pit and furniture set, a pad protector that doubles up as a decorative accessory will go a long way in improving the appeal of your outdoor space.

There are many pads made of different sizes and materials in the market. Basically anything with insulative and fire proof characteristics such as brick and or stone will be a good protector. You could easily make one from available materials rather than buy.
When using a fire pit pad, make sure it extends a few inches beyond the fire pit in all directions for maximum protection.

So before your buy your fire pit mat ensure that

  • It is highly heat resistant.
  • It is absolutely fire proof for a wood burning fire pit.
  • It is sturdy enough to provide a strong base for the fire pit.

Other features you might look for:

It is water proof and does not trap moisture. Some materials will start rotting or crumbling if left to absorb moisture.
Made of durable material that can go through any kind of weather condition.
Easy to clean and maintain and does not easily take in dirt. Newtex Fire Pad Deck Protector

With a fire pit pad you can enjoy the warmth without having to worry about damaging your deck or surface on which your fire pit is set.
Always ensure you use a screen cover for a wood burning fire pit though or consider other fuel alternatives to minimize the risks.