Granada 26’’Steel Fire Pit, Antique Bronze

Granada 26’’steel fire pit, antique bronze is a wood burning fire pit. It’s a sturdy and quality fire pit so you will definitely get value for your money, which by the way is reasonable. It takes few minutes to assemble and put together for use.

Granada 26″ Steel Fire Pit, Antique Bronze functionality features

  • Round decorative steel fire bowl that is deep thereby it’s able to keep the wood in better.
  • Sturdy metal construction that support its weight well when filled with logs.
  • It Includes mesh screen cover to keep the burning embers in the fire pit
  • Dimensions: 23.6″H x 26″ diameter

Additional features

  • Is a decorative piece. It has an ornamental design and antique bronze finish that makes it an attractive centerpiece for your backyard.
  • It is made of light weight material which makes it easily portable from place to place.

A slight downside,

Granada 26’’steel fire pit, antique bronze does not come with a wood grate you might need to order one separately  if you feel the need.

When assembling make sure you read the manual well in order to operate it safely. It comes with common warnings and things not to do when operating the fire pit some of which include;

Not use the fire pit on wooden decks. If you must place the pit on a deck protect that is heat and fire resistant such as a brick mat.

Since it’s a wood burning fire pit, it’s always advisable to use a fire pit mesh cover to prevent embers from flying out and starting fires.

Fire bowl is intended for outdoor use only; being a wood burning fire pit and all.

Fire bowl is intended to burn wood logs only, goes without saying that you should never burn leaves or other combustible materials in it to expand its longevity.

Do not touch the fire bowl or mesh with bare hands when hot or burning, they are made of metal which conducts heat well thereby can cause serious injury to an unprotected hand.etc

Get to enjoy an evening outdoors with friends or family as you relax and keep warm while sitting next to Granada 26″ Steel Fire Pit.