Fire Pit Glass Rocks

What is fire pit glass and what is it used for?

Fire pit glass rocks or fire glass is glass that has been tempered to ensure it can withstand extremely high heat temperatures for prolonged periods of time while still maintaining its shape, size and color. The glass is cut and tumbled or polished to make it smooth by removing the sharp edges.

Fire pit glass is used to fill up a propane or natural gas fire pit as well as decorate it for an appealing and dazzling look.

Fire pit with fire glass by Tom Ralston
Via Tom Ralstone Concrete

How does fire glass work?

Fire glass used in fire pits is designed to withstand very high temperature present in a fire pit without melting, cracking, burning or discoloring even with years of use. It also does not smoke, soot and emit toxic fumes.

Can fire glass be used in wood burning fire pits?

No. Fire glass is used only in gas fire pits, to accent and fill out the fire pit.

Is fire pit glass safe?

Yes fire pit glass is completely safe. Fire glass is tumbled glass which means that it has been polished to remove all the sharp pointed edges that would cause injury making it safe to touch.

Can you use ordinary glass in a fire pit?

No! You see, ordinary glass has not gone through the process of being tempered  and tumbled  in order to make it safe and ideal for use in a fire pit. Therefore, when ordinary glass are used in a fire pit, it may pop or even shoot shards out of the fire pit causing injury. Additionally, un-tempered glass is not very heat tolerant which means it will blacken and even melt, not to mention the smoke produced. Just stick to using certified fire glass from reputable sellers.

What size and type of fire pit glass is available?

Fire pit glass comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Fire pit glass can either be reflective fire pit glass and non reflective fire pit glass. Reflective fire pit glass is fire glass with a layer of mirror-like polish that creates more shine and sparkle when it reflects light.

Then these reflective and non reflective fire glass come in lots of sizes starting from a quarter inch  for the smallest pieces to 2 inches for the big pieces.

Outdoor fire pit with fire pit glass by Tom Ralston
Via Tom Ralstone Concrete

What size do you need for your fire pit?

The size really depends on personal taste and preference. Just make sure whatever size you pick, it looks good on your fire pit and will not stifle air flow in your fire pit otherwise this will result in puny flames. Also ensure the size you pick effectively hides the burner.

If you notice you have weak flames atop your fire glass or your fire pit burner is visible, layer your fire pit with the larger fire glass pieces first then have the smaller fire glass pieces on top. Alternatively, you could use pea gravel or fire pit lava rocks underneath first then fill up with fire glass.

How much fire glass do you need in a fire pit?

Essentially you want your fire pit to fill up to the top with just enough to look presentable and work efficiently. If you find it difficult to make an approximation of how much fire glass you need, you can find calculators online in fire glass stores that will help you determine the amount.

Can you mix fire pit glass with lava rock?

Yes you can actually. In fact, some people with large fire pits prefer to use fire pit glass only as a topping over lava rocks and pea. This way, they use less fire pit glass as opposed to using it as the filler. Seeing as both pea gravel and fire pit lava rocks are cheaper than fire glass they not only use less fire glass, but also save more.

Can you mix different fire glass?

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Sure. If you can’t settle on one color or you’re feeling a bit more creative, make your own unique fire glass mixes by mixing  your best colors together. What better way to show off your style than beautifully created dazzling colors illuminating from your fire pit.

How do you care and maintain the fire glass?

Good quality fire glass is designed to maintain its appearance over time and because of absence of smoke and soot, there is minimal maintenance required. Just the occasional washing as result of dust.

Where can you buy fire pit glass?

Fire pit glass is an essential part of any gas fire pit, ceramic logs and lava rocks aside, so they can be bought in any store that sells fire pits.

Fire pit glass rocks is the way to go if you’re looking to have that stylish and sophisticated look in your fire pit. Fire glass enables you to have a fire pit with a modern flair and unmatched elegance.