Fire Pit Accessories

With an outdoor fire pit, the outdoor experience has improved. Whether it  is for safety reasons or just adding to the form and function of an outdoor fire pit, fire pit accessories have been a major improvement and a welcomed addition to the outdoor fun.
So which are these accessories we are talking about?

Fire pit cover
A cover helps to protect the fire pit from exposure to weather elements and dirt when the fire pit is not in use. A good fire pit cover will protect the fire pit from pitting, corrosion and other forms of deterioration thereby helping to ensure the fire pit remains working and looking at its best hence increased life span of the fire pit.

Fire pit screens
A safety feature that is set over a burning fire pit. It helps to contains sparks and embers from floating out of the fire pit and starting fires, ruining property or causing injury.

It also keep ashes from being blown off and helps in the regulation of air into the flames.
Typically, a fire pit screen must be heat resistant with most popular material for making screens being steel- stainless steel, carbon steel, or powder coated steel.

Fire pit grate
A fire pit grate is important for creating space at the base of the fire and logs there by allowing oxygen to flood into a fire thereby resulting in a cleaner and hotter fire.

Some grates are used to cook over your wood burning fire pit. Good grates for cooking should be good conductors of heat and have a non-stick surface.
You must however always have to clean after use to prevent grease and oil build up.

Popular materials for fire pit grates for cooking include stainless steel, cast iron and any other metal coated with porcelain enamel.

Fire pit pokers
Used for manipulating burning logs in a wood burner.

Fire pit tongs
Are scissor like and are used to grip or hold logs and put them in the fire from a safe distance.