Fire Pit Tables

What is a Fire Pit Table or a Fire Table?

A fire pit table or if you prefer a fire table is a table which comes with a fire bowl integrated into it so that instead of just having an ordinary table, you get a table with fire feature.

And like an ordinary table,  a fire pit table comes built with an extra- wide rim that you can use to place your drink, food, or even prop feet and whatever else you may want. They are are built just like dining tables or coffee tables of either rectangular, square or even round shape. They are designed with a kind of box-like surround that forms a surround around the burner.

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Like the usual fire pits, fire pit tables can either be built permanently or they can be can be moved around but even those that can be moved are not so portable because of their heavy-duty nature.

Fire pit tables frames are made from materials such as cast iron, aluminum, steel and come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes with the option of burning on either propane, natural gas, gel, ethanol or wood. The tabletop surface is usually made of varying decorative materials like slate, marble, granite or powder coated metal finish.

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Some fire pit tables come with their own table top covers to protect the burner from the elements when not in use and to allow you transform your fire pit into a fully functioning table.

Benefits of a fire pit table over an ordinary fire pit

1. With a fire pit table the fire pit experience is much better because you get to get to comfortably enjoy the warmth as you snack or eat meals without the problem of holding 91fycuyd97l-_sl1500_your own meals or placing them on the ground or alternative tables or stools.

2. Fire pit tables are usually more stylish and elegant compared to ordinary fire pits and provide for better decor and centerpieces.

3. They are more durable. Fire pit tables will outlive most ordinary fire pits because they are made heavy duty and with quality in mind which is why they cost more than ordinary fire pits.


1. They tend cost more than ordinary fire pits.

2.  Most fire pit tables are made of heavy duty material thereby making them difficult to move around. fire pit table

With a fire table you may enhance the visual appearance of an outdoor dining area by having a free standing umbrella or a retractable awning that could tower over your table fire pit which will not only serve to protect against weather elements such as rain but also help in containing heat within the fire pit area. For safety purposes however, make sure it towers well above the pit.

When not in use, ensure you cover your fire table with a protective weather-proof fire pit cover in order to keep it looking and working as it should.

Fire pit tables are versatile, functional and just elegant and there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. So when you go shopping for a fire pit consider buying a fire pit table instead  and improve your outdoor living area as well as your dining experience.