12 Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables With Heat Output of At Least 55,000 BTUs 2020 Review

Don’t you just love the added functionality and simplicity that comes with using a fire pit table, more so an outdoor gas fire pit table? Not only do you get to bring the indoors outdoors without all the usual hassles and dangers of a wood burning fire pit, but you also get to enjoy the warmth of a fire pit something that you will not get with an ordinary outdoor table.

If your primary reason for owning a gas fire pit is to provide warmth then you might be familiar with the term BTU. BTU stands for British Thermal Units which simply a unit that measures the heat generated by a burner or you could say it is the heat value of fire pit fuels- Propane, natural gas or wood.

60,000 BTU Napoleon St. Tropez Patioflame Table-High BTU fire pit TableFire pits with the highest BTU rating are supposed to generate the most heat heat which is why BTU rating in a gas fire pit is so important.

 I will caution you though. A fire pit with a high BTU rating doesn’t not necessarily guarantee warmth.  There are other factors that determine the heat output of your outdoor fire pit. More on this you can read HERE. But if anything, most outdoor gas fire pit tables are not really designed to keep you warm during those cold winter season but rather, they are designed to add flare, style and elegance to your outdoor living space in addition to give off some heat. Outdoor gas fire pit tables are used to accessorize your outdoors and create a living space where friends and family can gather around which is what makes outdoor gas fire pit tables a popular alternative to ordinary outdoor tables.

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 That being said,  it doesn’t hurt to have as much heat as possible from your gas fire pit table which is why to some extent BTU rating  in a gas fire pit is important.  Because all things considered and holding all other factors like gas pressure constant, gas fire pit tables with the highest BTU ratings are supposed to be the warmest.

If the gas fire pit table is designed well and such things as gas pressure to the burner are okay, then your fire pit table should be able to generate enough heat to keep your warm during those chilly evenings. But not during winter. Never during the winter unless it’s a wood burning fire pit. But then I could be wrong.

 After doing a lot of research we have come up with this list of the best outdoor gas fire pit tables with a BTU rating of at least 55,000. If you’re looking for a cheaper fire pits or portable propane gas fire pits with high BTU, then this other list here  will help you find what you’re looking for.

Below are Some of the Best Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables with a BTU Rating of 55,000 and Above;

Meridian Outdoor Living Bodaway Bowl 48″ Round Liquid Propane Fire Pit Table

  •  These propane fire pit tables feature a durable powder coated steel frame.
  • They have one of the highest BTU ratings for propane gas fire pits at 90,000 BTUs. This will ensure plenty of warmth and strong flames.
  • They come with a 12-inch steel burner ring.
  • To access your propane tank the fire pit table tops are designed to be lifted off instead of a side door.
  • Feature sturdy leveling feet to maintain stability on most patio surfaces.
  • Include a burner cover for protecting the burner as well as to turn them into full tables.
  • Also included is 40 pounds of fire pit lava rocks.
  • Are USA made.

Outdoor Greatroom Uptown Gas Fire Pit

  • 88,000 BTUs heat output.
  • Comes in either black Stucco Base with Black Super cast Concrete top or granite tile top and a Super cast top supported by an attractive double-pedestal stucco base.
  • Comes with an electronic piezo ignition system and adjustable flame height control
  • There is an optional tempered glass guard and burner cover available upon request.

 Elegance Oriflamme Outdoor Fire Pit

  • Up to 75,000 BTU heat output.
  • This gorgeous outdoor fire pit gas table features a 42″ inch round granite top in tropical brown with a stainless Steel and a powder coated lid, ring, and base to prevent any rusting.
  • High to low control knob on the side. 
  • Unlike the standard fire pit table types, this model from Oriflamme features a dual propane tank system which basically for two – 20 lb standard tanks inside it for twice the burn time.
  • Includes a lid to cover the burner  and fire pit glass.

Outdoor Great Room Montego Crystal Fire Pit Coffee Table

  • High Btu rating of 65,000.
  • Features a tempered black glass top with a 12″x 42 stainless steel burner and a balsam wicker base.
  • Comes complete with a glass burner cover and glass fire gems.
  • Includes hose and regulator, a gas valve, metal flex hose, a natural gas orifice and an electronic piezo.
  •  Can be converted to natural gas.

 Real Flame Sedona Propane Fire Table

  • Rated at up to 65,000 BTUs of heat
  • Come in rectangular shape.
  • Features a cast from painted fiber-concrete and heavy gauge steel.
  • For convenience, this fire pit table comes with several accessories as standard including; tank seat, glass panels to guard against the wind,  brown lava rocks, leveling feet and a protective PVC cover for covering the fire pit when it’s not in use

Oriflamme 45″ Giallo Fiorito Octogon Gas Fire Table

  • BTU rating of 64,000. 
  • This unique Oriflamme fire table features a beautiful Giallo Fiorto granite tabletop with a beveled 4 inch edge a round matching powder coated metal lid.
  • The frame is steel constructed  with a high quality powder-coated finish for rust prevention.
  • This Oriflamme fire table includes the elegance burner design which means it burns throughout the whole 22” diameter burner verses through just a small 6 inch ring.
  • It features the dual tank system, which allows the fire table to hold 2 self contained hidden 20 lb standard tanks for double the burn time.
  • Includes Urban fire pit glass; A mixture of Copper, Black Reflective, and Gold Reflective fire glass and a a specialized tool for easily lifting the burner.
  • This table has a high to low control knob on the side of the base that allows you to turn the heat up or down.

Oriflamme Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table

Oriflamme Savanna Stone Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Up to 65,000 BTUs with propane gas and up to 90,000 BTUs with natural gas.
  • This outdoor propane fire pit table is made from an attractive  Quartz-Concrete mixture and finished with a hand-troweled matte brown industrial look for increased durability.
  • Stainless steel Elegance burner
  • Included is a mixture of bronze reflective, copper and platinum fire glass.
  • 21 3/4” in height which is the standard coffee table height.
  • This table is easy to assemble.

Napoleon Kensington Rectangle Patioflame Gas Fire Pit Table  

  • Up to 60,000 BTU heating output.
  • Made of tough aluminum frame construction with a beautiful bronze frame finish.
  • Features a safety shut off valve to prevent gas leakages when the flames are interrupted.
  • This unit comes complete with a natural gas Conversion kit,  matching burner lid that allows for a full functional table.
  • Topaz glass fire pit glass also included

Outdoor Great Room 48 in. Colonial Fire Pit Table

  •  60,000 BTU rating.
  • Features a super stone cast top and fiberglass base.
  • Comes with 10 pounds of diamond colored fire pit glass, super cast burner cover that will enable you to have fully functioning table when you need it while at the same time protect the fire pit burner, and push button igniter on the side.
  •  Dimensions: 48 diam. x 25.25 H inches.

Outdoor Greatroom Colonial Chat Height Fire Pit Table with Mocha Top 

  • 60,000 BTU rating.
  • This gas fire pit table features a mocha supercast concrete top with brown Supercast and fiberglass base. 
  • Natural gas conversion kit included.
  • Includes 10 pounds of Diamond colored fire pit glass, Supercast burner cover and push button igniter.
  • Round; 26 x 48 x 48 inches.

Napoleon St. Tropez Patioflame Table

  • Puts out 60,000 BTU’s of heat.
  • Napoleon’s St. Tropez patio fire pit table is handcrafted with aluminum which is durable and will not rust away.
  • Aluminum flame has a rustic Bronze finish that gives an antique style.
  • The fire table itself hides the propane tank behind an easy to access door.
  • Has a thermocouple valve that is not only a safety feature, cutting off the gas when the flame is disrupted, but it also saves on propane, preventing gas leaks and wastage as soon as the flames are out.
  •  This outdoor gas fire pit table comes with drainage holes in the stainless steel burner that allow for water to drain out.
  • It comes with a natural gas conversion kit.
  • Comes in rectangular and square shapes.

Cooke Hammered Copper Santa Barbara Rectangular Fire Pit Table

  • 60,000 BTU rating.
  • This Fire Pit table features an aluminum base and hammered copper top with stainless steel burner pan.
  • The table comes with a door for hiding the special low propane tank (1 included) under the table.
  •  Also comes with bronze reflective glass, steel non whistling hose, optional safety thermocouple valve and steel pan cover.

The perfect outdoor living space has to be a comfortable place to relax. With a fire pit table you get an outdoor centerpiece where you get to set your drinks and snacks,  gather around and keep warm.

With these outdoor gas fire pit tables, not only are you assured of their functionality but also durability with years of service.  Don’t go for an ordinary table while there are so many fire pit tables to suit your style and taste.







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