10 Best Round Propane Fire Pit Tables of 2022

Best Round Propane Fire Pit Tables

There are plenty of memories to be made on your backyard patio, deck, or terrace. Such evenings are made even more enchanting when there’s a fire going on the patio.

This post brings you high quality round propane fire pit tables that come highly recommended as being well constructed, highly functional and generally well worth the money.

1. Fire Sense Toulon Gas Fire Pit Table with Burner Lid

When looking for a fire pit that is rich in decorative features while still delivering enough warmth and the aesthetic beauty of fire, it’s hard to go wrong with the Fire Sense Toulon Gas Fire Pit.Round Propane Fire Pit Tables

This unit has gorgeous patterns that have been achieved through cut-out sheets of steel. The patterns, design, and antique staining of this unit converge seamlessly to deliver the hard-to-miss traditional Victorian charm.

Designed in more of an oval shape, this fire pit is lightweight but very sturdy at the same time. That’s thanks to the aluminum frame that reinforces strength and stability.

When the fire pit is not in use, this unit comes with a decorative burner lid that converts this beauty into a fashionable coffee table that can be used indoors or outdoors.


  • Dimensions are 51 x 40 x 24″ inches
  • The unit is made from cast iron and aluminum
  • Bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU
  • Comes with clear fire glass
  • Inclusive of a lid cover

The gorgeous patterning, and antique bronze finish will delightfully dress your patio. When the fire comes on, this fire pit is even more endearing.

2. Summerville Round Gas Fire Pit Table

The Summerville Fire Pit is made from alloy metal and painted over for a gorgeous finish that’s rust-resistant.Outdoor Round Propane Fire Pit Tables

The lava rocks comes included with the purchase. For the consumer who prefers a more natural look on the furnace, and gas ring. Lava rocks are excellent for both the protection of the fire pan as well as absorbing and evenly radiating heat.

The body does an excellent job of concealing a 20 pound LPG tank and presenting a seamless clean and uncluttered look.


  • Unit dimensions are 32” in diameter and 25″ in height
  • Constructed from Alloy steel
  • Bonfire rating of 40,000 BTU
  • Comes with lava rocks
  • Inclusive of a lid cover

3. Hiland AFP-TTR Propane Fire Pit Table

The Hiland AFP-TTR Propane Fire Pit is an excellent choice for small constricted spaces due to its smaller and compact size.Round Propane Fire Pit

If your terrace is large such as is the case in most restaurants, you can always grace such spaces with several of these units and make your outdoor dining experience all the more irresistible.


  • Size is 33” diameter and 9 tall
  • Made from Alloy steel and tile
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • Comes with clear fire glass

Easy to wipe tabletop finished with ceramic, the steel body of the unit is painted over with a coat of rust-resistant paint for a neat look and finish.

The unit comes in bronze, beige, and black suitable for a wide range of outdoor décor themes as well as color schemes.

4. Fire Sense Wagner Round Fire Pit Table

The Sense Wagner Round Fire Table is simply an excellent piece of work that is highly decorative and downright exquisite in terms of design and looks, carved out from cast iron with artful and endearing patterns. Propane round Fire Pit Table

The top, can successfully dupe you into thinking that this is just an antique finished metal coffee table. That’s until you remove the lid cover and discover fire glass covering gas jets.


  • Size is 33” diameter and 9 tall
  • Made from Alloy steel and tile
  • 50,000 BTU bonfire rating
  • Comes with clear fire glass and matching burner lid

This unit is great for residences; alternatively, several of these can be used repeatedly on a restaurant or bar lounge terrace. The metal construction with weather-proof coating means the unit is durable and easy to care for.

  1. Stanbroil Round Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Some fire pits may be durable but lack imagination and finesse in their design. A cast-iron option such as this Stanbroil Fire Pit Table is hard to miss because of its beauty and understated class.Small Round Propane Fire Pit Tables

This unit is rich in imagination, charm, and class in a quiet sense. The dark color with fading touches of bronze makes an exquisite finish that is both beautiful and rust-resistant at the same time. Its gorgeous patterns at the top of the unit, as well as the body of this fire pit, add to the overall surrounding décor of a patio.

The furnace comes with a burner cover for use protecting the burner when the fire pit is not in use. The lid cover also provides additional space for using the unit as a coffee table.


  • Unit size is 33” diameter and 24” tall
  • Materials used are cast aluminum
  • 50,000 BTU rating
  • Comes burner lid and fire glass

Rust and wet are the main culprits that cause rapid deterioration of any metallic outdoor fire pit. The high quality paint job on this unit ensures that rust is kept at bay. So you can expect this unit to maintain the gorgeous and rustic look for many years.

  1. Baide Home Outdoor Gas Propane Fire Pit Table

The compact Baide Home Outdoor Fire Pit Table is an exceptional fire pit option that looks fabulous and does a stellar job of providing decent warmth for patios and terraces.stone Round Propane Fire Pit Table

The material mix is beautiful. A granite top that is smooth and glistening gels well with the furnace equipped with lava rocks through which the flames dance away.

The base of the unit is made from composite with a rugged stone design, providing the perfect natural look for the outdoor living space. Ignition is easy and swift with the help of a knob or push button.


  • Dimensions are 22” diameter and 25.2” tall
  • Crafted from granite and composite
  • Bonfire rating of 40,000 BTU
  • Inclusive of lava rocks

The slender round tower-like look is quite nice and will fit in right with the classic rustic look of most outdoors. The unit produces an average intensity heat of up to 40,000 BTU, decent enough to warm your patio.

  1. Fire Sense Thatcher Round Fire Pit Table

If you are looking for a delightful round fire pit as a centerpiece, it must have good craftsmanship and excellent materials. The Fire Sense Thatcher Fire Pit Table has a catchy look that is both smooth and rustic. Round Propane Fire Pit

When the cover lid for this unit is on, you will be forgiven for thinking that the unit is a wooden piece while it is made from aluminum and given a driftwood finish for both aesthetics and rust protection. When the included burner cover lid is lifted off, it reveals colorful fire glass also included with the fire table as standard.


  • Unit’s dimensions are 42” diameter and 14” tall
  • Materials used for construction are aluminum and stainless steel
  • Bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU
  • Includes fire glass, vinyl fire pit cover and lid cover

The round design, exceptional craftsmanship  and unique color finishing are the hallmarks of this fire pit. What’s more, a all weather vinyl cove and a the lid cover comes included which allows you to use this as a full coffee table when the fire is not on.

8. Christopher Knight Home 296659 Rogers Propane Fire Pit

An aesthetic exterior, able to conceal a propane tank, and dispense a decent amount of heat to help keep the patio warm even on chilly evenings, this Christopher Knight Home Rogers Propane Fire Pit is a great choice for those looking for a more natural-looking fire pit.Round gas Fire Pit Tables

The brim of the unit has a stone top for holding drinks and snack plates while the center top has a stainless steel furnace decorated with lava rock to complement the rugged stone theme of this fire pit.


  • The unit stands at 30” diameter an height of 24”
  • Constructed from stone and stainless steel
  • Bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU
  • Comes inclusive of lava rock

Its cylindrical shape allows ample room that swallows the propane gas tank and conceals it in the stone body of this unit. A bonfire rating of up to 40,000 BTU means that the patio is relatively warm, cozy, and inviting.

9. Ecotouge Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Gas Table

Some fire pit enthusiasts prefer a low profile fire pit sitting close to the ground. The thing with these types of fire pit tables is that because of their short height, they are not able to house the LPG tank within them. Round gas Fire Pit Table

The Ecoutage Fire Table is one such unit that requires the gas tank to be housed separately and it comes complete with a hideaway storage tank for this purpose.

Such styling is pretty neat as it provides height contrast between the  fire table and tank housing as well as provides additional tabletop space that can be used for holding glasses, food plates and whatever else.

It comes in dimensions of 30” diameter and 12” high while its matching tank holder stands at 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 22.8″H.

The fire table is crafted from retardant magnesium oxide material.


  • Dimensions of the fire pit table are 30” diameter and 12” tall
  • Construction from magnesium oxide and stainless steel
  • 50,000 BTU is the bonfire rating
  • Comes inclusive of lava rocks and fire pit cover

The magnesium oxide in this unit has been finished with a clean smooth exterior but still bears rustic elements that augur well with your outdoor patio or backyard.

10. Avawing Outdoor Propane Fire Table

Are you on the lookout for a stone outdoor fire pit table with a low-profile design? Well, this Avawing Gas Fire Pit could be an agreeable option.outdoor Round Propane Fire Pit Table

This unit is constructed from stone with a stainless steel fire pan.

The low-profile design cannot house an LPG tank but comes with a long gas hose pipe that allows you to conceal an LPG tank elsewhere on the patio that is most convenient for you.

The fire pan comes laden with lava rocks which further complements the rustic look and tone of the unit as well as your outdoor area.


  • Unit’s dimensions are 42” diameter and 14” tall
  • Materials used for construction are aluminum and stainless steel
  • Bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU
  • Includes lava rocks

The look, feel and tone of this round fire pit table effortlessly blends in with most outdoor finishes as well as rustic furniture such as wood and stone elements or rattan.




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