Landmann Ball O” Fire Fire Pit Review

fire ball

If you are looking for a fire pit that is unique, decorative and eye catching, then the Landmann Ball O” Fire Fire Pit may be model for you. Its unique design would provide an out-of-the ordinary stylish area where you and your loved ones can create fun memories as your share the warmth and roast a mash marrow or two.

The online reviews regarding this fire pit, are very positive terming it a “great product, worth the price and that it meets and exceeds expectations”. You can read the reviews here.

The basic construction of the Landmann Ball O” Fire Fire Pit ensures that you have an obscured 360 view of the fire. You get to have a full view of the dancing flames unlike other fire pits whose basic construction hampers this.

It features a large pivoting spark screen with extra large handle that allows easy access to the fire and refueling.

It is constructed of all heavy duty steel to ensure a sturdy durable fire pit that can be enjoyed for many seasons. It’s also portable.

The fire bowl is relatively large, about 30” to accommodate enough wood logs, that coupled with its good height to ensure enough warmth to go around for that camp fire experience.

The pan at the base is removable for easy cleaning and disposing off the ashes.

Little downside on an otherwise great fire pit though,

The set up of this fire pit is not as easy and fast as the set up of the usual fire pits, but it’s also not difficult either. You will need to read the set up manual well during setting up with this one.

Landmann Ball O” Fire Fire Pit combines both functionality and design to bring you unique and decorative fire pit that will fit any outdoor space thereby becoming a centerpiece that brings together family and friends  to enjoy a warm evening outdoors.