Fire Pit Rings

What is a fire pit ring?

A fire pit ring is a device made of metal, concrete or other materials that is used to contain or house fires inside a fire pit. Fire rings  also known as a fire pit liners have no bottom so they are basically circular bottomless rings and mostly made of metal.

Other than for housing fires in a fire pit, fire pit rings are made for the purpose of protecting the fire bricks,stones or blocks used in the construction of a fire pit from direct heat. Fire pits constructed with bricks, blocks and stones with no fire pit ring or liner of some kind will generally not last because these materials do not do well when exposed to extreme heat temperatures overtime. This is where fire pit rings and especially steel ones, come in handy because they are able to withstand the extreme heat in the fire pit.

The Ultimate Fire Ring Another reason why the best fire pit rings are forged from steel and used in fire pits is because unlike bricks and blocks which  absorb heat, steel reflects heat out of the fire pit and around the fire pit thereby facilitating heat dispersion to keep people warm.

Additionally steel fire pit rings or liners form a sturdy foundation for you to build a fire pit that is durable and strong not to mention they provide a great starting point and make it easier for you to built a fire pit in or on ground.

A good fire pit ring should have the following features;
  • Made of heavy duty material (steel) to ensure durability and integrity of your fire pit.
  • Coated with high temperature paint finish which provides added protection.
How to use a fire pit ring

A fire pit rings will determine how big and deep your fire pit is going to be so to avoid the headaches of making adjustments and re-doings when constructing your fire pit, first determine the measurements of your fire ring. Those measurements will then dictate how deep and wide your fire pit is going to be.

If you would like to learn how to build a fire pit using a fire pit ring like the one shown below, go to LOWE’S or follow the instructions HERE

Inserting the metal ring and adding lava rock.   Inserting the metal ring to check the layout.

Via Lowe’s