Propane Fire Pits

Propane is a by product of natural gas production and petroleum refinement. At moderate temperatures propane gas can be compressed to liquid which makes it easy to store in tanks for transportation. Once it is released from the tank it instantly turns to gas which is fed to the fire pit. Propane gas sinks to the ground when released because is usually heavier than air which may be dangerous where there is no adequate ventilation.Propane Fire Pit

When it comes to preference in choosing an outdoor fire pit, the propane fire pit is widely preferred because its easy usability. There is no process involved in setting up this type of gas fire pit like building a fire from scratch and looking for logs of wood to burn. You simply turn on the knob to create instant fire and off to extinguish the flames while some fire pits even come with a remote switch. If you like me, the kind that find cleaning and disposing ash to be very inconvenient, then propane gas fire pit is the way to go because once off it does not leave any messy ash residue, which also means there is less cleaning to do

With these outdoor gas fire pits is that one does not need to worry about starting  fires or other safety concerns that come as a result of flying wood embers and sparks as is the case with wood burning fire pits. You can control the intensity of the flames produced by these fire pits which can be quite impressive, usually bigger than those of gel fire pits and wood fire pits.

On the downside, when using a propane fire pit  the gas could run out abruptly cutting short your entertainment and warmth supply and maybe force you to run to the gas station for a refill. Also, refilling propane gas once it runs out  in the long run will be more expensive compared to the other major fire pit fuel types.
Again to some outdoor lovers a propane gas fire pit may not provide an ideal outdoor ambiance because there is no smoke and crackling  sound produced by burning wood.
The advantages however far outweigh the disadvantages so it isn’t that hard to see why most of us prefer propane fire pit more, is it?