Wood Burning Fire Pits

For those who like the smoky smell and the crackling sound of burning wood and don’t mind starting a fire from scratch, then the wood burning fire pits are the best fit for them. Wood burning fire pit

These are great outdoor fire pits because to many users they provide a kind of camp fire effect in your own backyard.They however require a steady addition of wood logs in order to keep the flames going.

These fire pits present safety concerns as a result of flying embers which may start a fire therefore it is important to use a fire pit screen cover to prevent embers from escaping. You will also have to regularly dispose the ash residue which can be messy and quite a nuisance.
Wood burning fire pits may not be an option for some due to restrictive by- laws in some municipalities and jurisdictions, especially for those living in urban areas due to danger floating embers present not to mention the pollution from smoke.

However wood burning-fire pits are original and produce flames that authentic and beautiful.