6 Best Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

Best Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

Self feeding fireplace grates are not only well designed but also serve the purpose of effectively holding burning logs as well as reserve logs that gradually make their way into the fire and at the opportune time. That lengthens the interval before more fuel needs to be added to the fire.

That is made possible through the pull of gravity as middles logs burn and crumble allowing space for the other pieces of wood that are next in line from either side of the grates to automatically find their way into the center.

The self feeding feature allows you a more efficient fire in terms of heat production, efficient use of logs, and more time to enjoy your fire without having to tend to it too often.

In this post, we feature some fantastic self-feeding fireplace grates that are functional, well-constructed, and come with impressive durability.

  1. HY-C Liberty Foundry GT-BX Self Feeding Fire Grates

Cast iron is often misconstrued to mean that it is weaker than steel but a high quality cast iron grate that is made with meticulous skill such as this HY-C Liberty Fire Grate will very well outlast most steel fireplace grates except for heavy duty variants and lifetime guarantee steel options.Best Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

The constitution of this cast iron grate allows better heat retention properties and heat emission that warms the home without compromising the longevity of the grate.

This particular unit has a versatile modular build that will require minimal assembly and accommodates logs or smaller fuel types such as coal.

The unit has a gentle slope that has enough gradient to self-feed the fire.

That’s because the logs or coals in the periphery of the pile are eventually and gradually drawn into the middle section of the fire as soon the burning logs or coals in the middle crumble. This means that your fire will burn for way much longer without your having to tend to it or having to worry about stoking and adding fuel to the fire all the time.

You can sit back for extended periods relaxing and enjoying the fire without having to lift a finger.


  • Dimensions are 30” W x 12” D x 6.6” H
  • Constructed from cast iron
  • Can accommodate logs or coal
  • Stable self-feeding design with a total of six legs
  • Crafted for impressive durability
  • Available in several other sizes 23” W/ 17.25” W
  • Minimal assembly is required

The legs on this grate are all detachable in case your fireplace type demands a grate with a low profile. This unit is ideal for indoor use.

  1. Stronghold Contoured Lifetime Fireplace Grate

Most fireplace grates will give you a guarantee of 1 year or several years depending on the quality of construction and metal gauge used on the grate. If you are tired of fireplace grates that promise high performance and get bent out of shape after a while, then you want to settle for exceptional quality grates.steel Best Self Feeding Fireplace Grate

One unmistakable such option is this Stronghold Contoured Fireplace Grate that is so well made that the manufacture offers a lifetime guarantee.

The 8 high-quality steel bars have a ¾” thickness and are finished with a black finish that helps resist heat and guard against rust.

The design of the unit is contoured such that it is self-feeding for easier fire management and efficient burning of wood.  Contoured sides are high enough to leave a decent space that resembles a shallow valley or trough in the center to hold burning logs. The sides hold extra logs that will eventually self–feed into the fire. As the logs in the center burn and crumble, the most immediate log(s) will naturally edge closer and closer to the center and becomes the next piece(s) of fuel in the line.

Further, crossbars are well spaced out for plenty of air circulation.

You will have more time to sit and relax before you need to tend to the fire here.


  • Dimensions are 28” W x 16” D x 10” H
  • All steel construction
  • Can accommodate plenty of logs
  • Contoured self-feeding design
  • Lifetime guarantee for astonishing durability
  • Available size is 28” W
  • Zero assembly required

Durability has degrees. Although most fire grates will be made of steel, they are not all equal in respect to enduring repeated heating. This Stronghold Fireplace Grate is a head above shoulders among fireplace grates in terms of function and durability. That’s why it has a lifetime guarantee.

  1. Vestal Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

Coal is still an option that keeps many homes warm. Some homes alternate between either depending on which fuel source is most affordable and available.Self-Feeding Fireplace Grate

This Vestal Cast Iron Fireplace Grate is a viable option for consumers looking for such versatility as well as a solid extra-durable tough build that is self-feeding.

This unit is uniquely designed with smaller spaces in between bars that make it possible to handle either logs or coals effectively.

The entire design is cut out from one piece of cast iron. With a front size of 23.3″ front and 20-3/4″ back, this unit will work for most standard fireplaces.


  • This unit measures 23.3” W x 15.5” D x 6.5” H
  • Made from cast iron
  • Versatile self-feeding design for use with wood or coal
  • Sturdy 4 legged frame
  • Extremely durable build
  • Available in 23.3” W
  • No assembly needed

Both ends of the heavy-duty Vestal Cast Iron Fireplace Grate are open to facilitate easy feeding of logs or coal onto the grate.

  1. Lumino Stainless Steel Lifetime Fireplace Grate

This Lumino Fireplace Grate is another excellent choice when exceptional durability is high on your list. This unit comes with a lifetime guarantee rating. Stainless Steel Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

When you have been accustomed to the drab look presented by the black coating on steel grates, a stainless steel shimmering look could be a breath of fresh air. This grate can be used indoors and is also a perfect fit for an outdoor fireplace owing to its all-weather-resistant properties.

Seven bars with a ¾” thickness lie across the frame and further reinforce the strength of the unit. A four-legged frame ensures sturdiness and strength to hold burning logs. Contoured side means logs can be piled up on the unit and self-feed to the center as the fire burns efficiently.

The design also allows a longer burn time as burning embers and wood are hurdled close together in the middles for better heating while the ash falls through the bars and collects below.

With a 4.5” clearance from the floor of your hearth, the oxygen supply around the fire is plentiful. This unit is tapered and will work marvelously outdoors where other grates fear to venture. While the design is simple and minimal, this fire grate exudes an elegant style nonetheless.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 25” W x 16” D x 6.5” H
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Self-feeding design for use with logs
  • The 4 legged frame is sturdy
  • The durable build comes with a lifetime rating guarantee
  • Comes in a size of 25” W
  • No assembly required

Consumers, who have an outside fireplace, know only too well that not all fireplaces are made equal. While steel and cast iron options fireplace grates have a more than a decent life when used indoors, that lifespan is drastically diminished when exposed to the outdoor weather elements. Steel however, outperforms both in the outdoors.

  1. Plow & Hearth Heavy Duty Cast Iron Self-Feeding Fireplace Grates

Other than burning fuel efficiently, some consumers are also looking to get a fireplace grate that can contribute to heating a given space. This Plow and Hearth Self Feeding Fireplace Grate is cut out from high quality cast iron. That means it has natural heat-retaining and heat-emitting properties that will help keep your living room warm. Self Feeding Fireplace Grate

The gentle contoured or U-shape design of the unit means that gravity will naturally keep wood and hot coals together so that your fire burns continuously and more efficiently. An added advantage to efficient burning of fuel also means that less smoke is produced by your fire and more heat is emitted.

The cut-out ventilation spaces are large enough to allow plenty of air circulation but are also small enough to hold both logs and smaller fuel types such as coal. This versatility is very much welcomed in a grate especially if you have access to both fuel types.

From our compilation here, this Plow and Hearth Fireplace Grate is the smallest featured self-feeding Grate that will suit smaller-sized fireplaces.


  • This unit measure 17 3/4” W x 11 3/4” D x 5” H
  • Constructed from cast iron
  • U-shaped self-feeding design for use with wood or coal
  • Sturdy 4 legged frame
  • Very durable build
  • Available size is 17 3/4” W
  • No assembly needed

For those who are looking for a smaller and more compact fireplace grate that does not compromise on strength and durability, you will be hard-pressed to find a grate of this quality. The self–feeding design, longevity, and heat emitting aspects, make this unit a good buy.

  1. HY-C Liberty Foundry G10-BX Self Feeding Fire Grates

Crafted using heavy duty cast iron, HY-C Liberty Fire Grate’s  design here has a longevity bias and is curated with dual-use in mind.Self Feeding Fireplace Grates

The entire unit is cut from one solid piece of cast iron giving the grate impressive strength. A basket shape such as this holds the coals or logs in place for efficient burning in addition to facilitating a pleasant fire experience.

The four-legged frame has a low profile with a clearance of 2” inches. This is especially good if your fireplace demands a grate that sits low.

The black coating on the cast iron helps keep away rust as well as improve the general durability of the unit.


  • Dimensions are 27” W x 12” D x 4” H
  • Constructed from cast iron
  • Versatile build that accommodates logs or coal
  • Sturdy four legged low profile base
  • Crafted for longevity
  • Comes in several other sizes 22” W/ 17” W
  • Arrives fully assembled

A width of 27” on the front and 21” on the back coupled with a narrow depth ensures this heavy duty grate is compatible with most small fireplaces.


All the above reviewed units are designed to self-feed fuel into the center for a longer burn time. Over and above the sturdy construction, all the grates are good quality and have impressive durability with a chosen few having a lifetime guarantee rating. Depending on your needs and budget, you are more than likely to find one option here is that’s will augur well with your fireplace.






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