6 Best Extra-Large Fireplace Grates of 2022

Best Extra-Large Fireplace Grates

While your fireplace will function without a grate, there’s no doubt that your fire experience and ease of managing the fire are greatly improved by the presence of a high quality fireplace grate.

In this post, we bring you highly functional, durable, and well-designed extra-large fireplace grates ideal for longevity even with frequent use.

  1. Heritage 42 1/2″ Stronghold Non-Tapered Fireplace Grate

The Heritage 42½” Stronghold Non-Tapered Fireplace Grate has a strong and durable build that will survive the heat that comes with a fireplace. Extra-Large Fireplace Grates

Why would you want this unit? Over and above a tough build with a minimal but functional look, this unit adds an aesthetic element to a fireplace and improves the burning efficiency of the logs in a fireplace.

The unit has an extra-large size that spans a length of 42 1/2”, a depth of 17” and stands at a height of 10”.

The overall 10” height allows plenty of clearance beneath the grill while the 4 ½” clearances allows air to freely circulate beneath the unit and between spaces of the 12 bars that come in a thickness of 3¼ inches. It is on these bars that the burning logs will be lying on.

Plenty and free flow of oxygen is vital to the combustion process. It optimizes flame quality and lessens the amount of smoke produced.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 42 ½” W ( back and front )x 17” D x 10” H
  • Steel construction for enhanced durability
  • 12 bar count
  • The unit weighs 51 pounds
  • Great clearance for good air circulation
  • Gorgeous practical non-tapered design

If you have an extra-large fireplace, the unit will certainly improve the appearance of your fireplace as well as the fire experience.

  1. Northern Flame Rectangle Fireplace Grate

If you have a large-sized fireplace, then you already know that high-quality extra-large fireplace grates are not easy to come by. This Northern Flame Fireplace Grate is an excellent buy suited for big wood-burning fireplaces.

12-Bar Rectangle Fireplace Grate - 42 1/2" image number 0

The design has a sturdy frame with plenty of surface area to hold your logs in addition to making the lighting of your logs so much easier.

The unit has a rectangular frame that stands on four legs providing a clearance of 4” from the floor of your firebox. This means the circulation of oxygen in and around the fire is excellent and helps reduce excessive smoke during the burning process for better comfort and a more enjoyable fire experience.

The well-spaced out and untapered 12 bars running across the unit have a width of 1 1/8” which further accentuates the minimal look.

The unit presents a lighter feel but still maintains a strong build weighing 49 pounds. The bars effectively hold your logs and keep them in place as they burn in suspension. These bars have a bowl-like shape that does an excellent job making it easy to feed logs into the fire and keeping them in place while the ashes and embers collect beneath the unit.


  • Dimensions are 42 ½” W ( back and front ) x 17” D x 4.5” H
  • All steel construction with a center leg for added stability
  • Comes with 12 bars
  • The unit weighs 49 pounds
  • High clearance that facilitates circulation
  • Bowl-shaped non-tapered design

  1. Vestal 42″ Jumbo Fireplace Grate

An extra-large fireplace need not be fancy but must have a strong build that can bear the weight of logs. This means the presence of a sturdy frame and crossbars that allow for good ventilation between the logs for a vibrant fire that has little smoke. Given that most wood-burning fireplaces have a chimney, it does not hurt that this unit has an exceptional clearance of 4.75”.Jumbo Fireplace Grate - 42" image number 0

This not only ensures good movement of air and oxygen supply to your fire but also means the fire is raised from the floor and is closer to the throat of your chimney for better dumping of smoke.

The Vestal 42” Jumbo Fireplace Grate increases the chances that smoke from your logs will be effectively expunged through the chimney and not pour incessantly onto your living space.


  • Unit dimensions are 42” W (front) and 38”W (back) x 17.75” D x 4.74” H
  • Sturdy steel construction with a center leg
  • 24 bar count
  • Wight is 64 pounds
  • Decent clearance that ensures plenty of oxygen supply to the fire
  • Tapered design

This will work on a rectangular firebox or one that has an extra-front widths and reduces that width as it recedes further to the back wall of the firebox.

  1. Heritage 36″ Stronghold Hex Shaped Fire Pit Grate

If your fireplace firebox has a large surface area, rectangular grates are not the only option that work well.main image number 0

The Heritage 36” Stronghold Hex Shaped Fire Pit Grate is also a viable option as it has a large capacity owing to the unique shape of the unit. The base is sturdy and the unit manages the hex shape through an ingenious arrangement of the crossbars.

On the surface area where the logs are supposed to lie, the outermost bars are welded in alignment to the frame, but as the crossbars progress towards the center of the frame, they each protrude further out than the previous bar with the crossbar at the center being the longest.

The non-tapered unit offers a minimal build and look that adequately holds logs in place.


  • This unit measures 36” W (front and back) x 30” D x 10 H
  • Steel construction only for high performance and durability
  • Comes with a 10 bar count
  • Weighs is 44 pounds
  • 10” clearance allowing plenty of air supply
  • Non- tapered design

The hex design on this unit is versatile as it can be used with a large indoor fireplace as well as a circular outdoor fire pit.

  1. Custom Firescreen 36″ Deep Forest Lifetime Grate

Large fireplaces can burn pretty hot simply because they can hold and burn a lot of wood. That being the case, some customers prefer a heavy duty grate option with thicker steel that can more than withstand the harsh environment of the firebox.Deep Forest Lifetime Grate - 36" image number 0

The Custom Firescreen Deep Forest Grate has an extra-strong build for astonishing durability. This non-tapered grate is made from one-inch thick steel bars for reinforced toughness and strength.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 36” W (front) 32”W (back) x 17” D x 10 H
  • All steel construction for high performance and durability
  • 12 bar count
  • Weighs is 53 pounds
  • Good clearance allowing plenty of air supply
  • Non- tapered design

Over and above the tough exterior, this unit comes with a deeper basket that allows your fireplace to hold and manage plenty of burning logs.

  1. Pleasant Hearth – 3/4″ Premium Solid Steel Fireplace Grates

One of the key features that consumers are looking for in a fire grate is a well-built fireplace accessory that can take the rigors of a hot firebox. Elements like rust and warping are common with low-standard fire grates.

This Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Grate is a good buy because it is well-constructed but also remains unaffected by intense heat.

The ¾” steel used on the frame and crossbars have been finished with a heat-resistant black coating. This keeps away the rust and significantly reduces any chance of warping as a result of intense heat.


  • Measurements are 36” W (front and back) x 15.25” D x 7” H
  • Steel construction for exceptional durability
  • 9 bar count
  • Weight is 37 pounds
  • Well ventilated for plenty of air supply
  • Non- tapered design

The build of this unit is minimal yet functional and effective. For fireplaces that are not awfully huge, this is a good grate to have.

  1. Get your grate size custom made at Woodland Direct

If non of these options are working for your extra-large fireplace, you can still  customize the size of the grate you want.

Other than offering durable functional and well-designed fireplace grates, the Woodland Direct brand also offers you the chance to customize your grate.

This allows you to specify features such as clearance height of choice as well as steel thickness. You also get to choose between materials such as steel or stainless steel.


  • Specify your dimensions
  • Choose the material of choice
  • You get to choose the bar count
  • Weight is determined by material choice and dimensions
  • Choose between zero clearance and other options
  • Specify Non- tapered or tapered design

This option allows you exceptional flexibility in getting an extra-large fireplace grate that will best suit your needs and functional elements that improve your fire experience.



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