8 Best Rectangle Fire Pit Tables of 2022

When considering a fire pit for your outdoor area, there are numerous designs to choose from. A rectangular or linear option is quite a popular choice as it does a fabulous job of presenting a continuous line of dancing flames for an impressive visual effect. 

This post highlights gorgeous rectangle fire pit tables that will likely resonate with your need and sense of style for sprucing up your backyard, pool deck, terrace, or outdoor structures such as pergolas. Bear in mind that the fire pit tables reviewed in this post are not inclusive of an LPG tank. However, they are inclusive of the following.

  • Burner with pre-attached Hose & Regulator
  • Decorative fire glass
  • Accessories bag (necessary screws, nuts, and washers),
  • Product manual
  • May or may not include burner Lid, fire pit cover, glass wind guard and natural gas conversion kit

1. Best For Heat: Bali Outdoors Rectangular Fire Pit Table

When looking for a fire pit table for heat and aesthetics, you want an option that has an above-average ability to produce and disperse heat. The solution lies in choosing an option that agrees with your taste in terms of looks. Also, ensure that it has a high BTU. The Bali Outdoors Fire Pit Table fits that bill because it is well constructed and has a bonfire rating of 60,000 BTU. 

This unit runs on a 20 pound LPG tank that is well concealed by the rectangular body. You would not know that tank is even there. You can enjoy a seamless design while watching your guest love the warmth that the high BTU fire pit produces and seeing the puzzled look in their faces trying to make out what the source of the fire is.


  • Dimensions 42 L x 24 W x 24.2 H inch
  • Made from stainless steel, stamped iron, and tiles
  • Bonfire is rated at 60,000 BTU
  • It uses a 20 pound LPG
  • Sturdy base 
  • Easy to use on/off switch 
  • Includes 15 pounds of blue fire glass

This is an ideal fire pit for your patio or backyard. The construction is solid and durable, thanks to materials with a high tolerance for weather elements. The painted stamped steel that forms the unit’s body also houses the tank through a well-positioned and convenient trap door. The design is neat while remaining tough and durable.

The fire pan comes with a covering lid which plays two parts. It covers the pan and keeps moisture, wet, and dirt from the burner when not in use. Secondly, the cover lid also extends the surface area of the tabletop when the fire is not in use.

The pan comes inclusive of 15 pounds of blue decorative fire glass that add to the unit’s aesthetic while dispersing heat from the flames. It’s worth noting that when you want to change things up, the tiles that form the top can be removed with ease and replaced with the desired color.

2. Best Popular: Outland Living Series 403 Fire Table

After taking a good look at the Outland Living Series 403 Fire Table and it’s easy to see where its popularity comes from. Best Rectanglular Fire Pit

This unit is a pretty face that’s sure to enliven an outdoor lounge area such as a balcony, terrace, or patio. The unit is well constructed and has a fine, smooth finish that brings style and functionality to your outdoor space.

The smooth top boasts of a clean look made possible by the use of black tempered glass. The fire pan is stainless steel and comes inclusive of 15 pounds of crystal clear fire glass for added beauty.

The body of this unit has a sturdy and neat looking powder-coated aluminum frame with a reliable weather-resistant UV HDPE material also known as Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene. The wicker espresso rattan looks great outdoors and is easy to keep clean.


  • Dimensions 44 x 32 x 24 Inches
  • Constructed from aluminum, stainless steel
  • Bonfire is rated at 50,000 BTU
  • Works with a 20 pound LPG
  • Strong frame and a sturdy base 
  • User friendly with on/off switch 
  • Furnace comes with fire glass included

The LPG tank is well concealed in the body of the unit, providing a neat, gorgeous, and fluid design that makes for an exquisite outdoor centerpiece for your patio. Fire ignition on this unit is user friendly, thanks to the push-button ignition system on this fire pit.

The Outland Living Series 403-Espresso Brown Fire Table come in two color options, espresso and slate grey. 

3. Best Value for Money: U-max Gas Fire Pit Table

Well designed with a 50,000 BTU, the U-max Gas Fire Table comes complete with more accessories than most fire tables as standard, yet manages to still remain relatively affordable. They include; a burner Lid, waterproof cover, tempered glass wind guard and blue fire glass.
Best Rectangle Fire Pit

For a 44” fire pit, this unit is surprisingly light for its size. That is because it uses a sturdy frame made from aluminum and covered with all-weather PE rattan. Rattan is an excellent material for the outdoors because of its toughness and durability as well as ease of cleaning. The top of this table has a glistening shiny look brought about by black tempered glass.

The aluminum frame is powder-coated to keep away rust. The combination of rattan, tempered glass, and a powder-coated strong aluminum frame means you will enjoy this unit for many years to come.  


  • The unit stands at 44 x 28 x 25 Inches
  • Constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, and rattan
  • 50,000 BTU is the bonfire rating
  • It uses a 20 pound LPG tank
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Push-button spark ignition system
  • Wind guard , Fire glass, fire pit cover and burner lid included

This unit offers the best value for money because it’s not only beautiful and carefully constructed for longevity, it also comes with convenient accessories that most brands do not include with their fire tables and yet the price is still favorable.

4. Best Large: Legacy Heating Rectangle Fire Table

The Legacy Heating Extruded Aluminum Fire Table is an excellent choice when looking for large sized options. The rectangular shape covers a length of almost 60” and width of 21.30”. Large Rectangle Fire Pit

It has a bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU. 


  • Large dimensions at 56.70 x 21.30 x 24.00 inches
  • Made from aluminum, stainless steel, stone
  • Bonfire is rated at 50,000 BTU
  • Utilizes 20 pound LPG tank
  • Aluminum frame and a sturdy base 
  • Easy to operate on/off switch 
  • Accompanied with fire glass

The Legacy Heating Extruded Aluminum Fire Table can be matched to almost any outdoor décor because it comes in several color options to work with. Featured colors are hammer black, Mocha, bronze or wood brushed finishes.

5. Best Low Profile: Ecotouge 42 Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

If a low profile linear fire pit is what you’re after, the Ecoutouge 42” Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table features a minimal, simplistic and low profile at an overall height of 15.4”. Therefore,the propane tank sits outside the fire table
Best Rectangular Fire Pit Table

It is made from fire-retardant magnesium oxide and glass fibers with a fire pan made of stainless steel and comes complete with decorative fire glass.

The exterior of the unit adopts a delightful rustic and classic wood finish. This unit comes with opening on either side which serves as handles that make moving the unit easy when there is need.


  • Unit size 42 x 20.5 x 15.4 Inches
  • Constructed from aluminum, stainless steel
  • Bonfire rating is 50,000 BTU
  • Works with a 20 pound LPG
  • Strong frame and sturdy base 
  • Easy to use with on/off switch 
  • Accompanied glass wind guard, blue fire glass and a fire pit cover

6. Best Natural Gas: The Outdoor Greatroom Company Caden Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

If you prefer using natural gas for your fire pit table, the Outdoor Greatroom Company Caden Fire Pit table is a good buy that comes with a conversion kit that allows you to set up the unit to use natural gas.

The construction, muted beauty, and elegance of this unit are outstanding especially if you love a contemporary look.

The rectangular design is both sleek and smooth thanks to the use of a Pewter Crater powder-coated galvanized steel top with a base constructed with durable galvanized steel and finishes with black powder-coating for effective rustproofing.


  • The unit stands at 22 x 32 x 34 inches
  • Made of galvanized steel and stainless steel
  • Bonfire rating of 55,000 BTU
  • Conceals a 20 pound LPG tank/Natural gas compatible
  • Strong metal frame
  • Includes grey glass burner cover
  • User-friendly two system auto-ignition system
  • Inclusive of clear fire glass

For consumers who simply want a natural gas fire pit table that is clean, muted with an elegant look, this is definitely the fire pit table for your patio.

7. Best affordable: Alaulm Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

 Without compromising on quality, the Alaulm Outdoor Propane Table Gas Fire Pit Table is an option that is pocket friendly and ticks all the right boxes. Rectangle Fire Pit Table

This fire pit delivers a bonfire ambience of up to 50,000 BTU keeping your space vibrant, ambient and warm. The top of this fire pit is made from aluminum and finished with gorgeous beveled edging.

The frame of the unit is also made from durable aluminum for impressive sturdiness, wrapped in beautiful and durable PE rattan.

The furnace pan comes inclusive of fire glass for beauty and charm. A galvanized iron cover serves as the furnace cover when the fire is not in use. 


  • Unit Measurements 43.3 ×27.6 ×24.2 Inches
  • Materials used; Aluminum, stainless steel, iron
  • 50,000 BTU Bonfire rating
  • Uses 20 pound LPG
  • Aluminum frame for strength and sturdiness
  • User friendly auto ignition
  • Comes inclusive of a galvanized iron burner cover
  • Fire glass included

This is a great looking option when looking for a quality rectangular fire pit table to match an outdoor rattan furniture and at an affordable price.

8. Best SplurgeThe Outdoor Greatroom Company Black Uptown Fire Pit Table

Thinking of making a splurge on a gorgeous rectangle fire pit table? You will need to get a unit that’s highly functional, practical, and durable but also scores well on looks.Luxury Best Rectangle Fire Pit Table 

The Outdoor Greatroom Company Black Uptown Fire Pit Table is such a great buy with a design that is unique, beautiful and very stable. 

The unit stands on two wide-base rectangular blocks of varying heights, a welcomed departure from conventional leg stands that you will find in most fire pits tables. The furnace is on a rectangular table made from cast concrete with a smooth rustic finish. The said rectangular top then sits on a larger rectangular tiled table with ample space for placing drinks or prepping food. 


  • Unit stands at 64.5 x 48.25 x 23.63 Inches
  • Construction materials are cast iron, tiles and stainless 
  • 80,000 BTU Bonfire rating
  • Utilizes 20 pound LPG tank
  • Aluminum frame for strength and sturdiness
  • Easy to use auto-ignition push button
  • Fire glass included


For consumers who are more inclined towards a rectangular fire pit table, the above options don’t disappoint. With a broad range of options featuring varied styles and budgets, you will likely find an option here that resonates well with your patio, terrace or balcony.

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