10 Best Fire Pits for Decks – Wood and Gas Burning

Best Fire Pits for Decks - Wood and Gas Burning

When it comes to the best fire pits for decks, both wood burning fire pits and gas powered options have their advantages and disadvantages. You the consumer will decide which option best meets your needs and budget. Whatever you decide, below are some great functional options we  think you might like.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

The charm of wood burning fire pits is irreplaceable. These gorgeous wood fire burning option are both beautiful and practical.

1. Tiki Brand Stainless Steel Fire Pit

One of the most challenging aspects for fire pits that serve an open deck is weathering the elements. This Tiki Brand Stainless Steel Fire Pit is constructed with 16-gauge stainless steel the ensure longevity in spite of the dust, heat and the occasional wetness associated with the outdoors. Steel is a long a long lasting material in the absence of rust.Tiki Fire Pit for Decks

The rust factor has been neutralized effectively through the use black weatherproof powder-coated exterior.

It features an appealing cylindrical look that’s endowed by a sturdy base. The fire pit has a diameter of 25” and a depth of 16” on the inside. This provides ample space for wood that will burn for approximately 30 minutes burn before you the need to add more wood.


  • Unit dimensions of 24.75 x 24.75 x 18.75 inches
  • 16-gauge stainless steel construction material
  • Uses an ash pan for easy ash management
  • Come inclusive of a firewood pack

This unit comes with a Tiki firewood pack to get started right away. If you are on the lookout for a hardy wood burning fire pit that can with stand the rigors of the outdoors, while providing you with great  burning performance; you will find this popular option to be an excellent choice.

2. Sunnydaze Large Copper Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

This Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Bowl is constructed with a metal exterior with a fine copper finish. The copper finish is not only rust proof but provide a gorgeous rustic appeal that augurs well with the outdoors and is sure to complement any other outdoor furniture that you have on your deck.Copper Fire Pits for Decks

With a 20” diameter of this unit will accommodate a decent amount of logs and produces a fire that will provide warmth to a small as well as a large gathering of family and friends.  The low profile design stand at a height of 14.5” or 42” inches when you add the wire mesh dome fire screen.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 20 x14.5/24 Inches
  • Beautiful thick steel metal exterior with a copper finish
  • Comes inclusive of a dome shaped fire pit screen
  • Includes a 26” fire poker
  • Easy to clean and maintain

When looking to inject a touch of character, traditional aesthetic while enjoying the warmth and charm of a wood burning fire pit, it’s hard to go wrong with this option.

3. Yaheetech Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

Fire pit tables are often a great selection because of the extra table top space they provide. This Yateech option provides remarkable versatility that definitely brings a new look and great utility for any deck.Wood burning Best Fire Pits for Deck

The unit is constructed with a sturdy metal base.

The center of the rectangle is an ash pan that will accommodate wood logs and contain ash for easy management. When the fire is on, you can also opt to put a metal grill and barbeque some tasty meats and mash mellows. When it’s warm and you do not need a fire, you can opt to fill the ash pan with ice and stuff it with drinks when entertaining on your deck.

It comes with a canvas protective cover for the pit when not in use.

  • Unit size 31.97 x 31 x 14.37 inches
  • Solid and sturdy steel metal construction
  • Comes with fire rod for stoking the fire
  • Includes mesh screen cover
  • Includes a canvas cover lid for when the fire is not in use

While this fire pit unit can also be used for BBQ, it’s worth noting that the grill is not included but can be purchased separately. This is an entirely affordable and  versatile wood burning fire pit that brings a multi-purpose vibe to your deck, patio or balcony.

4. Pure Garden Round Wood Burning Pit

When selecting a wood burning fire pit for your deck, it can be a tall order to find a design that is decorative in nature without compromising on the toughness.Best round Fire Pits for Decks

This pure Garden Wood Burning Pit comes with toughness and style all wrapped up in one. The circular design is an ideal blend of contemporary modern design, natural elements with gorgeous copper accents.

It has a generous diameter of 32” and a height of 20.5 when you include the dome shaped mesh fire screen.


  • Dimensions are 32 x 20.5 inches
  • Made from alloy steel with copper accents
  • Includes dome shaped mesh fire screen, fire poker and PVC cover

The copper metal accents, sculptured legs and patterned steel come together to deliver a delightful fire pit that adds the missing pieces to an outdoor space and furniture.

5. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit

The Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire Pit is a beautiful wood burning piece for both warmth as well as décor. For those who love a deeper pit that can take in more wood, this option will work just fine at 12.5”.Best Fire Pits for Decks

The exterior has these beautiful sky patterns of stars and half-moons cut out from the metal.

Such that when the fire is blazing, you can see through them into the flames. When the fire is not on, the unit still looks neat and effortlessly gels the exterior elements of a deck, patio or terrace. The dome shaped mesh does add to the beauty of the unit while preventing errant sparks from flying out of the fire area.


  • Unit’s dimensions are 29.5 x 29.5 x 23 inches
  • Steel metal exterior is patterned for a beautiful look
  • Mesh fire screen is inclusive
  • All steel construction
  • Accompanied with a cooking grate and fire stroking rod

The simplicity and fluidity of this design is what makes this unit so irresistible. It is the perfect wood burning fire pit for a sizeable patio or large decks.

Gas Burning Pits

While gas fire pits may not quite capture the charm of wood burning options, they to have their strong points. Primary reason why gas fire pits have become so popular, is the fact that they can be used to provide flames and create a cozy ambience on your deck without production of ash. Depending on the set up of your décor, gas pits can be an excellent choice too.

Below, we take a cursory glance at some of the best fire pits you can grace your deck with.

1. Outland Living Model 863 Portable Propane Fire Pit

If you are on the hunt for a portable gas fire pit that blends perfectly with a rustic outdoor yet exudes opulent elegance, the gorgeous Outland Living Series 403- Slate Grey Fire Table is worth considering.


  • Dimensions are 42”diameter and 13” Height
  • Crafted using cast concrete stainless Steel
  • Inclusive of fire glass
  • Rating of 50,000 BTU

The units operation is user friendly and easily ignites at the touch of a button. That is thanks to a spark ignition system.

2. Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit Table

This Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit comes in the form of a rectangular tower that stands at a height of  25”. The unit has a sturdy steel frame and cover is decorated steel sheets on the sides. One of the side has a convenient trapdoor that allows storage and concealment of a 20 pound LPG tanks that powers the unit. The steel exterior has been powder coated prevent the unit from rusting. Fire Pits for Decks

The flame intensity is impressive as it can get produce a high intensity of up to 50,000 BTU which is intense enough to keep everyone in the vicinity warm and toasty.


  • Unit Dimensions are 28 x 28 x 25 inches
  • Constructed with metal and stainless steel
  • Comes with fire glass
  • 50,000 BTU bonfire rating

3. Cosiest Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

It often said that good things come in small sizes. While that thought may be debatable for most things, its certainly holds true for the case of the Cosiest Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table. This compact unit is easy to transport and convenient for use on your small deck.Best round gas Fire Pits for Decks

Because of the compact low profile design, the unit lacks the ability to conceal a 20 pound LPG tank within itself. However, it comes equipped with a 10 foot hose that allows you to conceal the tank elsewhere  close.


  • Dimensions are 12 diameter 9.5” height
  • Made from Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Includes lava rocks
  • 58,000 BTU bonfire rating

This unit has a more natural looking fire with an admirable intensity at 58,000 BTU of leaping flames amid lava rocks.

4. Outland Living Series 403-Slate Fire Table

The Outland Living Series 403- slate Fire Table is an exceptionally good looking option. That’s because of the glistening black tempered glass used for the top of the unit and the dark shaded high quality PE rattan material are used to wrap the Trudy metal frame. The metallic parts are powder coated for added durability.Best gas Fire Pits for Decks

The stainless steel furnace comes with decorative clear glass for gorgeous aesthetics whether the fire is on or off.


  • This unit measure 44 x 32 x 24 inches
  • Construction materials include aluminum, tempered glass and stainless steel
  • Fire glass is inclusive
  • Bonfire rating of 50,000 BTU bonfire rating

Ignition of this unit is smooth with the help of a knob of spark button. This unit gels effortlessly with all manner of outdoor furniture.

5. Elementi Granville Fire Table

The Elementi Granville Fire Table has a low profile. The materials used to craft the unit are cast iron and stainless steel for a solid and extremely durable body.Best Fire Pits for wooden Deck


  • The size of this unit is 60 x 27 x 17 inches
  • Made of cast concrete and stainless steel
  • Comes with lava rocks and a canvas cover
  • 45,000 BTU bonfire rating
  • Operates on Natural gas



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