8 Decorative Metal Fireplace Screens You’ll Love

Best Decorative Metal Fireplace Screens

Decorative metal fireplace screens are like a canvass on which an artist brings out their best painting. In the case of fire screens, artisans seek to mix beauty and function in one piece.

Depending on your sense of style and décor of your home, you can select a fire screen that brings beauty and artistic poetry to your fireplace and the entire room.

In this post, we review several metal fire screens that are not only highly functional but undeniably beautiful in their own right.

Just so you know, all the screen options listed here can be used with wood-burning, gas or gel-powered fireplaces. Let’s check them out.

  1. Deco 79 Lovely Traditional Metal Fire Screen

The single panel Deco 79 Lovely Traditional Metal Fire Screen is nothing short of stunning in both an artistic sense as well as from a functional standpoint. Featuring a gentle curve, the frame is made from iron metal for strength and sturdiness.Decorative Metal Fireplace Screens

What you can’t  fail to notice is the sheer artistic beauty that this fire screen displays. The farmhouse theme invokes wholesome energy and comfort with bold and rustic concepts and yet remaining sleek and polished.

The screen has a metal mesh running through the entire face. On that mesh, the craftsman does an exceptional job of carving out a medley of natural motifs, distressed carvings, and embossed designs with a light muted color palette.

Right at the center of the unit is an embossed motif of a tree trunk finished with a tinge of copper and black hues that have a realistic sculpted look. The tree branches extend out to cover the center, sides, and top of the facade of the unit and are peppered with realistic embossed leaves finished with gold.

This unit will serve as an excellent all-time fire screen whether it’s summer or winter. It matters little if the fireplace is in use or not, this unit makes for a gorgeous decorative display that converts your fireplace into a true focal point in the home. At the same time, the versatility of this fireplace accessory is on full display when used on a functioning fireplace.


  • Dimensions 39 x 7 x 33 inches
  • Weighs 9.35 pounds
  • Materials used are iron and mesh
  • Bowed single panel fire screen design
  • Beautiful tree motif sculpting with several colors

This decorative fire screen has a minimal and fluid look because the base is flat with no protruding stand. Certainly beautiful and decorative but when buying this, you should know that the screen will naturally become hot when the fireplace is lit.

  1. Christopher Knight Home Valeno Fireplace Screen

The Christopher Knight Home Valeno Fireplace Screen is a fine example of simple elegance and high functionality. This unit is not only decorative but also does an excellent job of keeping ash and sparks contained within the fire area preventing your rugs and floor from getting burnt or messed up.Decorative Gold Metal Fireplace Screens

The rectangular unit sits on two protruding stands that can be driven into the fireplace for the screen to stay flush and cover the entire opening of the fireplace. The entire face of the rectangle is covered with a mesh.

Over the mesh, the face is endowed with circles that overlap each other to form catchy and repetitive patterns. The entire unit is finished with gold paint that brightens up your fireplace area.


  • Screen Dimensions are 41.1 x 9.25 x 31.1 inches
  • Weighs 14.29 pounds
  • Made from iron and mesh
  • Flat Single panel metal frame fire screen design
  • Covered in gorgeous geometric patterns

This unit looks great, has high functionality with good stability, and is extremely tough and durable.

  1. Amagabeli Fireplace Screen with Doors

Sometimes when shopping around for a decorative fire screen, it matters whether the unit will allow easy access to the fireplace when your need to add fire wood or stoke the already burning fire. When a screen is purely for decorative purposes on a non-functioning or make-believe fireplace, then you have nothing to worry about as any option you choose will work just fine.Decorative Black Metal Fireplace Screen

However, if your screen is meant for a functional fireplace, you may need to give a bit more thought to the decision. I say that because the Amagabeli Fireplace Screen has doors, a very thoughtful design that makes your life a whole lot easier when working the fire.

The frame is for the most part rectangular save for the top that has a curved silhouette for added character. The base end has two protruding stands that allow the screen good stability and reinforced strength on the metal frame. The face is covered with a mesh welded with delightful metal scrollwork that injects a rich Victorian charm into the entire design.


  • Measurements are 43.5 x 1.5 x 33 inches
  • Unit weight 35 pounds
  • The materials used are wrought iron and mesh
  • Single Panel Flat metal frame design with a door
  • Endowed with beautiful scroll patterns

Either half of the screen is an opening door that allows you convenient access to the fireplace when you need to attend to the fire. The doors mean you don’t have to move the entire unit to access the fire. As such this screen works very well for decorative purposes as well as meeting the protective need of a functional fireplace.

  1. Best Choice Products 3-Panel Metal Fireplace Screen

With a length of 55.5 inches, a depth of 0.5 inches and a height of 33 inches, this unit is a perfect fit for a fireplace that has an imposing size. This option from Best Choice Products is a 3-Panel design Metal Fireplace Screen with a  minimal design is featuring a flat base and no protruding stands.3 panel Decorative Metal Fireplace Screen

The unit is made with a strong metallic frame that has a middle section and two smaller folding sections on either side. The side sections are hinged to the central part and can therefore open and close. This makes for easy access to the fire when you have need. The same side sections are also equipped with handles for easy opening and closing without getting burnt.

The top part of this screen across all sections has a wave-like curve and flow that is beautiful. The entire screen is plastered with a screen for catching sparks and preventing them from dropping on your rug or floor. But beyond that, it is the marvelous scrolling parts that make the whole design pop with artistic flair.

This unit is painted over with touches of copper, bronze, and black bringing forth a weathered look like what you would expect from an antique metallic piece of art.


  • Measurements are 55.5 x 0.5 x 33 inches
  • The unit weighs 13 pounds
  • Wrought iron construction
  • 3 sections design with a wavy top
  • Decorated with wrought iron scroll patterns

The three-section design is perfect for a big fireplace as it covers the entire front and sits slightly further from the fire preventing the screen from becoming too hot.

  1. Deco 79 Metal Fire Screen

The Deco brand and line of fire screens are very artistic and are excellent choices for sprucing up a fireplace. This Metal Fire Screen is yet another fire screen that will elicit a constant flow of compliments from your friends and guests. But that is with good reason as this unit does a splendid job of mixing function and beauty seamlessly.Bowed Decorative Metal Fireplace Screen

The screen has a bowed design with a strong metal frame and is wrapped in a mesh across its entire façade. The artistic part then follows with wrought iron used from the bottom frame to the top frame to signify real-life dried twigs.

The mesh and the metal frame are painted black while the twigs are painted gold to bring about beautiful contrast and harmony.


  • Dimensions are 39 x 7 x 33 inches
  • Weight is 9.35 pounds
  • Construction is done with wrought iron and mesh
  • Single panel strong metal frame with a flat base
  • Wrought iron decorative twigs on the face

  1. Christopher Knight Home Waterbury Fireplace Screen

If you are of the mind to get a fire screen that exudes Victorian theme, then you will likely fall in love with this Christopher Knight Home Waterbury Fireplace Screen. The design has three panels with the middle section forming the bigger chunk of the screen. The mid-section is hinged to two smaller sections on either side.Victorian Decorative Metal Fireplace Screens

The side sections can open freely if you want to access the fire to add wood or stoke the fire. This is an important feature in fireplaces especially if you are not up to the task of moving an entire screen every time you need to access the fire.

The screen comes with a see-through mesh.

The scrollwork on this fire screen is very elaborate and is accentuated by some cuttings from cast iron to create leaf-like motifs. The decoration is beautiful and does bring out that medieval feel that will add some rich charm to your fireplace spot.


  • Unit dimensions are 53.5 x 2 x 36.5 inches
  • Weight is 20.9 pounds
  • Made from wrought iron and mesh
  • Three-part design with easy access to the fire
  • Beautiful scroll decorative patterns and leaf motifs
  • Assembly required

  1. Deco 79 55275 Metal Fire Screen

Yet another Deco 79 Metal Fire Screen exceptionally designed to elicit curious aesthetic awe in those who have the opportunity to behold it.Peacock Decorative Metal Fireplace Screens

This fireplace accessory is constructed from wrought iron.

The design comprises of three sections, a center rectangle with two hinged doors attaches to either side for the rectangle to form a 3 piece flat design. Its base sits flatly on the floor and adds to the minimal look.

The central attraction of this unit is the peacock motif and the vibrant colors on the splayed-out tail that covers the entire screen facade. The screen includes a see-through mesh.


  • Unit stands at 48 x 1 x 32 inches
  • Weight is about 10 pounds
  • Materials used are iron and mesh
  • Flat metal frame with 3 sections
  • Facade has sculpted peacock motif
  • Expect some minimal assembly

For consumers who would like a fire screen that is artful, minimal, and functional at the same time, this unit is worth your consideration.

  1. BestGiftEver Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen

The BestGiftEver Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen is a wonderful buy with two hinged side panels.Decorative Fireplace Screen

In essence, the unit is made from three rectangles. The top of the unit is adorned with a small medallion and tree of life motif with wrought iron scroll patterns on either side of the medallion. This conjures up a majestic look and accentuates the tall frame of the screen giving the impression that it is taller than it is.

The center of this fire screen has a huge medallion with a tree of life motif. The entire face of the screen is covered with a see-through mesh and decorated with iron scroll work that complements the tree of life medallion.

The mesh does a good job of hiding the contents of a drab-looking fireplace while ensuring that sparks from crackling wood are contained within the fireplace.


  • Dimensions are 43 x 1 x 34.5 inches
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • Constructed from iron and mesh
  • 3 panel strong metal frame
  • Decorated with a medallion and wrought iron scroll patterns

This unit is great for large-sized fireplaces because of it imposing size.


The above fireplace screen options are multi-purpose; in that, they can be used for decorative purposes only or they can be applied as protective screens for active fireplaces. If you have an active fireplace, you can enjoy the decorative aspects of any of the above selections while keeping sparks and ashes contained in the fire area with much ease.

For those with non-functioning fireplaces, these units will dress the fireplaces quite nicely and still accentuate the spot for a better look.



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