6 Best 3-Panel Fireplace Screens of 2022

Best 3-Panel Fireplace Screens

Admittedly, fire screens can serve a protective function as well as an aesthetic one. A well-chosen fireplace screen will effortlessly deliver on both fronts.

In this post, we highlight some of the best 3-panel fireplace screens suitable for a broad range of tastes and needs. Check them out.

  1. Best Popular: Best Choice Products 3-Panel Wrought Iron Metal Fireplace Screen

With a length of 55.5″, a depth of 0.5″, and a height of 33″, this Best Choice Products Fireplace Screen is a perfect fit for a fireplace that has an imposing size.Best 3-Panel Fireplace Screens

With a minimal design featuring a flat base and no protruding stands, the unit is made with a strong metallic frame that has a middle section and two smaller folding sections on either side. The side sections are hinged to the central part. The same side sections are also equipped with handles for easy moving.

The entire screen is plastered with a mesh for arresting sparks and preventing them from dropping on close-by rugs or messing with your floor. But beyond that, it is the marvelous scrolling parts that make the whole design pop with artistic flair.

The unit is painted over with touches of either copper, bronze,or black bringing forth a weathered look like what you would expect from an antique metallic piece of art.


  • Measurements are 55.5 x 0.5 x 33 inches
  • The unit weighs 13 pounds
  • Wrought iron construction
  • Decorated with wrought iron scroll patterns

The three-part design is perfect for a big fireplace as it covers the entire front and sits slightly further from the fire preventing the screen from becoming too hot. The practical build and practical approach deliver both beauty and functionality to any fireplace. It’s easy to see why this unit is so popular amongst fireplace enthusiasts.

  1. Best Stained: Chloe Lighting 3 Piece Folding Victorian Tiffany Fireplace Screen

Stained glass has always managed to draw out the vintage charm in any décor. As with other décor pieces such as delightful doors, or stairway windows that incorporate stained glass to inject a vintage touch that seamlessly blends with contemporary design, so can a fireplace screen as is the case with this Chloe Lighting Fireplace Screen. 3-Panel glass Fireplace Screens

This delectable design brings you yet another choice of how you can incorporate stained glass into your décor.

Fireplaces often act as centerpieces in a given room. However, they often do need some creative disguise that conceals their drab look when a fire is not on. The same also applies to fireplaces that are not in use. Covering the fireplace with this unit draws even more attention to the fireplace.

That’s because the screen has gorgeous artful makeup that complements the rest of the décor whether the fire is on or not. The edges of this unit are colored by creative and colorful designs that add a vibrant vibe to your space. The center of the unit allows you to see the flames when you have a fire going.

The craftsmanship on this unit is a marvel in itself as incorporates copper-foiled glass, 423 pieces of glass cuts as well as 79 beads; these pieces collectively form a beautiful tapestry of scrolling designs, floral motifs, and geometrical shapes.

The glass thickness used on this unit is about ¼” thick. Should the unit topple over, it is likely to break. While the unit is not flimsy, it may not be the best fit for a home with rowdy kids. However, if the occupants of your home are all careful, the beauty of this unit is worth having.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 44 x 0.18 x 28.5 inches
  • The unit weighs 18.6 pounds
  • Constructed with stained glass
  • Decorative design features scroll patterns, beads, and stained glass

The three-panel design means that you can access your fire from either side panel with ease and without having to move the entire unit.

If you are on the hunt for a decorative piece with stained glass, it’s hard to go wrong with this option. That said, it’s worth pointing out that the screen’s beauty comes alive when illuminated. The unit can appear dull when it is not being hit by light.

  1. Best Plain & Simple: Best Choice Products 3-Panel Simple Fireplace Screen

Some people have an appreciation for minimal designs that are well constructed but also possess an understated sense of class and elegance. For those who are like-minded, you are likely to fall in love with the simple elegance that this Best Choice Products 3-Panel Steel Fireplace Screen has to offer.metal 3-Panel Fireplace Screens

The size of this fireplace screen has a length of 47.75, a 0.75 depth, and stands at a height of 29 inches. The base has short legs and the 3-panel design folds slightly inward to reinforce stability. A steel frame presents a rigid piece that s durable. The centerpiece is in fact square shaped save for the top section that has a gentle curve.

The two side panels are hinged to the sides of the central piece such that they can open with ease. These side panels are rectangular and make your work so much easier when you need to access the fire for lighting, stoking, or simply adding more fuel.

The Entire unit is emblazoned with a mesh wire that is effective in arresting any errant embers and flying ash as well as deterring pets and kids in the home from getting too close to the fire.


  • The size of this unit is 47.75 x 0.75 x 29 inches
  • The unit weighs 9 pounds
  • All steel construction with a mesh wire
  • Minimal design with see-through mesh

For many, simplicity is the new elegance. That being the case this unit fits the bill to perfection.  For a unit this size, the build is pleasantly lightweight. That is owed to the fact that, apart from the metal frame, the rest is mesh wire.

  1. Best Affordable: Amagabeli Fireplace Screen

The Amagabeli Fireplace Screen is pleasantly affordable, featuring a design that incorporates a touch of simple flair while remaining practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing all wrapped up in one.cheap 3-Panel Fireplace Screens

The frame of the unit is all steel with a flat base across all the panels. The side panels are hinged to the central frame and can fold inward which helps you determine how far you want the screen to be from the fire. Also, the inward stance helps reinforce the unit’s free-standing stability. The side panels fold effortlessly and make for easy access to the fire. This means you do not have to move the entire unit when you need to tend to your fire.

The top of the unit is designed with a wavy curve and decorated with a fine leafy metal motifs that add a simple artful touch to the screen’s facade. This ensures the fire screen does not have a plain look but remains highly functional and effective at an affordable price.


  • Large size of 50 x 1 x 29 inches
  • The fire screen weighs 15 pounds
  • Made from metal and mesh wire
  • Minimal design with see-through mesh

Whether your fireplace is raised or is flush to the floor, this fire screen is tall and wide enough to cover it adequately and help in keeping your furniture, pets, and kids safe.

  1. Best in Gold: Christopher Knight Home Margaret 3 Panelled Iron Fireplace Screen

This Christopher Knight Home Margaret Fireplace Screen is one exceptional option that is rife in simplicity and finished in gold.gold 3-Panel Fireplace Screens

Strong and sturdy owing to the all-metal construction of the frame, the 3-panel design of this unit features a square center that has hinges on either side. It is on these hinges that the rectangular side panels are attached. The base of the middle section has two legs while the side panels have one leg each. The legs have a decent clearance and the foldable side panels help in keeping the unit stable.

Over and above having a metal frame, the strength of the unit is further reinforced through the decorative geometric patterns that form the face of the unit.

Metal bars have been used to achieve the patterns and add to the strength of this fires screen.

A see-through mesh wire or spark guard covers the face of all three panels and sees to it that ash and floating sparks are contained within the fireplace area.


  • Dimensions are 30 x 11.25 x 30 inches
  • The weight of this unit is 17 pounds
  • Constructed from metal and mesh wire
  • Decorated with geometrical patterns with a gold finish

Gold color naturally has a spectacular look and works well on a fire screen that has a fairly minimal look. What makes this unit the best gold fire screen is that it is not overdone and therefore brings a great presence to your décor without screaming for attention.

  1. Best with Doors: WBHome 3 Panel Fireplace Screen with Doors

It is common for three-panel fire screen designs to have two hinged side panels that can swing inward allowing you access to the fireplace. The design approach on the WBHome Fireplace Screen is a little different. 3-Panel Fireplace Screen with doors

That’s because, while the side panels have hinges and can swing, this unit has included two doors on the central panel that can open outward and allows even easier access to the fire area. The two doors are hinged to the central frame and have handles for convenient handling. Should you want to light, stoke, or add fuel to your fire, you can access the fire right from the middle.

This is a large fire screen with an impressive overall frame length of 50”, a height of 32”, and a 9.5” depth. The added rectangular frame at the top is part of the design but also serves to give the unit an imposing height fit for large fireplaces.

The entire façade of this unit incorporates mesh wire as a protective guard against floating sparks and ash. It also acts as an effective barrier that prevents kids and pets from getting too close to the fire.


  • Dimensions are 50 x 9.5 x 32 inches
  • 19 pounds in weight
  • All metal construction with mesh wire
  • Decorative geometric patterns with a weathered black finish


Whether your reason for getting a 3-panel fireplace is decorative, purely functional, or both, the above options cover a wide range of fire screen needs, tastes, and designs to suit the equally broad palate of interior décor designers and other consumers.



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