5 Best Electric Fireplace TV Stands for 65 Inch TVs

Best Electric fireplace TV Stands for 65 Inch TVs

The idea behind an electric fireplace TV stand is to create an entertainment center that is sleek, uncluttered, and cozy while holding your massive 65 Inch TV

The cozy part is brought to therefore by integrating an electric fireplace into the unit.

In this post, we have fantastic selection of some  of the best electric fireplace TV stands for 65” Inch TVs.

  1. Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand

A unit such as this Walker Edison Wren Classic Fireplace TV Stand allows you the comfort and ambiance that a fireplace brings in addition to the minimalist design that commands focal attention while affording you plenty of function as a TV stand.Best Electric fireplace TV Stands for 65 Inch TVs

This TV stand is so well constructed that it effortlessly incorporates an electric fireplace, open shelving as well counter space to hold a flat-screen of up to 65”.

Crafted from high-grade MDF for good sturdiness as well as durability, you can expect the sheen and sleek look of this unit to last for many years to come. This is thanks to the laminate finish that brings out a rich, textured surface from the MDF.

The 4600 BTU electric fireplace is neatly fitted in the center of this unit. The face of the fireplace is a tempered glass panel. The heater and flames of this electric fireplace can be instructed through the control panel on the face of the unit.

On either side of the center, are adjustable open shelves. This can be used as you see fit.

The minimal design is perfect for those inclined towards an uncluttered look and vibe in a living space. That look is further accentuated by the unit’s cord management ports that allow you to organize electronic wires and keep them from forming an unsightly tangled mess.


  • Dimensions 25” H x 15.75” D x 58.25” L
  • Construction material is MDF with a textured laminate
  • Opens storage shelves
  • The top can accommodate TV’s as large as 65”
  • Cord management system
  • Fireplace heat coverage is up to 400 sq. ft
  • The electric fireplace is included
  • Comes in numerous color options charcoal/ barn wood/ black

Whether you opt to hang your TV on the wall above this unit or place it on this TV stand, that section of the house will still look, cozy and uncluttered. This is an excellent choice because it is exceptionally constructed, has a beautiful design as well as provides supplemental heating to your living room or bedroom. Given that the unit comes with several color options, you can always choose a color that best fits your décor theme.

  1. Belleze Modern Farmhouse Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The Belleze Modern Fireplace TV Stand is a beautiful piece that will inject a traditional vibe to a décor. The impeccable construction blended with rustic touches and clean lines makes it easy for this electric fireplace TV stand to assimilate into pretty much any décor. It matters little whether you have a farmhouse theme or contemporary home décor; this unit will fit right in.White Electric fireplace TV Stands for 65 Inch TV

The unit also comes in several different colors to work with, which makes it all the easier to match it to varied decors with minimal effort. Colors range from sergeant oak, espresso to rustic and so much more.

The unit has a stable look and is constructed with a low profile which also adds to the charming design.

Its 58” length means it can handle the weight and size of a 65” TV. Made from laminated MDF and particleboard, you can be sure that the strength and durability are remarkable.

The unit’s design features an electronic fireplace in the central section that is easy to operate as all that’s needed is simply plugging in the attached power cable to the nearest socket and it’s ready for use. It comes with a control panel on the unit that allows you to switch the fireplace on or off.

Through the control panel, you can also adjust the heat or flames independently. The fireplace uses infrared heating technology which means the heat is comfortable because it does not dry your air.

The farmhouse theme of this unit is accentuated by the traditional door design with old-school steel handles.

The shelves can be used to store books, electronics, remote controls, and anything you may see appropriate. You can opt to place your TV on the unit or hang it on the wall above the unit. Either way, your entertainment center will look impressive and organized.


  • Dimensions 24” H x 15.75” D x 58” L
  • Made from laminated MDF and particleboard
  • Closed storage shelves
  • The top can accommodate TV’s as large as 65”
  • Cord management system keeps wires tidy and concealed
  • Electric Fireplace heat coverage is up to 400 sq. ft
  • Inclusive of Electric fireplace
  • Available in several color; sergeant oak/ gray wash/ espresso/ rustic oak/ stone grey

One major and recurring theme in entertainment centers is often the inability to conceal wires and keep them neatly tucked away. In the case of the Belleze Modern Farmhouse Electric Fireplace TV Stand, that is no issue at all. The system for managing the cords is well thought and makes it easy to keep wires organized and well out of sight.

  1. Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace Stand

The idea of an electric fireplace for a TV stand is a fabulous one. It is sensible because of its minimal furniture concept with high utility that’s accompanied by gorgeous aesthetic features. That concept is well represented in the Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace Stand. Electric fireplace TV Stands for 65 Inch TV

This unit has a sturdy look that is brought about by the use of several materials namely; MDF, particleboard, and metal.

If you are looking for an electric fireplace TV stand with a minimal, airy, and spacious design, then you are bound to fall in love with this option. The frame at the base of the unit is made from steel which helps deliver a stable and durable build. The rest of the unit is has been done with MDF and particleboard.

The central part of this entertainment stand features an electric fireplace that comes with a control panel for adjusting heat and flames as well as for powering and switching off the unit.

The electric fireplace unit may only be 23” long but has a fairly powerful heater that effortlessly warms a room as big as 400 sq. ft.

Besides the fireplace with adjustable flames and heat, the unit also comes with 6 open shelves that can be used for books, home décor, or audio components such as surround speakers.

It’s also worth noting that the shelves are illuminated by LED down lighting for ambiance but that can be turned on and off as you please.

The cord management system in this unit also ensures that your entertainment center is not marred by a tangled mess of wires. Instead, wires are neatly gathered and tucked away at the back of the unit.


  • Dimensions 26” H x 18.5” D x 64” L
  • The material used includes Metal, MDF, and particle boars
  • Open storage shelves
  • A 65” TV and below will fit well on it
  • Tidy cord management system
  • 400 sq. ft heat coverage by the Electric Fireplace
  • Integrated Electric fireplace with remote
  • The colors available are black oak/ graphite gray/ white

This unit offers a compact minimal build with a small footprint which is great for spacing save and delivering an airy vibe in your living room. All these while delivering a gorgeous aesthetic and highly organized utility.

  1. Meble Furniture & Rugs York 02 Electric Fireplace TV Stand

This Meble Furniture & Rugs York TV Stand is designed to comfortably hold a flat-screen TV as big as 70”.65 Inch TV Electric fireplace TV Stands for

The design of this unit has a modern executive elegance to it.

It has a low profile that seamlessly sits on the floor. Instead of a square, the electric fireplace is a rectangle and comes with a control panel for easy flame and heat adjustment. 

While the drawers on the side are closed, the small section above them has an opening for placing DVDs, books, or gaming consoles.


  • Dimensions 22.3” H x 18.5” D x 79” L
  • The material used includes Metal, MDF, and particleboard
  • Includes closed and open storage shelves
  • Can accommodate a 70” TV
  • Comes with a cord management system
  • 400 sq. ft heat coverage by the Electric Fireplace
  • Incorporates an Electric fireplace with remote
  • Available colors are black/ gray/ white

This unit offers a gorgeous low-profile executive look that is simple, elegant, and minimal. The look and design will work well for a den, living room, or bedroom.

  1. Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console

Ameriwood is a well-respected brand in fireplace TV consoles as well as other high-quality home furnishings. The Ameriwood Home Carson Fireplace TV Console is yet another example of their stellar work that brings classic, high utility, and minimal elegance to a living room.65 Inch TV fireplace tv console

If you fancy a unit with an understated executive look, then this unit made from MDF and steel will likely work for you.

This TV stand has plenty of display and storage space. The unit has a zero clearance and sits on the floor. The cabinets on either side have hinged doors and two spacious shelves inside that can be used for books and magazine storage.

Right above the cabinets, the open shelf runs the entire length of the unit availing ample additional space for placings such as DVD player, games consoles, remote controls, and so forth.

The top surface of the unit is plenty spacious and can accommodate a TV as large as 70”.

All the supporting wires are neatly organized and tucked away with little effort thanks to cord management ports fitted in strategic sections on this unit.


  • Dimensions 26” H x 18.5” D x 64” L
  • Constructed with Metal, MDF, and particleboard
  • Closed and open storage shelves
  • A 70” and below TV will fit on the top surface
  • Comes with cord management ports
  • Electric Fireplace heat coverage is 400 sq. ft
  • Integrated Electric fireplace
  • Comes in black/ cherry/ distressed gray oak/ white/ graphite gray/ espresso

This is a good selection when you want a TV stand that offers plenty of space, great design, and can hold a 70” large TV.


Minimal TV stands are the new mark of elegance in today’s décor. The beauty of these units is in their versatility. They can work well in various sections of a residential house such as the living room or bedroom. But they also look fantastic in a hotel room, an executive reception or a sleek office.

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