9 Best Over Fireplace TV Mounts of 2022

Best Over Fireplace TV Mounts

A TV wall mount with the dexterity to move up/down/sideways/tilt and extend several inches from the wall makes it possible to install a TV screen right on top of your fireplace mantel.

Allowing you to lower the screen to eye level while also providing the flexibility of tilting the TV in several directions, over fireplace TV mounts TV screens are effective and helpful  in enhancing the TV viewing experience

Below is a review on some of the  best sturdy options specifically made to be used over a fireplace

  1. Best Seller/ Recommendation: MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

An entertainment center and fireplace are both focal points in a living room. It makes sense to have a TV above your fireplace because then the focal point of the room is in one place and the aesthetic of that arrangement can have the full-on effect you would like it to have.Mantlemount Over Fireplace TV Mounts

However, sometimes that configuration may not be practically feasible because of proximity and heat produced by your fireplace or the view of the TV is not the best for all the seats in the house. That’s why we highly recommend the MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace TV Mount.

This amazing contraption is a full range motion unit that automatically makes every seat in the house the best for watching the TV and allows  you to mount the TV higher or lower on the wall above the fireplace as you see fit. The mount can swivel 30” left or right. It can also jut out from the wall as far as 19”. This mount can also move down 27” with the help of easy-to-use pull-down handles. It is this full range of motion that ensures every seat in the living room is the best seat in the room to watch some TV.

Worried that your TV is too large for this sort of thing?

Well, not a problem because this unit can hold a TV as large as 44” to 80” and can accommodate weights from 20 to 90 pounds securely and with ease. This unit has an all-metal construction. It is made with light but strong alloy steel. The wall mount design means that the mount is firmly secured to the wall above your fireplace with the help of two gas pistons.


  • Dimensions 30” D x 7.25” H x 25” L inches
  • Weigh 25 pounds
  • Tough alloy steel construction
  • Maximum left/right sway is 30”
  • Comes with Gas Piston Auto-Stabilization
  • Pull down handles, max 27” downward tilt
  • Can a handles a maximum weight of 90 pounds or 80” TV
  • Cable management system
  • Finished with black coating for rust prevention

Over and above all these amazing features, the unit also does a good job at concealing TV cables keeping them neatly tacked away from view.

  1. Mount-It Motorized Fireplace TV Wall Mount

This Mount-It TV Wall Mount is fit to hold a maximum TV size of 70” with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 77 pounds. Over Fireplace TV Mounts

Like all the best TV mounts, you can kick back and relax in any section of the living room and enjoy some TV time without having to walk to the unit and manually adjust it. That’s possible because the Hi-tech design comes with a Remote Control that allows the mount to be electrically pulled down at the touch of a button on the handheld remote control.

This unit can swivel to the left or right up to a 25 degrees maximum angle. It also drops down with ease to a comfortable viewing level that you can enjoy without getting a muscle cramp on your neck.

The sliding motion is smooth and whisper-quiet in any direction of choice. The full up-down motion range is 101 degrees and the height range of the unit is adjustable by 21.3” allowing plenty of flexibility. From the wall, this unit can extend forward by 19” and can be retracted back when not in use.


  • Dimensions 28.3” D x 20.9” W x 7.1” H
  • Weight is 28.8 pounds
  • Constructed from high-quality alloy steel
  • Unit’s height adjustment range is 22”
  • Left-right swivel is 25 degrees max
  • Extension from the wall is a maximum of 19”
  • Can bear a maximum weight of 77 pounds and max TV size of 70”
  • Includes a handheld remote control
  • Black coated finish for enhanced durability

This fireplace TV wall mount can hold a minimum TV size of 37” and a maximum size of 70”. For as long as your flat screen is within the said range, it will work perfectly.

  1. Vivo Above Fireplace TV Wall Mount

If your TV is not that large and you have no intention of upgrading to anything more than a 55” TV set, then the Vivo TV Wall Mount is a viable option that you are likely to love.Best above Fireplace TV Mounts

Wall mounts that hold extra-large TVs have to have a bulkier build to have an efficient counterbalance. This unit on the other hand is purpose-built for medium-sized TVs with a minimum size of 40” and 55” maximum and can therefore hold weights from 17 to 66 pounds.

Because this unit has the luxury of not having to bear very heavyweights, it has a minimal one-arm design and uses a pneumatic spring technology for counterbalancing.

The unit is constructed from alloy steel and can be installed on wood studs or concrete/brick walls for regular and above fireplace placement.

It delivers a full range motion of 12.5” height range, 15 degrees left/right screen tilt, and a 90-degree swivel.


  • Dimensions 23.94” D x 17.32” W x 3.94” H
  • Weighs 14.3 pounds
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Uses Pneumatic spring technology
  • Minimal one arm design
  • Bears a maximum weight of 17-66 pounds
  • Can accommodate TV flat screens of 44”-55”
  • Full range of motion; Height adjustable up to 12.5”/15-degree screen tilt/90-degree swivel
  • Finished in rust proof and appealing coating

Because of the minimal build, this unit has a unique range of motion that you will not find in other traditional two-arm options. If you need a wall mount for a medium-sized TV that also allows your TV to pull out from under a built-in cabinet and then cantilever the screen UP. This mount could be one for you.

  1. MantelMount MM700 Pro Fireplace TV Mount

Every home has a different setup and while one unit might not be suitable for your needs, another is likely to work perfectly. If you are looking for a wall mount with insane vertical travel and can handle a 90” flat-screen TV. Then you may have very well arrived at the ideal TV mount.Pull down Over Fireplace TV Mounts

For one, this mount is suitable for flat-screen TVs not less than 45” and no more than 90” and built to hold a maximum weight of 30-115 pounds. It allows your TV to protrude from the wall up to a distance of 17” and has a vertical travel range of 26” as well as a screen tilt allowance of 9 degrees. All these help you attain a comfortable watching level with ease.

Further, it can also swivel from left to right by 30-60 degrees. With such flexibility, you can sit on any seat in the leaving room and still have an excellent view of your TV.

Other than strong and excellent range articulation, this unit is particularly ideal for over the fireplace placement because it comes equipped with heat sensors.


  • Dimensions 37.5” D x 8.25” H x 26” W
  • Heavy duty alloy steel construction
  • Off the wall extension of 17”, 26” vertical travel and 9 degrees screen tilt
  • Left-right swivel of 30-60 degrees
  • Utilizes gas pistons for effective load-bearing
  • Cable management system
  • Equipped with heat sensors
  • Maximum load of 30-115 pounds
  • Can accommodate a TV size range of 45-90”
  • Black coated for rust proofing

Loose and errant cables take away from a clean visual and aesthetic look. This unit ensures that all cables are neatly held together and away from sight and therefore delivers a neat and seamless look.

  1. Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount

This Echogear Tilting TV Wall Mount is ideal for consumers looking for a firm and sturdy option that delivers a decent tilt. This unit delivers just that.echogear Over Fireplace TV Mount

If your setup does not require a unit that extends from the wall much or has a vertical slider, this mount will be a good fit as it can handle flat screens as large as 86”.

Once mounted on the wall, this minimal design creates a 5.8” extension from the wall and allows your screen to tilt by 15 degrees. While at it, the unit also creates a bit of room to swivel 10 degrees to the right or the left.

In case you are wondering whether this TV wall mount can accommodate your TV brand, fear not as the unit comes accompanied by a wide assortment of screws and spacers to accommodate numerous TV brands including Samsung, LG, JVC and so much more.


  • Dimensions 28.86”W x 8.62 L x 3.03” H
  • Made with durable alloy steel
  • Accommodates TV screens ranging from 40”-86”
  • The maximum weight is 125 pounds
  • The design allows a screen tilt of 15 degrees and swivel of 10 degrees
  • Comes with accessories that simplify the installation
  • Finished in a black powder coat for rust prevention

This is a simplified and stripped-down TV wall mount that provides you with the tilt you need for large TVs and excludes everything else you do not need for your setup.

  1. MantelMount MM750 Pull Down Over Fireplace TV Mount

Large flat-screen TVs offer excellent viewing. But how do you view a 100” TV screen over a fireplace? That dynamic can be tricky. However, it can be solved by installing the appropriate TV mount that can handle that sort of size while offering an acceptable range of articulation.pull down above Fireplace TV Mount

The MantelMount MM750 Pull Down TV Mount is built as a solution for such situations.

Made from heavy duty alloy steel, this contraption is fairly light for its size at 73 pounds. The strong build is very maneuverable as it features 4 top echelon gas pistons instead of two and integrates a tubular tapered lifting arm for enhanced torsion rigidity.

This unit can accommodate Large and heavy TV screens ranging from 55-100” and can bear weight loads from a minimum of 30 pounds to a maximum of 125 pounds.

This mounting system has an impressive range of motion including; 30.5” vertical travel, 25” left or right swivel. The contraption retracts dutifully when needed to store your massive TV at 1.6” flush to the wall.


  • Dimensions 34” D x 5.5” H x 31” W
  • The weight of the unit is 73 pounds
  • Constructed with heavy-duty alloy steel
  • Includes 4 quality echelon gas pistons
  • Wire management system
  • TV screen size range; 55-100”
  • Load bearing range is; 30-125 pounds
  • Adjustable stops and includes heat sensors
  • Black coated finish for guarding against rust and corrosion

Although the unit is strong, the mechanism is remarkably intuitive and will move in the desired direction with ease and smoothness at a light push or pull. All you do is direct the TV in the desired direction and the mount does all the heavy lifting.

  1. Monoprice Above Fireplace Articulating TV Mount

When it comes to TV mounts, you can argue that the Monoprice Above Fireplace TV Wall Mount is a man among boys. That’s because of a strong build that can wield flat-screen TVs as large as 100” and as heavy as a whopping 143 pounds.Best Over Fireplace TV Mount

If you have a TV’s screen sizes ranging from 55 “ – 100” and weighing up to 143 pounds you can be sure that it will comfortably be accommodated by this unit

Mounting a large TV screen above the fireplace and viewing need not be a pain in the neck anymore. Installing this unit means that you can pull the TV down to a comfortable height for comfortable viewing.

The spring-assisted mechanism is whisper-quiet, smooth, and intuitive to the slightest pull or push.


  • Dimensions; 36” D x 18.5” W x 7” H
  • Weighs 42 pounds
  • Built with alloy steel
  • Spring-assisted mechanism for easy pulling or pushing the TV
  • Can accommodate TV screen range of 55-100”
  • Weigh capacity range is from 44-143 pounds
  • 30 degrees screen tilt
  • Comes with a Vesa mounting pattern for seamless installation
  • Black coated finish for enhanced durability


Mounting a TV over a fireplace is not something that’s accepted by all. For some households, there is no better place to install the TV than right above the fireplace. Over Fireplace TV Mounts make that possible while improving the comfort of your viewership for an even better-watching experience.

These TV mounts will work with a broad range of numerous flat-screen TV brands





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