8 Best Fire Pit Cooking Grills in 2023

Fire Pit Table Vs. Traditional Fire Pit, Which is Best?

Fire pit cooking grills come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. They also attract different budgets based on their size, simplicity as well as sophistication. What cuts across the board though, is that the construction material needs to be tough enough to handle the outdoors as well as direct firewood heat.

The cooking grills reviewed in this post can be used with fire pits as well as open fires. The fuel types for most fire pits and open fire will often be wood and in some instances charcoal. Fire from wood is fierce and intense for the most part and the temperatures thereof can easily warp your grill if it is not strong enough. Charcoal burns longer but does not produce as intense heat as firewood.

When choosing a cooking grill, there are several things you want to consider;

  • The material(s) used; preferably heavy duty metal and stainless steel
  • Tough gauge mesh that can withstand high temperatures
  • Coating for heat resistance and rust prevention
  • Features such as handles, no stand or inclusive of a stand depending on your needs
  • The available cooking surface area offered by the unit
  • A shape that will work for you depending on where you will be using the unit
  • Some units require no assembly while others need some minimal assembly
  • Height adjustability allows you to move the grill closer or further away from the fire
  • Frequency of usage; lighter metal materials will do for less frequent use, however frequent users will want a unit that is made from heavy-gauge metal for durability and high performance.

These are just a few pointers that are worth considering before settling for a cooking grill that can be used over a fire pit or an open fire.

Let’s check out a wide range of options available in the market today that are suitable for various budgets as well as cooking and grilling needs.

  1. Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit Cooking Grill

The Sunnydaze Décor Fire Pit Cooking Grill is an awesome accessory to have. It’s easy to use and can be placed on top of a fire pit or top of an open fire.Best Fire Pit Cooking Grill

Whether you are using a fire pit or creating your fire from the ground, this cooking will work for you. All it needs is some good support, a fire underneath it and you are good to go.

With this unit, you can enjoy cooking grilled foods in the comfort of your backyard or when on camping trips. Cast iron pans and pots can also be used on top of this unit for boiling water or making broth.

Sunnydaze Décor Fire Pit Cooking Grill is round in shape which is fitting for most fire pits or an open campfire. The grill has a diameter of 24” without handles and 27.7” if you include the handles. The round heavy duty metallic frame has a side height of one inch for good stability.

Further, the grill is then covered with an X-patterned mesh that will hold and grill your meat or boil your broth in a pan to perfection.

This unit leaves it to you to determine what height over the fire you need it to be to so suit your preference and needs. The grill weighs 7 pounds and is therefore easy to carry from one spot to another. When going on a camping trip, this unit will fit in the trunk just fine.


  • Dimensions 24” Diameter x 1” H
  • Constructed from heavy duty metal
  • Comes with two handles
  • X pattern tough mesh wire
  • Painted with a black finish for preventing rust
  • Comes in different diameters 19”/24”/36”/37.5”

The grill is finished with black paint that’s resilient to heat and prevents rust. The surface area is large enough to roast meat, veggies sweet potatoes, and any other food item that you would like to grill or boil or fry with the help of a pan or pot.

  1. Texsport Heavy Duty Large Grill

This Texsport Large Grill is a good choice that is well built with a heavy duty metal frame that includes stable legs.Big Fire Pit Cooking Grills

The grill has its own outward splayed supporting legs and all you have to worry about is firewood and getting your fire going. Once your fire is raging, placing this unit atop your fire is all it takes to start your cooking.

The rectangular shape of the unit gives you 36” x 18” grilling surface area which is plenty of space for placing your food for grilling or pots and pans for heating water or making a broth.


  • Dimensions are 37.75” L x 20” D x 3” H
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Foldable legs for stability and easy storage
  • X pattern grilling mesh wire
  • Painted finish for rust prevention

12 pounds is not overly heavy for an open fire grill that comes with foldable stands. This grill is ideal for outdoor use in your yard as well as for camping events because it’s easy to transport and can fit in the trunk of your car or the back of a track.

  1. GameMaker Fire Pit Cooking Grill

The Game Maker Cooking Grill is an interesting option because it comes with a double layer. The unit may have a complex look but is very easy to assemble and use. That’s because this outdoor cooking system is designed to break down and assemble without the need for tools. Fire Pit Cooking Grills

The system comprises three items; a stake or pole/ skillet and a grill. The stake measures 36.5” high and is driven to the ground at the place you have chosen to set your campfire. Then simply pivot your skillet and grill over the fire to start cooking. The skillet can be used to fry sausages, bacon as well as eggs.

The grill needs no introduction as it is the section where your roasting and grilling happens. Delicious meats such as poultry, beef cuts, pork, or goat meat are just some of the delicacies you can explore with the grill.

It’s worth noting that the grill and skillet can independently rotate 360 degrees which allows you to move them away from the hot spots whenever the food items are cooked and you are ready to serve them.

Both the grill and skillet have a pair of handles for easy maneuvering over an open fire. They are also height-adjustable which allows you to set them at your preferred cooking height based on your fire. Between the grill and the skillet, this unit offers you plenty of cooking space that totals up to 300 square inches; enough to get your campfire breakfast, lunch, or dinner going for several persons and fairly fast too.


  • Dimensions Pole: 36.5” H/ Grill: 18.5” L x 16.4” D/ Skillet: 18.6” L x 15.6”
  • All metal construction
  • Skillet and grill revolves 360 degrees independently
  • Both cooking surfaces are height adjustable
  • Provide more than 300 square inches of cooking space
  • Finished with paint to enhance longevity and prevent rust

This open fire cooking grill is easy to transport as well as store since it can be dismantled into three parts and easily put together when it’s time to cook.

  1. Redcamp Folding Campfire Grill

This Redcamp Campfire Grill is an excellent option when you are looking for a quick economic option that will get the grilling job done even on short notice.round Fire Pit Cooking Grills

With a design that integrates three metal stands for easy support, this grill has a simple round build that features a solid metal frame that holds the grill steadily.

The legs are foldable for easy storage and convenient transportation when heading out for the outdoors.

If you don’t grill that often and are not in the need of a heavy duty option, this Redcamp Grill is a good buy that won’t set you back much but gets the grilling job done.


  • Dimensions are 12.2” Diameter x 6.7” H
  • Made of steel metal
  • Diamond-shaped meshed grill
  • Comes with stable stands that are also foldable
  • Finished with black paint for rust prevention
  • Available in two diameters 12.2”/ 13.2”

The surface area of this unit offers a decent cooking surface that can hold pots or pans. You also use the surface to grill your meat or roast food on a slow fire.

  1. Only Fire Kettle Style Cooking Grill

This option does take your grilling to the next level because of the convenience it offers. The Only Fire Grill allows for two barbequing ways. One is the circular grill and the other is the rotisserie.Small Fire Pit Cooking Grill

However,it’s only recommended for for small fire pits under 25″ diameter

The grill has a diameter of 21.5” and can therefore accommodate a decent amount of meat cuts and veggies. The rotisserie can be used simultaneously with the grill to hold a whole chicken, duck, turkey goose, rabbit, or any other meat of choice. Therefore, whether you are cooking for a small party or a large group, this unit makes your grilling and roasting more efficient.

It has a strong steel frame with a stable circular base. The grill’s diamond mesh is made from stainless for remarkable durability and ease of cleaning.

The rotisserie is also made of stainless steel for the same reasons. It’s worth noting that the rotisserie is detachable when you are not using it.

The design features a crank lever on the side that you use to adjust the distance of your roast from the fire.


  • Unit size is 21.5” diameter x 17.2” H
  • Strong steel frame and circular stable base
  • Includes grill and rotisserie
  • Height adjustable crank system
  • Stainless steel grill and rotisserie
  • Has a black coated frame for heat resistance and rust prevention

  1. Sunnydaze Tripod Grilling Set

The Sunnydaze Tripod Grilling Set presents an ingenious and fun way to grill  food over an open fire. The practical tripod design comes with three stands each with a height of 58”.  While the three stands appear long, they are two pieces joined together with an easy-to-use spring snap button mechanism.Tripod Fire Pit Cooking Grill

The legs have a good clearance of 34” from one leg to the other so that the structure does not feel crowded. Three strands join at the top using the same spring snap button system. Its circular grill hangs from the top of the tripod on a hook and uses secure chains to keep it dangling on top of your open fire.

The grill height can be adjusted through a height range of 14”-23”. When your meal is cooked the grill can also be used to serve because it comes with two handles.

It can cook a sizeable meal because it can hold up to 20 pounds of weight.


  • Unit dimensions are; Grill: 22” Diameter, Tripod: 34” D x 55” H
  • Constructed from steel stands
  • Easy assembly and dismantling with spring snap button system
  • Grill distance from fire is adjustable from 14” through 23”
  • The grill can hold up to 20 pounds
  • Stable tripod stand
  • Finished with heat resistant paint and is rustproof

If you and your family or friends are big on outdoor cooking in your backyard as well as camping, this is an excellent grill to have.

  1. Onlyfire X-Marks Square Fire Pit Cooking Grill

With a large sturdy metal frame and a generous cooking surface area of 36” by 36” this Onlyfire X-marks  Fire Pit Cooking Grate is great for large amounts of outdoor cooking.Large Square Fire Pit Cooking Grill

It comes with no stand but will work over a large fire pit or an open fire.

The grill is covered by a diamond-patterned mesh that leaves diamond marks on your grilled meat or veggies. Two smaller metal rods criss-cross each other at the center and serve to reinforce the strength of the surface area of the mesh keeping it flat even in heat of cooking.

It is also available 30 inches if you prefer a smaller size.


  • Dimensions are 36” L x 36” W
  • Strong metal frame
  • Diamond-shaped mesh
  • The unit comes with 2 handles
  • Painted finish that deters rust and resists heat

For as long as you have plenty of food to grill and enough wood or charcoal to keep the fire going, this unit will feed a sizeable party.

  1. Adjust-A-Grill Camping Grill

The Adjust-A-Grill Camping Grill is an excellent piece of equipment that makes cooking outdoors in an open fire a breeze. Assembly is simple as the unit comes with a 24” iron stake that is driven into the ground next to the fire before mounting the grill onto it.Adjustable Fire Pit Cooking Grills

When using it to grill foods or with pot and pans that are not too big, the unit works perfectly as you can also adjust the height of your grill to be closer or further away from the fire depending on need.

The grill measures 18” x 18”. When opting to use large pans and pots for cooking, this unit has one negative; in that, the support tends to tilt towards the fire because of the weight. The length of the post is not long enough to support heavier pots and pans.

However, that can simply be countered by adding a large rock or log on the opposing side of the pole in support of the grill to prevent it from tilting.


  • Dimensions are 18” L x 18” W
  • All parts are constructed from metal
  • Minimal and easy assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with a canvas storage bag for easy transportation
  • Black coated for rust proofing and resisting heat

This is a simple and smaller-sized cooking grate that is both light and easy to carry. The included canvas bag helps with storage as well as transportation.


A decent grill makes cooking over a fire pit a real simple affair. Choose the right one for your needs and cooking as well as grilling food will be such a pleasant experience not to mention the delicious meals to be enjoyed thereafter.





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