Top 4 Best Touchstone 50 Inch Electric Fireplaces Reviewed in 2023

Touchstone 50 Inch Electric Fireplaces

Not all electric fireplaces are made equal. Below is an excellent selection of some the absolute best Touchstone 50 Inch Electric Fireplaces, a renowned brand that you are probably already familiar with. The craftsmanship and performance of their products are simply marvelous.

  1. Best seller/Popular: Touchstone 80004 50″ Inch Sideline Electric Fireplace

From their Touchstone Sideline series, Touchstone 80004- The Sideline Electric fireplace is their best selling model and its not without reason.Touchstone 80004 50" Inch Sideline Electric Fireplace

Coming highly recommended by contractors and  do-it-yourself installers alike for its ease of installation and impeccable craftsmanship.

The rectangular look is striking and the recessed build will work with recessed spaces such as a cabinet or wall. When this ventless fireplace is installed in a recessed wall, you can expect it to be flush with the wall.

This unit’s black frame is metallic and therefore very sturdy and stable while at the same time it’s fairly lightweight for its size at 59 pounds. The unit’s display is made of tempered glass and offers a convincing visual.

The unit incorporates a heater with an output of 5000 BTU which is ideal for small to medium rooms up to 400 square feet.

The fire features different settings that range from glowing logs to full-on raging flames. The color of the flames is adjustable with the included remote control.

The heater can be turned on to be enjoyed together with the flames and cozy up a room even more. However, when the weather is warm or you live in a warmer climate, you can still enjoy the aesthetic beauty and the ambiance of the flames alone by switching off the heat.

Some home interior décor configurations prefer to have the TV right above the fireplace mantel. Such a setup serves to reinforce the focal part of the room. This electric fireplace makes that possible with no fuss. The only recommendation in that regard is that you allow a minimum of 8” clearance from the top of the fireplace to your TV set, mantel, or artwork.

While the Sideline Electric fireplace is built for recessed in-wall mounting, it can also be installed on a non-recessed surface thanks to the included wall-mount bracket in case you don’t want your unit recessed. Additionally, a with fully detailed instruction manual is also included to help you with this.


  • Dimensions 50.4” L x 5.5” D x 21.5” H/ also available in 45”/40”/36”/28”
  • Weighs 59 pounds
  • Constructed from metal and glass
  • In wall-mount design
  • Realistic flames
  • Includes both fire glass crystals and a faux log set
  • 5000 BTU efficient heater
  • Flame size, color, and heat are adjustable and independent
  • Uses 110-120 volts power outlet
  • Auto-shutoff for added safety
  • Remote control included

Sideline series  comes in several other sizes that making it flexible in meeting a broad range of spaces big or small. The sleek design and realistic flame of this electric fireplace make it an ideal addition to any home.

  1. Best Cheapest: Touchstone 80001 – Onyx 50″ Inch Electric Fireplace

You may not know where to start when looking for a  fairly priced, excellent, 50” inch high quality  electric fireplace. The fairly priced Touchstone 80001 fireplace is a steal because the construction, finishing, and visual effects are simply top-notch.Touchstone 80001 - Onyx 50" Inch Electric Fireplace

Unlike its counterpart the Sideline Electric Fireplace which is purpose-built for recessed walls, The Onyx electric Fireplace is made for on the wall mounting. If you intend to get a high quality on-wall electric fireplace mount, this unit is an excellent option both in function and aesthetics.

The build of this unit is much lighter at 46 pounds and is, therefore, be secured with relative ease to a wall with the help of provided drywall screws. Even though the design is lighter, it still comes with excellent rigidity and structural strength that sits well on your wall. That is owing to the metal frames used on the unit as well as the glass display that is used for the face of this fireplace.

The tempered glass is both clear and strong offering a clear display of that includes a pile of logs and crystal hearth which lights beautifully to bring out glowing realistic flames for an authentic fire experience. Its display has a thick black frame that further accentuates your décor and draws the eye to the mesmerizing flames.

The flames have 5 settings and can therefore be set from glowing embers to high leaping tongues of flame to suit varied moods and help set the tone of your space. Apart from the living room, this is an excellent buy for the office settings such as a reception or boardroom.

It’s also a great mood setter in a restaurant space or executive suites in a hotel room. The fact that it is quite easy to install on walls makes it even more appealing.

The color onyx, not only does it draw a sharp contrast to the flames for an inviting look, it also offers good flexibility in styling a room and an allowance for playing around with the colors to see which ones best make your décor pop.

Over and above the exquisite look presented by this unit, it also complements the flame with a heater that dispenses comfortable warmth to a room keeping it nice and cozy in cold weather. The heater dispenses heat from the top part of the unit, for that reason it is recommended that you ensure a minimum of 8” separation from TV to be placed above this unit.

While this unit does heat your space, it does so in a complementary capacity to your existing heating system in the house. In short, this unit cannot replace your heating system in the home.

You will also be glad to know that, the flames and the heater operate independently. Such that, in warm weather, you can enjoy the flame settings with the heat turned off.


  • Dimensions 50.4” L x 5.5” D x 18.75” H
  • Weight is 46 pounds
  • Metal and tempered glass construction
  • On wall-mount design
  • Realistic flame and crystal fire glass
  • Powerful and efficient heater working independently
  • Comes with 5 flame settings
  • Uses 110-120 volts power outlet
  • Has an auto shut-off mechanism
  • Remote control included for heat and flame control
  • Available in several colors; onyx/ stainless steel/ ivory/mirror

For such a price point and features, this well-designed on-wall mount electric fireplace is a good buy. What you can be sure of is that this fireplace will infuse the laid-back appeal of an authentic fireplace in your space.

  1. Best Smart Wall Mount: Chesmont 80033 Wall Mount 3-Sided Smart Electric Fireplace

For the consumer who knows how to make the best out of smart technology or would like to start doing so, the Chesmont 80033 Smart Electric Fireplace is a great way to start.Chesmont 80033 Wall Mount 3-Sided Smart Electric Fireplace

This beauty with an elegant build and easy installation will not only transform your living space by adding the aesthetic beauty that a fireplace brings, but will also help you take advantage of the state-of-the-art technology that comes with this fireplace.

This unit is designed for on-wall mounting and is accompanied by a fully finished mantel designed in white.

In terms of visual effects, this electric fireplace is unique because it offers a 3-sided fireplace, multi-angle views of the beautiful flames. The built-in three-sided mantel adds a modern flair to any room. Whether you are facing the unit from the front or the side, you are in full view of the burning flames.

The tempered glass used to make this unit is thick and tough but also clear for a spectacular view of the flames. The display features logs and LED lights that combine to conjure a life-like fire experience. The unit also comes equipped with a heater and a side vent that dispenses heat and takes the chill out of a 400 square foot space when needed.

Because the heat vents are located on the side of the unit,  it’s possible for you to mount your TV directly above the fireplace with zero clearance.

Other aspects that truly set this unit apart are the smart features it comes laden with. How about controlling the Chesmont Electric Fireplace by touchpad, remote, or mobile phone app?

Yes, this unit helps you roll with the times. You can also use a Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart device to turn the fireplace on and off by voice commands. That’s pretty awesome.


  • Dimensions 50” L x 5.5” D x 20.5” H
  • Weighs in at 62 pounds
  • Metal and tempered glass construction
  • Wi-Fi enabled and smartphone compatible
  • Voice command on/off
  • On wall-mount design
  • 3 sided view design
  • Comes with log set, fire crystals and driftwood.
  • Heater with 2 heat settings of 750W/1500W) with thermometer
  •  60 flame color combinations, 5 light intensity adjustments and 3 flame speeds.
  • Includes 5 flame settings
  • Comes with a handheld remote control
  • Plugged into 110-120 volts power outlet or hardwired
  • Comes with an auto shut-off safety system
  • Comes in white color

This unit can display a whopping 60 color combinations. Add that to a sleek build and the Wi-Fi compatibility and you have yourself a sure winner that will add beauty and inject a modern touch to any space such as an art gallery, restaurant, or hotel suite.

  1. Best Smart Recessed: Touchstone Sideline Elite 50″ Inch WiFi-Enabled Electric Fireplace

The beauty and uniqueness of this electric fireplace, in part, is in the ability to display flames in numerous colors. This unit, for example, can display flames in 60 different colors. If color and creating mesmerizing contrasts in your space are high on your list. This may very well be the electric fireplace for you.Touchstone Sideline Elite 50" Inch WiFi-Enabled Electric Fireplace

The 50” screen display is made from tempered glass and offers a majestic clear visual of the burning logs and flames. This minimal frame surround and large flame viewing emphasize the spectacular fire quality. Other than the many colors the flames can display in, this unit also features a10 media color option that runs separately.

The result is a striking and provocative color combination that has your flames glowing and the bed of logs can seemingly look like they are sitting on ice. It’s that detail in the colors that sets this unit apart by creating evocative color combinations that will arouse playful curiosity in every mind that sees the flames. This beautiful unit is ideal for the home, office, or hospitality rooms looking to add a touch of class to their space.

This electric fireplace is not all flash though, it is a practical buy beyond the beauty. It comes with a powerful heater and vents are located on the front of the unit. The heater operates independently and can be used together with the flames to warm your space or can be switched off as the flames run. Such is the case in warmer months.

It’s a great feature because the unit can be used all year round. The recessed design can be used for mounting in walls or on an existing wood or gas fireplace box.

This electrical fireplace is also a smart unit as it comes Wi-Fi enabled and can take voice commands when combined with an Alex device.


  • Dimensions 59.75” L x 5.5” D x 19.25” H
  • Weighs 55 pounds
  • Made with metal frames and tempered glass
  • Wi-Fi enabled and smartphone compatible
  • Voice controlled on/off
  • In wall-mount design
  • Lifelike logs, driftwood and fire crystals included
  • 2 heat settings of 750W/1500W and thermometer
  • Includes 5 flame settings and 10 media color options run separately
  • Comes with a handheld remote control
  • Utilizes 110-120 volts power outlet/or hardwired
  • Auto shut-off safety mechanism
  • Available in black color



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