5 Best Fireplace Tool Sets with Log Racks in 2022

Best Fireplace Tool Sets with Log Racks

A simple yet ingenious solution to having more logs next to the fireplace without creating a mess while also having all your fireplace tools neatly arranged and within an arm’s length from the fireplace lies in getting well-designed fireplace tool sets with log racks

In this post, we feature an excellent selection of some racks designed for logs and all the fire tools. These units have varied configurations that allow for excellent storage, order and come in different log holding capacities to suit both large and small spaces.

When looking to buy a log rack that includes a fireplace tool set, you want to consider several things; the stability of the unit, load-bearing capacity and opt for a unit whose finish is rustproof for extended longevity.

You also want to choose a configuration that will work for you. Some units will come with shelving while some will have no shelving.

Let’s explore each and discover yet another fireplace accessory that not only adds to the rustic beauty and charm of your wood-burning fireplace but also brings you additional storage space for wood and fireplace tools in a presentable and practical arrangement.

  1. Best Affordable: WBHome Firewood Rack with Tools

The fairly priced WBHome Firewood Rack  is a welcomed addition to any living room and complements a fireplace in both style and function.
 Fireplace Tool Sets with Log Racks
The set has a metal frame that comes with good sturdiness and strength. This unit is made of four posts and includes 2 shelves for piling logs. The legs of the unit leave a 2” clearance from the floor and ensure plenty of air circulation to keep the logs dry.

Its bottom tier of a steel panel holds a stack of logs while at the same time minimizing wood debris from falling to the floor. The second shelf sits at mid-height of the unit and has an open design that allows for good air circulation. This shelf can take an additional pile of logs. Between the two shelves on this rack, you have ample space for stacking enough logs to last you well beyond a week or two before you have to restack the pile.

The top of the frame has a curved finish which adds to the design’s beauty. The bottom sides of both curves are lined with two symmetrical hooks that hold the four fireplace tool sets that come with this purchase.


  • Unit dimensions 17.7″L X 12″W X 29″H
  • Double-layer design with 2 shelves
  • Included tools are; poker rod/ broom/ long tongs/ shovel
  • Built with steel
  • Rustproof

The all-steel construction of the unit is accompanied by a tool set finished with black-coated technology for a neat durable look. The coating also guard’s against rust. For such a price this set is a steal.

Best Popular: Amagabeli Firewood Rack with Tool Set

A good look at the Amagabeli Firewood Rack with Tool Set and it’s easy to see why it is among the best sellers. For one, the unit strikes you as very sturdy with the ability to hold a heavy pile of logs with ease. That’s because it is exactly that, thanks to the thick iron tubing used on the framing.Fireplace Tool Set with Log Rack

This unit comprises four posts and a 2” clearance on the bottom for aeration. The set comes with 2 shelves, a mid-height shelf that is lined with rods, and a steel panel that covers the bottom shelf. Not only can the bottom shelf hold plenty of logs, but it also prevents wood debris from falling to the floor. The thick frames have beautiful curvatures at the top.

Beneath the curved sections are two hooks on either side for hanging the fireplace tools that come together with this unit. Now instead of storing and having to retrieve your fire tools from the shed out in the backyard, you can conveniently hang them on these hooks for a neat and functional look.


  • Size of this unit is 15.8″L X 11.8″W X 29.1″H,
  • Comprises of 2 shelves
  • The tools included are a poker rod/ broom/ long tongs/ shovel
  • Iron construction with hooks
  • Back coated finish for rust proofing

This indoor/outdoor rack is what you need for better organization of your fireplace. The set can accommodate a good load of logs which reduces your trips to the yard for firewood. The included fireplace tools are a nice touch as they hang safely and in good order from the hooks. The thick heavy set design will complement your fire set and general decor.

  1. Best Large Capacity: Best Choice Products Firewood Log Rack & Tool Set

Thinking of stacking an even bigger pile of logs? Well, that is possible with the help of this Best Choice Products Firewood Log Rack. This large capacity option is designed to hold an impressive amount of logs.Large Fireplace Tool Set Log Rack

Its design is different in that it has no shelves. The unit stands at a height of 30” and extends for a length of 35” with a depth of 13”. The design is minimal yet incredibly sturdy. The four frames are made from thick steel tubing.

The posts are joined together at the bottom lengthwise with one tube on each side. The frame is further reinforced with a curved tube right above the bottom ones. The two bottom tubes sit on the floor with zero clearance making for a cool low profile design while contributing to the stability of the rack

The legs are joined to the curved rod right above them by a short piece of metal for impressive load-bearing strength. The two shorter sides of the unit have three metal bars strategically placed for reinforcing strength. Do you notice all four hooks appear on one side? Those are excellent for hanging the included tool set in an organized fashion. The opposite side has two moveable brackets for holding  additional logs.

A closer look at the design shows you just how well this unit is put together to handle and store a larger capacity of logs.

With such a stable base this unit can hold a whooping weight of up to 150 pounds of firewood. Essentially, the logs can be stacked from the bottom to the height of the unit and through the entire length. That’s a lot of logs and this organization spares you plenty of trips outback for logs.


  • The massive unit stands at 35″L X 13″W X 30″H
  • Ample space with zero shelves
  • The set comes with a broom/ fire poker/ shovel/ long tongs
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Rustproof black coating

If an affordable large capacity log rack with hooks that can neatly organize the accompanying fireplace set of tools is what your home needs, then look no further than this gorgeous unit. It is also worth mentioning that the black-coated steel finish is excellent not only for rustproofing but also for resisting heat when the log rack is very near to the fire. You can use this unit indoors or outdoors next to your fire pit.

  1. Best Decorative: Myfireplacedirect Firewood Rack

Finding a decorative firewood rack can be a challenge. That’s because the nature and design of a log rack leave very little room if any for decoration without affecting utility. However, Myfireplacedirect Firewood Rack seamlessly spots a superb decorative look. Fireplace Tool Set Rack

The unit is very stable and comes with two shelves as well as a 6” clearance for adequate air circulation around the set. The bottom half of the sides of the unit are decorated with geometric patterns while the upper part features a motif of a bear amidst pine trees.

The unit comes equipped with 4 hooks in total to hold the tool set that comes inclusive with the purchase.

Between the fine-cut lines of the metal tubing frame, the steel geometric patterns, shelving, and the motif of a bear, the unit pulls off a decorative look that brings a festive look and vibe to your space. The decorative metal patterns also serve to further reinforce the strength of this log rack and its load-bearing ability.


  • Dimensions of this unit are 18″L X 13″W X 30″H
  • Two-tier design for log storage
  • Accompanying tool are fireplace grabber/ broom/ fireplace hook/ shovel
  • All steel construction
  • Corrosion proof

This set is perfect for a living room right next to a fireplace. Over and above the practical look and function of this set, it also does an excellent job of infusing a curious cheerful vibe to a space. The powder-coated finish means the log rack with fireplace tools can be used indoors or outdoors by the fire pit without succumbing to rust. This accessory is excellent for organizing logs and accentuating a spacious fireplace area.

  1. Best Small: Cottage Indoor Firewood Rack with Tools

This Cottage Indoor Firewood Rack is the perfect buy when you are looking for a stylish aesthetic feel with a small footprint.  Indoor Firewood Rack with Tools

Made from wrought iron the rack has a gorgeous oval design that departs from the norm featuring decorative scroll designs on the top and bottom of the unit.

While the log holding space is not very big, the double layer design provides enough space to hold a decent amount of logs.

The thoughtfully designed hooks on the top of the unit provide a place to hang the tools that this log rack comes with. The handle on the tools is also well designed further complementing the aesthetic look of the firewood log rack.


  • Unit size is 17.5″L X 12″W X 31″H
  • Double layer storage
  • Comes with poker/ long tongs/ shovel/ broom
  • Iron construction
  • Powder-coated finish for rust proofing

This piece is a gem and a sure winner for any décor with an indoor fireplace or an outdoor fire pit. The design is captivating and practical all wrapped up into one. This is ideal when looking for a unit that has captivating decorative elements and occupies compact in size.


Fireplace log racks that come inclusive of a set of tools are meant to be practical and functional. The above reviewed options are not only that but go a step further to present delightful designs that complement your décor. As you have seen, a few options have excellent decorative features that don’t infringe on function while some are uniquely minimal with a load of space to stack logs and save you time.

All the units featured in this post require assembly. However, putting them together is fairly straightforward. All the units come with joinery components and a well-illustrated setup manual.




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