5 Best 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts of 2022

Best 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric fireplaces inserts have become increasingly popular because of the smokeless and zero cleaning convenience they offer. Their user friendly nature and zone supplemental heating add to their case of being a must have accessory in the home.

In this post, we take a look at a fantastic selection of some of the Best 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts that  consumers  have found to be great fits for indoor spaces in the home.

Best Sellers/Popular

  1. ClassicFlame 28″ 3D Infrared Quartz Electric

This Classic Flame insert is predominantly made from metal with some sections of plastic and glass. The unit delivers a realistic fireplace experience which is thanks to the Patent pending 3D flame effect technology  that offers a beautiful layered flame that is quite convincing.
Best 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts
The realness of the whole flame set up is accentuated by the inclusion of a fire grate, a bed of burning embers and logs.

With five adjustable brightness levels and speed settings to work with, you are at liberty to set the flame intensity on high medium or low levels to suit your mood and achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

This unit utilizes quartz infrared heating technology. This means that your living space will be kept warm, comfortable and cozy with a comfortable heat that preserves the humidity in the air and does not dry your skin or parch your throat.

It has a remarkable 5200 BTU heater that’s capable of efficiently heating a room as large as 1000 sq. ft. Control of this electric fireplace insert is through a control panel attached to the top right hand corner of the unit.


  • Dimensions 29.13”L x 9.5”D x 23.1”H
  • Infrared heating technology
  • Adjustable heat and flames
  • 1000 square foot zone heating
  • Has an integrated auto-shut off safety mechanisms
  • Comes in other sizes of 23”/26”/32”/33”/42” in addition to the 28 inch option

It’s not hard to see why this fireplace insert is among the top selling and that’s despite being one of the more pricier units on this list. From its build to performance, this fireplace insert to offer complete value for many that indeed delivers as as advertised.

Further, small as this fireplace insert is, it’s still able to cover heating zones larger than most fireplace inserts of its size. Generally, the infrared heating technology and realistic looking flames are some it’s top selling points.

  1. Belleze 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert

This Belleze 28” Electric Fireplace insert is an excellent buy for many reasons. For one, it provides an excellent solution for reclaiming drab looking wood fireplaces that are no longer in use. For such purpose, this unit is an economic option as it easily inserts into an old wood fireplace without the need for additional materials or demolitions.small 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Inserts

Simply get the right size of this electric fireplace that corresponds to the size of your wood fireplace unit and insert. The unit comes with a trim kit that makes such installations easy and seamless when installing in an existing wood-fireplace. Not only will this unit effortlessly reclaim the space but also offer an aesthetic look that instantly improves your décor in an in-expensive way.

What’s more, this electric insert improves your ambience and comes with the convenience of zero clean up as it does not produce ash or smoke even though it delivers a realistic flame and warms up your space.

The heater features in this unit have the ability to provide zonal warmth for an area as large as 400 square feet. The recessed insert design features realist flames, logs, bed of embers and a grate. The firebox includes side wall bricks that add an aesthetic traditional look to your fireplace.


  • Size of unit 24”L x 7.64”D x 23.82”H
  • Heat and flames are adjustable
  • Zone heating of up to 400 square feet.
  • Comes with an auto-shut off safety mechanism
  • Available in additional different sizes18”/23”/26”

The popularity of this unit stems from the design and the realistic 3D flame effect as well as the unit’s build that can be easily integrated into your TV stand, book shelf or side boards in the living areas or bedroom for a cozy ambience. Since this unit comes in different sizes, if offers a good range of flexibility to decorators as they can choose the same unit but in an ideal size that suits their décor needs. The flame and heat setting can be controlled through the unit’s control panel.

Best Affordable:

  1. C-Hopetree 28 Inch Wide Electric Fireplace Insert

Today’s consumer wants to purchase appliances that are energy efficient, user friendly and effective in their role to ensure value for money.
 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert
This C-Hopetree 28” Electric Fireplace Insert ticks all the mentioned boxes and offers so much more. The insert design is exceptionally easy to install in case you are looking to reclaim an unused wood burning fireplace. The recessed design will fit and sit right into an existing fireplace.

The unit can also just as easily be integrated into a TV stand or used as a stand-alone zone heating option.

The glass panel display offers a clear view into the realistic fire that is conjured by energy saving LED’s.

It gives a believable impression of a recessed fire featuring flames, logs burning embers and a fire grate. It’s worth noting that the flame and heat intensity can be adjusted to suit your needs and preferences for every occasion. That means you can have the flames on high, medium or low.

What’s more, the heat and the flame can be adjusted independent of each other for all year round use and enjoyment.


  • Dimensions are 28”L x 6.7”D x 21.8”H
  • Independently adjustable heat and flame
  • Heat coverage of up to 400 square feet.
  • Integrated auto-shut off safety system
  • Available only in 28 inches

Give its performance, this unit is said to be a bargain at the set price and a great addition to those smaller of living  spaces.

  1. Kinbor 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert

Why consumers are raving about this Kinbor fireplace insert is the simple fact that it is affordable, delivers as promised, easy to install on an existing wood or gas fireplace or integrated into a TV stand or bookshelf.
 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert heater
Because it offers zone heating for an area of up to 400 square feet, it is an excellent buy for both reducing your heating bills as well as well as providing a beautiful realistic fire aesthetic to a small living space.

Because the functionality and mechanisms are ventless, installation is easy, quick and inexpensive.


  • Unit size is 28”L x 6.7”D x 21.3”H
  • Independently adjustable heat and flame
  • Heat coverage of up to 400 square feet.
  • Has an auto-shut off safety mechanism
  • Comes in one size: 28” only

The fireplace experience of this unit is real enough to deliver a cozy feel to a small space. The black finished frame and tempered glass display complement the recessed firebox that features a bed of glowing embers, fire grate, logs and leaping flames. The smokeless fire requires no clean-up and is therefore very convenient.

Best Infrared Technology:

  1. Della 28 Inch Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater Insert

Not all fireplaces are made equal in terms of comfort and efficiency. Electric fireplace inserts with infrared heating technology such as this Della Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater Insert deliver high efficiency and quality heat.  The heat is comfortable and pleasant because it does not dry the air in the living area.Infrared 28 Inch Electric Fireplace Insert

Some heaters produce dry heat such that they suck all the humidity from the air and therefore make the air around hot and dry. This can cause discomfort to the skin and can perch your throat because you are breathing-in warm dry air.

Infrared heating technology such as is used in this unit emits a gentle heat that warms your immediate room and with a heat that maintains the humidity in your air.

The tempered glass panel delivers a spectacular view of faux flame from burning logs on a fire grate and a bed of glowing embers. Traditional charm is added to the firebox through the presence of two bricked side walls.

Control of this unit is easy and convenient as the unit can be instructed via a control panel attached to the unit or one can opt to kick back, relax and utilize the hand held remote control that comes inclusive with the unit.


  • Unit dimensions are 28”L x 7.62”D x 23.82”H
  • Infrared quartz heating technology
  • Heat and flames are adjustable separately
  • Heat can cover a room of up 400 square feet
  • Integrated auto-shut off safety mechanism
  • This unit is also available in 18”/23”/26”

If you are very particular about the quality of heat emitted by an electric fireplace, you can’t go wrong with this a quartz burner that emits infrared heating such as is the case with Della 28” Infrared Electric Fireplace Heater Insert.


Electric fireplace inserts are excellent options for supplemental heating and creating an aesthetic ambience. The versatile build and performance of all the above reviewed fireplace insert options, offer a great opportunity to spruce up your space with an electric fireplace.

As you have seen, these units can easily integrate with existing fireplaces, bookshelves and TV stands that make them easy to assimilate into your décor.



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