Do You Need a Glass Wind Screen for Fire Pit?

Do You Need Glass Wind Screen for Fire Pit

The Why in Fire Pit Wind Guards/Wind Screens

Why would you want to cover the majestic sight of your propane fire pit and risk the chance of obscuring the delightful beauty of the flames? Well, much as you may prefer not to dress the naked flames with anything, there are times it becomes necessary to use a windscreen for your fire pit.

Windscreens serve the purpose of protecting your flames from errant winds.

Picture yourself enjoying a golden evening in the comfort of your patio. Your guests have had a delicious meal and drinks have been poured. 

The wine that gladdens every man’s and woman’s heart is flowing freely and everyone is feeling great and merry. The ambiance is perfect with flaming tongues of fire snaking through the air from your fire pit and warming everyone in the vicinity. fire pit windscreen rectangle  

All of a sudden, ghasts of errant winds blow your way and threaten to put out the beautiful flames or reduce them from their long warm bright yellow to little blue flames on the verge of getting extinguished. While you cannot control the weather, you can protect the flames of your gas fire pit with the help of a glass windscreen or guard.

Gas fire pits are often used to warm and create great ambiance on outdoor areas such as patios, terraces, and balconies. These areas can be completely or partially open. So the chances that wind can get to your precious fire pit flames are high. Your best bet is to have a glass fire pit screen handy. 

A glass wind guard on your fire pit also serves the purpose of helping your flame burn evenly and effortlessly.

When the wind is blowing and trying to put your flame out, it means that flames have to burn harder to stay aflame. This means that more propane gas is expended. A glass screen effectively guards against the wind and helps the flame burn evenly and helps conserve your propane gas. In the long run, adding a gas shield to your fire pit will prove more cost-effective. wind guard round for fire pit

In a nutshell, you want a wind shield because:

  • They add to the design
  • Cost-effective
  • Provide additional safety
  • Shields the flames from debris being blown by the wind
  • The flames burn longer and effortlessly

What are Fire Pit Wind Screen Guards Made Of?

The best quality glass screens for the fire pit are made from clear tempered glass. This means that they are tough enough to withstand the high temperatures that surround your fire pit. The fact that they are crystal clear, also means that the aesthetic of the flame and the visual impact that it has on your décor or setting is not diminished in any way. 

If anything, that striking flaming effect from the fire pit is kept constant and remains undisturbed even in the presence of errant winds that will inevitably blow your way. Do You Need Glass Wind Screen for Fire Pit

Propane fire pits come in many shapes ranging from rectangle, square, circular to octagonal shapes. 

However, irrespective of the shape that your unit comes in, you can always buy or have one made for you by a fire pit vendor who understands the craft.

Glass screens usually have a height of about half a foot or so with seamless corners and expert jointing that keep them neat, easy to clean, and mesh very well with the fire pit’s overall design. Most glass screen options have an open top. You can opt to use them in covering the flaming area of your pit as soon as you have the flames going or you can also keep the screen in storage and leave the flames naked up until a time that the wind becomes an issue and bothersome to the flames.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Fire Pit Wind Guard

Some fire pits come inclusive of a wind glass shield. In most cases, however you may need to buy it separately. The following are some of the things to consider;

  • Shape 
  • Size
  • Height


Most people would prefer a naked flame on their pits. If you barely have any winds or the placement of your fire pit is walled off in a way that naturally prevents the wind from interfering with the flames, then you do not need a glass screen.

On the other hand, if the wind is a constant issue and you would also like to have another layer of safety because of kids in the house, then a fire pit glass shield makes all the sense in the world.


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