How Does Fire Pit Glass Work? How Much is Needed in a Fire Pit?

How Does Fire pit glass Work? How Much is Needed in a Fire Pit?

What is the reason behind buying a fire pit? Most people will get a fire pit for several reasons. These two are chief among them; aesthetic beauty and warmth. It is also fair to say that a good number of fire pit enthusiasts look for both aesthetics and warmth. Several types of fire pits will deliver both.

Wood fire pits are fueled by wood and therefore have no need for any topping such as fire glass. Gel fueled pits often come with gel-fueled logs to place in any fire pit design and so these as well do not need fire pit glass.

Propane fire pits are very popular for their clean look, zero emissions, and their aesthetic appeal. The exterior can be done using so many materials including metal, concrete, granite, bricks, marble and so many other materials. With propane fire pits, consumers have a wide array of choices regarding finishes ranging from smooth and elegant to rugged and unique. How Does Fire pit glass Work? How Much is Needed in a Fire Pit?

Most propane fire pits are designed to house and conceal the propane tank within them which adds to their gorgeous look and ease of use with no smoke or toxin being emitted. At the top of a propane fire pit is a pan which will also have the propane gas jets through which the propane gas is dispensed then lit to produce a sustainable fire.

If the fire pan were to be left bare, the fire pit would look unsightly and take away from the other aesthetic elements of the unit.

Pebbles such as fire glass are used for decorative purposes by covering the steel pan and fuel jets in a safe yet decorative manner. They create, ambiance, charm, and something beautiful to look at whether the fire pit is on or off.

 Fire pits are often associated with soot, ash, and a general mess that is hard to contain. While wood fire pits are amazing in their own right and have their charms, they are also undoubtedly high maintenance in respect to cleaning. Also, the user has to frequently stoke the fire and add firewood to keep the fire going. 

Benefits of Fire Pit Glass

In contrast, a propane fire pit topped with fire glass will look amazing when there is a roaring fire with flames dancing through the glass as well as when the fire is off. This is thanks to the decorative feature of fire pit glass.

How does fire pit glass work

Consumers love that propane fire pits offer a smokeless fire and once on, need little to no tending at all. When the fire is turned off, the fire pit remains without soot and continues to pose as a decorative feature in your space.

Other than the unmistakable beauty fire glass adds to a fire pit, they serve a very practical function. They heat up fairly quickly and are great at dispersing the heat that comes from the flames. In essence, sitting near a propane gas fire pit with fire glass will feel warm and pleasant.

Fire pit glass also plays a role in insulating the fire pan against the intense heat of the flames. This is a crucial point because it helps in the preservation of the fire pan and greatly contributes to the lifespan of your fire pit.

The fact that fire pit glass comes in a vast array of colors also means a greater choice in decorative color options. There are more than one hundred colors to choose from when it comes to fire glass. Below we highlight sixteen common and very popular color options of fire glass.

  • Copper 
  • Azuria
  • Pacific blue
  • Evergreen
  • Platinum
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Red/orange
  • Yellow
  • Toal
  • Turquoise
  • Cobalt blue
  • Champagne
  • Star fire

This small list of colors is only a scratch on the surface as the colors available are impressively expansive and afford you a broad choice of decorative options to work with based on your décor.

What’s more, fire pit glass is not restricted for use in propane fire pits, but will also work with natural gas fire pits and the glass can also be used for decorative purposes as a topping for potted plants as well as on sections of the yard.

Fire glass is safe to use because the edges are polished and tumbled so that they do not cause cuts. It’s worth noting that fire pit glass can come in several finishes such as reflective, semi-reflective, and non-reflective options.

How Much Fire Pit Glass Do You Need?

Generally, you do not need a lot of glass for your fire pit. You should spread enough of it to conceal the propane jets, sprawl them over generously to almost the brim of a fire pan for an exquisite look when the fire is on or off. 

Naturally, the amount of fire glass you need is dependent on the size of your fire pit. But this should not worry you. Additionally, most fire pit tables  will provide you with the amount of fire glass you need to spread in your fire pit unit.

Usually, 15 pounds tend to be enough for medium-sized propane fire pit but like we’ve said in most cases, the fire pit of your choice will come inclusive of the fire glass.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are getting a fire pit for your home, restaurant, or any other establishment, you can be sure that outdoor summer get-togethers will be made even better and memorable. Winter nights too are made even better and cozier when you snuggle on the couch with a wonderfully warm fire that’s so easy to maintain. With fire glass, your fire pit will look amazing when the fire is on or off.

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