How to Choose a Decorative Fireplace Screen

How to Choose a Decorative Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screens have been used traditionally for several reasons.

The most common reason that consumers purchase a fireplace screen, is for use as a protective barrier. The fireplace is indeed a beautiful feature of the home. But, it can also be a hazard, especially if you have kids and pets in the home.

As such, installing a screen makes sense for safety reasons.

For other consumers, installing a fireplace screen is to help reduce discomfort caused by too much heat coming from the fireplace.

But beyond these practical reasons for getting a fireplace screen, the fireplace accessory has also become another tool that designers and consumers can use to bring a sense of style to the fireplace area while complementing the rest of the décor in your space.

Fireplaces have transcended their traditional role and are now often used to accentuate the fireplace and add a touch of beauty to the living room, bedroom, or outdoor spaces.

Like any artwork, fireplace screens come in numerous designs and can be created from several tough materials that can withstand heat and the harsh environment of a fireplace.

Do you have a fireplace that you regularly use or have not used in a while? There is no reason that section of the home should look drab and unattractive. If anything, fireplaces in the home are an opportunity for accentuating the space in a transformative way.

Decorative Fireplace Screen

In this post, we look at some ways in which fireplaces can prove decorative to your home or business establishment.

Well-designed fireplaces are a piece of art. Like artwork, there is no limit to designs and styles that the screen can possess. When an artisan is crafting a fireplace screen, they have in mind the protective features that a screen should have while also seeking to make it a canvas of sorts. The artisan will strive to create beautiful patterns using materials such as glass, metal, mesh, and aluminum. They also utilize a broad scale of paints and other protective finishes such as powder coating to make it long-lasting.

Let’s delve a little deeper and explore the decorative features that a screen can bring to a fireplace area and indeed an entire room.


Fireplace screens come in numerous styles and materials. Whether the fireplace screen of your choice is made from glass or metal, it can be designed for mounting such that it operates on hinges closing and opening like a door.

Alternatively, the screen can be free standing but easy to remove when there is a need. Depending on the size of the fireplace, free-standing options will often have an access door with a knob or handle that allows easy operation of the door when you need to close or open it. This saves you the trouble of having to move the entire screen when you need to access the fire for stoking or adding logs.

General screen shapes are also an integral part of the style. But, the shape and size are dependent on the shapes and size of your fireplace.

Screens can assume a dome shape, rectangular, square, or semi-circle. Arches and curves are also featured in the styling to bring out shapes and visual appeal to the screen.


Over and above the shape of the overall fireplace screen, the design will feature a broad range of decorative features. In the case of glass, one color of tempered glass can be used across the entire unit, or the design can incorporate stained glass to form interesting patterns or to simply create sharp contrast within the screen.

Stained glass can be used to create patterns such as flowers, trees, and so forth. The resulting product is a piece of artwork that brings an artful aesthetic to your space.

Metal fireplace screens can also also incredibly beautiful. The most artful options are screen designs created using wrought iron.

These are pieces of art forged by metal artisans using wrought iron as their medium of expression. Wrought iron is known for its malleable nature which allows a skillful artisan to bend and fold it into patterns such as scrolls and numerous geometric shapes that bring out the beautiful and eye-catching designs. These designs effortlessly become the focal point of the room.

Given that most fireplaces are already the focal point of a given space, a well-designed screen will not only add beauty to the spot but will further accentuate the beauty and draw more subtle attention to the zone. Patterns can vary from interesting geometrical patterns to spider webs, motifs such as trees, birds, houses, and so much more.

In the case of metal, the screen is then painted over with color options to match any décor. Colors can range from bronze, gold, brass, copper, black, or a mix of colors, to name a few. These bring out an exquisite finish.

Material types

The materials used for fireplace screens must be able to withstand high temperatures. That’s why tempered glass and metal are favorites. These materials are also durable and fairly easy to maintain. Other materials that can be used in fireplace screens include aluminum, mesh and cast iron.

Decorative Fireplace Screen

More often than not, a screen will have two or more different materials for sturdiness beauty, and longevity. For instance, it is common to see different screen designs with a metal frame and glass front, or metal frame and mesh. In some cases, you will also find some options that are exclusively metal.


The decorative features found in fireplaces screens will vary widely and appeal to a broad range of tastes. If you are considering adding a touch of color and glam to your cozy fireplace, you can be sure that a well-chosen screen will do the trick.

If you have a fireplace in the home that has not been used for a long time and looks dreary and worn, a few touches of renovation here and there and adding a glass or metal decorative screen will transform it into a gorgeous spot to gaze at, whether in use or not.

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