9 Inspiring In-Ground Fire Pit Designs And Ideas

In-Ground Fire Pit Designs And Ideas

In-ground fire pits are permanent fire pits constructed by first digging holes into the ground such that the fire pit seats below the ground surface. The hole can then  be layered with pea gravel or crushed stones and then lined with walls of stone or bricks.

The pea gravel,rocks and brick and mortal used for lining and layering the in-ground fire pit help to insulate the ground surface while also providing stability to the fire pit.

Alternatively with an in-ground fire pit, you can skip the stone, brick and mortal layering part and just go straight to layering with pea gravel or crushed stone, or even skip that too and just use the hole as is. This way, you get a basic campfire that works just as well. The only thing is that you won’t have is the neatness and elegance of a fire pit.

Here is a compilation of 9 inspiring  In-Ground Fire Pit Designs and Ideas.

  1. This unique recessed outdoor fire pit design does make the outdoor look sophisticated not to mention the color does go well with the whole outdoor living space.

2. Here is another unique in-ground fire pit design idea. Love the throw pillows. They work well with the color of the seating area.
3. And if you don’t have time or the money to have a custom in-ground fire design  like the two above, a simple simple design will do as well. Just a few natural stones, some bricks, mortal and gravel and you can build your own sunken fire pit.
4. Elegantly paved patio with a round in-ground fire pit and some oak chairs.
Exterior. Rounded In Ground Fire Pit Which Combined With Lacquered Oak Lounge Chairs As Well As Fire Pit Bowls Also Garden Fire Pits. Surprising DIY Gas Fire Pit Design Ideas
5. Neat outdoor landscaping with pea gravel walkway leading to a sunken fire pit area.
6. This patio fire pit design idea is suitable for homes with lots of space to spare. It’s big enough to accommodate a few chairs without looking crowded.
Image by: Treasured Earth
7. Outdoor area comes complete with an in-ground fire pit with seating made of the same stone. Simple yet elegant.
8. As seen is this picture, you don’t have to remove all the green around the fire it area. Beautiful landscape!
9. Sometimes an in-ground fire it is just as simple as digging a hole and using some pea gravel for the seating area and walkway.

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