Beautiful Artistic Fire Pit Fireball Globes You Didn’t Know Existed

Artistic Fire pits Fireball are a unique way to enhance the outdoor living space not to mention they provide an artistic way  to enjoy the outdoors. They are fully functional for providing heat and for aesthetic purposes. These beautiful  fire balls are a creation of Eva Asplin, creator and CEO of FIREBALL LLC. Most of her  fire pit fireball globes incorporate scenes from the surrounding environment to create some of the best looking fireball masterpieces in the market today. You can find them in (The Fire Pit Store)

Features of these artistic fire pit globes by Fireball LLC

  • Fireball fire pits are individually handcrafted.
  • Made of superior quality heavy duty steel.
  • Finished with iron oxide that will turn into beautiful patina with continued use. Rust proof guarantee.
  • These fire pit globes are wood burning but can modified and converted to propane or natural gas. Kit not included.

Dimensions and weight;

  • Diameter: 37.5
  • Height: 40.5
  • Weight: 175

What makes these artistic fire pits so unique and why you should get one

1. Most obvious reason- They are works of art compared to ordinary fire pits.

You will have all the benefits of an ordinary fire pit except yours will come with the added benefit of being more dramatic and tremendously appealing, setting your outdoor living space apart from the rest of the ordinary lot.

2. These fireball fire pit spheres are superior quality hand crafted fire pits.

They are all forged from high grade 1/4 inch thick steel with high attention to detail. They are then finished with iron oxide finish for rust proofing which will turn to a patina color over time.

 3. Durability assurance.

As mentioned, these fireball fire pit globes come finished with Iron Oxide  that will turn to a patina color over time as it used and is exposed to the elements. The patina coupled with the sturdy steel frame construction will not only ensure that your artistic fire pit ages beautifully, but also guarantees that it will last for decades of heavy use without wearing out.

4. They come with a lifetime warranty

This is how confident the manufacturer is on the quality of these works of art. You can buy the fireball fire pit globe knowing that you are protected should it not hold and work as advertised.

5. Can be converted to wood or propane gas

Most of these fire ball fire pit spheres are originally made to burn on wood but you can have it converted to gas fire pit. They don’t come with the conversion kits though as you buy those separately. Ensure you talk to your gas technician first before you buy the kits. If you buy your fireball from The Fire Pit Store , they can also help you find a suitable burner for your fireball.

Some of The Best Artistic Fire Pits Available-

You can check them out in The Fire Pit Store under Artistic Fire Pits or Fire Spheres

Waves Fireball

This artistic fire globe is inspired by the soothing water waves.

Mermaid Fireball

Inspired by the mythological sea creatures – Mermaids in the the wild waves.

Hot Rod Fireball

For the fans of antique auto, this artistic fire pit features checkered racing flag structure supporting the wistful symbols from an age gone by and classic hotrod images.

Farm Fireball

This fire pit art is inspired by the farm life, from the gentle cows, to delightful roosters on a picket fence, a  field of corn, to an old tractor, and a barn to create the farm fireball fire pit masterpiece.

Fish Fireball

This fireball design features the underwater scene with thriving crappies, walleyes and norther pike fish.

Loon Fireball

Features the Loon birds as they gracefully glide above water.

Wild Fireball

This wilderness themed fireball features a deer, moose, wolves, and a graceful blue heron in a background of pines and tall hardwoods.

Orchid Flowers Natural Gas Fire Pit

This artistic fire pit globe is originally a natural gas fire pit but it can be converted into a wood burning fire pit. It’s inspired by the colorful and fragrant orchid family creating an illusion of peace throughout this decorative fireball fire pit.

It comes with a 120k BTU natural gas burner with key valve and flex hose. The gas burner has a lifetime guarantee.

Exceptionally unique these artistic fire pit fireball spheres are practical as they are beautiful, designed to keep you warm and cozy during those cold evenings as well as improve the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Visit the The Fire Pit Store for these and more designs.




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