Best Cheap Wood Burning Fire Pits

If you are looking for the best cheap affordable fire pits, this list might help you narrow down the search. 

Landmann 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit, Black

xfThis is  one of the most  popular fire pit across all brands of fire pit. Landmann 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Lights Fire Pit like all Landmann fire pits features a sturdy steel construction with unique stylish decorative cutouts. The four  legs also made of steel  offer stability and support.

It has a ring handle around the fire pit  for easy transportation. Landmann  Savannah Garden Lights Fire Pit comes equipped with a protective spark screen to the keep the dangerous embers contained, a grill and a poker to stoke the fire.

It does not however come with a storage cover or a log grate.

Landmann Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit Dimensions;

  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 24.25 ”
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 28.5 ”
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 25 ”
  • Fire Bowl Height- 12.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Width- 23.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Depth- 23.5 ”
  • Burn surface area: 415 sq. inches
  • Overall Product Weight-22 lb

Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fire pit by Best Choice Products

91wlbtkvul-_sl1500_Inspired from the shape of a lantern, this bronze outdoor fire pit with Lattice  is not only unique but also stylish. This hexagon fire pit features a deep, lattice design bowl with oil bronze finish and an easy to lift mesh spark guard.


  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom 25 ”
  • Overall Width – Side to Side 24 ”
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back 24 ”
  • Screen Length- 21.25”
  • Screen Width-21.25”
  • Screen Height-9”
  • Fire Bowl Height-8.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Width-24 ”
  • Overall Product Weight-15.75 lb.

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

71lwunpqyl-_sl1500_Constructed from steel, Roman fire pit is sturdy and strong. Is equipped with a spark screen cover, a fire poker and log grate that lets you tend the fire. This Roman Fire Pit by Fire Sense burns wood as well as charcoal.

Fire sense Roman fire pit Dimensions;

  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 20”
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 35”
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 35”
  • Fire Bowl Width: 35”
  • Fire Bowl Depth: 35”
  • Overall Product Weight: 17 lb

Landmann Big Sky Stars and Moons Fire pit


It is made out of sturdy steel with rustic clay-hued or black finish and decorative star and moon cutouts on the firebox.

It comes with a full-size enamel grate for cooking, better airflow and easy access to the fire, a safety ring for transport, a spark guard cover and poker.

Like almost all Landmann fire pits, no storage cover is included.

Fire Pit Dimensions;

  • Large 23.5” diameter bowl
  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 23 ”
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 29.5 ”
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 29.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Height: 12.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Width: 23.5 ”
  • Fire Bowl Depth: 23.5 ”
  • Safety Ring Diameter: 0.5 ”
  • Distance Between Safety Ring And Fire Bowl: 2.25 ”
  • Overall Product Weight: 32 lb.

Fire Sense 29-Inch Folding Fire Pit


This  is a top recommended fire pit for camping. This is because this Fire Sense fire pit features folding legs that are easily collapsible and fold to conveniently allow you to just grab the fire pit and be on your way. It’s also very light weight at only 10lb, which makes carrying it very easy.

It features a 29-inch heat-resistant painted steel fire bowl and comes complete with heat resistant mesh fire screen, a wood grate and cooking grate. Also comes complete with a carrying bag and screen lift tool.

Fire Sense 29″ Folding Fire Pit Dimensions:

  • Overall Height – Top to Bottom: 17”
  • Overall Width – Side to Side: 29 ”
  • Overall Depth – Front to Back: 29 ”
  • Overall Product Weight: 10lb.

Pleasant Hearth Brant Round Fire Pit, 30-Inch

81IM-YMaW4L._SL1500_The Pleasant Hearth Brant Wood Burning Fire Pit  is made of steel construction with a rubbed bronze finish.

This outdoor fire pit is designed with fire bowl that has an ash catcher, mesh spark guard, wood grate for easy wood replacement access and to maintain consistent air circulation and holes at the bottom of the pit for proper water drainage.

The mesh wire cover, fire bowl and wood grate are all coated in a high-heat paint to prevent heat damage, rust and discoloration.


Overall Height – Top to Bottom -17.32”

Overall Width – Side to Side -30 ”

Overall Depth – Front to Back -30 ”

Fire Bowl Width- 29 ”

Fire Bowl Depth- 29 ‘

Fire Bowl Height – 6 ”

Overall Product Weight-30.32 lb

Landmann USA Bromley Fire Pit


The Bromley fire pit features attractive decorative diamond cutouts on fire bowl and a sturdy steel construction designed. Lightweight and easy to transport to any outdoor gathering or camping site. Includes spark screen to keep the embers contained and a poker.

Fire pit Dimensions;

Overall Height – Top to Bottom -19.9 ”

Overall Width – Side to Side -25.8 ”

Overall Depth – Front to Back -25.8 ”

Fire Bowl Width- 24.25 ”

Fire Bowl Depth- 24.25 ”

Fire Bowl Height -7 ”

Overall Product Weight-12.7 lb

From the above list, you can see that Landmann fire pits make take most of the spots and it’s with good reason. Landmann fire pit offer quality that ensures that the fire pit lasts for seasons. That together with that fact that most of them are quite affordable with quite a number of their fire pits being really affordable is what makes Landmann fire puts so popular and also the best selling across all brands.

That is not to say however that the rest of this brands are not as good, they are not as popular as the Landmann fire pits  but their quality is also good.




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