2018 Best Table Top Gas Grills Reviews

best table top gas grills

If you’re looking to buy a table top gas grill then you came to the best place because this article is just for you. There are many varieties in the market and making a choice maybe a tedious task if you don’t have anything specific in mind. Well, we have taken the time to compile a list of what we believe are some of the best table top grills available in the market currently. But before that, here are a few reason why table top gas grills are so popular.

Benefits of table tops grills

  • They are portable and light weight hence can be moved around the patio with ease. Convenient even because they can be taken wherever for an outdoor grilling session.
  •  They are the perfect grills to take camping, beach, tailgating, hiking or fishing. Perfect for grilling on the go due to their compact, light weight nature that allows them to fit almost anywhere.
  • They are perfect for small decks and patios and anywhere else where space is limited, again thanks to their compact nature.

Our winning table top grills include;

Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill Cuisinart Portable Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill

  • Cuisinart Outdoor Tabletop Grill features 2, 10-inch square stainless steel folding side shelves ideal for prepping meals.
  • Has a 12,000 BTU stainless steel loop burner.
  • Features a heat distributing panel for even cooking.
  • The grate is made of durable cast iron.
  • Matchless twist-start ignition for easy lighting.
  • Comes with a built-in precision thermometer on the cover to keep track of the temperatures.
  • Includes a removable drip tray.
  • Operates on 14.1 and 16.4 propane tanks or even a 20 pound tank.


  • It has a cool and classy design.
  • Relatively good heat distribution.
  • Heats up pretty fast when it is new.
  • High heat output.


  • The cool design and classy look is all for show as this product is flimsy and cheaply made. That is according to some customer reviews.
  • The holes in the burner clog up fast which results in low heat production hence you have to keep unclogging them before each.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Table Top Gas GrillCuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Table Top Gas Grill


  • This briefcase-style table top gas grill provides 145-square-inch of grilling surface.
  • Features foldaway legs for easy carrying and storage.
  • Stainless steel burner with an output of 5,500 BTU.
  • Durable porcelain-enameled steel cooking grate.
  • Legs are made of Aluminum and also comes with additional stabilizing feet.
  • It’s easy to clean and comes with a removable grate that is dishwasher safe.
  • Operate on one-pound propane tanks.
  • Comes in red color, stainless steel and black.


  • Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Table top Gas Grill is capable of cooking a good meal for 4 people.

  • The compact size of this grill enables it to be energy efficient as heat is kept near  the cooking surface.


  • There seems to be a lot of reviews on the workmanship of this product. Some have reported that the plastic on this grill just melts off after some uses.
  • Uneven cooking spots on the cooking grid.
  • From what we can gather, 1 to 2 years and you’re probably need a new grill.
  • Lowest heat output on this list of 5,500 BTU.
  • Small cooking surface especially when compared to the other table top grills on this list.

Smoke Hollow Table Top Propane Gas Grill Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill, Perfect for tailgating,camping or any outdoor event


  • Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel Table Top Gas Grill lasting stainless steel construction.

  • Features a 10,000 BTU Stainless Steel “U” Burner.
  • Offers a 205 sq. in. of primary cooking area  and an additional 105 sq. in. chrome-plated warming rack.
  • The compact design, locking lid, foldaway stainless steel legs legs and a large front carry handle are all useful for easy movement.
  • Includes a stainless steel drip tray.
  • Operates on one-pound propane cylinders.


  • A high heat output of 10,000 when compared to other table tops in the same price range this translates to a faster cook time.
  • Features a warming rack in addition to the main grill surface. Therefore, it offers a bigger grilling surface area of a total of 310, bigger than most table tops actually.
  • Cooks a full meal for many people just as well as a full size grill.


  • Temperature  control is almost non existent. It almost always cooks on high even when you set the regulator to low. This problem was reported by many customers.
  • Uneven heating spots on the cooking surface.
  • Many customers also seemed to have a problem with getting the igniter to work properly.

Blackstone Portable Table Top Gas GrillBlackstone Portable Table Top Camp Griddle, Gas Grill for Outdoors, Camping, Tailgating


  • Provides 260 square inches of cooking surface.
  • Comes with a 12,000 BTU stainless steel “H” style burner for heat distribution across the whole griddle. 
  • Works with 1 pound of propane tank.


  • Promises years of durability.
  • Capable of cooking large meals
  • Relative heat distribution on the cooking griddle.
  • High heat output of 12, 000 BTU.
  • Super easy to clean, just simply wipe off the griddle with a paper towel.
  • Easy storing by turning the griddle top upside down.


  • Does not come with a carry handle for ease of carrying.

Coleman NXT Lite Table Top Propane Grill Coleman NXT Lite Table Top Propane Grill


  • 168 sq. in. porcelain-coated steel grilling space.
  • Even-Temperature burner with 8,500 BTU heat output.
  • Matchless instant Start push-button ignition for lighting
  • Comes with a removable grease tray.
  • Features a secure latch system that fastens the legs for easy portability.
  • Works with 1 pound of propane cylinder.


  • It’s nice looking with a sturdy feel.


  • Limited temperature control because it gets fairly hot even on low setting.
  • Does not heat evenly.
  • Grease catch is flimsy and warps after few uses.

Table top specifications compared side by side;

Grill Specifications Cuisinart CGG-200B Portable Outdoor Tabletop Propane Gas Grill Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop Gas Grill Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel Table Top Propane Gas Grill Blackstone Portable Table Top Camp Griddle, Gas Grill Coleman NXT Lite Table Top Propane Grill
Exterior Material Painted Steel Painted Steel Painted Steel Painted Steel Painted Steel
Painted Steel 12,000 5500 10,000 12,000 8,500
Cooking Grate Material Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Porcelain Coated Steel Porcelain Coated Steel Rolled Steel Porcelain Coated Steel
Cooking Grid Dimensions 18 X 13 1/2 Inches 15 1/2 X 9 3/4 11.25 X18.5  15.25 x 17 ..
Total Grilling Area-Sq. Inches 240 145 310 260 168
Includes Side Shelves YES NONE NONE NONE NONE
Height-Inches  16 31 1/2 12.2 8.5 11.2
Length-Inches  26.5 17.5 18.2
Width-Inches  28 1/2 16 1/2 16.5 18 16
Weight-Pounds 38 19 20.4 25 20

What to consider when buying a table top gas grill

1. BTU Output

Different table top grills have different BTU output. The higher the BTU the better in terms of heat produced during cooking and the time spent.

2. Grilling area size

As you can see from the above comparison table, different grill, different grilling area size. Some grilling area sizes will be way to small when you compare them to grills of the same price range, so look around before buying a grill and look for a size that best suits your grilling needs.

3. Price

Obviously, this is one of the major factors to consider when shopping for a table top grill. They come in various prices, prices ranging from even as low as $30 to as high as $400, depending on the quality and features of the grill.  For table top grills with moderate features, efficiency and durability, most will range from$75-$200

4. Additional features

You will also want consider unique or additional features such as an infrared burner for better, efficient cooking, availability of side shelves for prepping your meals  and availability of a warming rack which means additional cooking space. This kinds of grills with added features may cost a little more that the other grills but well worth paying for added convenience.

The table top gas grills on this list are by no means anywhere near prefect but they are some of the highest rated and best selling in the market. They are affordable too and will do the purpose for which they were built to-outdoor grilling on the go.






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