Camp Chef Propane Fire Pits Review

Camp Chef was established in 1990, on the idea of creating better ways to cook outdoors by providing quality products that would give outdoor lovers the opportunity to experience nature without having to sacrifice a good meal outdoors. With that in mind, the company has over the years manufactured outdoor cooking products including Camp Chef Propane Fire Pits that have greatly improved outdoor entertainment.

Because Camp Chef Propane Fire Pits are made to improve functionality and efficiency in  use for the outdoor lover, most of Camp Chef fire pits burn on propane gas which is clean, smokeless and best off hassle free, which makes these fire pits ideal for almost any outdoor gathering.

Their portable propane fire pits are especially popular for camping, beach parties and tailgating. They are easy to light and shut off in a snap and come with a fully adjustable flame-control dial for roasting marshmallows or cooking hotdogs. They are also lightweight which enables easy movement around the patio or backyard thus allowing you to have a fire just about anywhere.

Camp Chef propane fire pits are allowed for use in most fire ban restrictions.

Popular Portable Camp Chef Fire Pits

Camp Chef Redwood Port Pro Fire Pit

Features Include;

  • It is forged from heavy gauge steel with nickel coated steel safety rings for easy transport.
  • The camp chef Redwood fire pit gives off quite some heat with a output of 55,000 BTU/Hr.
  • Features a easy hassle free matchless ignition system.
  •  A fully adjustable flame-control knob with a safety shutoff valve if for some reason gas is interrupted.
  • This particular camp chef fire pit can be converted to natural gas.

Included Accessories;

  •  Comes with 4 adjustable roasting sticks whose retail value is $19.99.
  • 12 lbs assorted lava rocks to accent your camp chef fire pit as well as to disperse and radiate heat.
  • Zipper carry bag.
  • Comes with bulk tank fitting support stand.
  • Regulator and 5′ hose.

This camp chef fire pit dimensions and weight;

  • 19″ Diameter
  • 13″ Bowl Height
  • 32.3 pounds


There might be problems with the flame-control knob regulator but this is all based on older reviews (2015 actually) so the problem might have been fixed as  I cant seem to find any recent negative reviews as at the date of writing this review.

Camp Chef Del Rio Gas Fire Pit


  • This fire pit is a made with heavy duty gauge steel with a beautiful ornate copper finish for the bowl.
  • Heat output of 55,000 BTU/hr.
  • Matchless ignition for fast and easy lighting.
  • Camp Chef Del Rio Gas Fire Pit features a fully adjustable heat-control knob.

Included Accessories;

  • Includes a all-weather protective cover
  •   Decorative lava rock that will also help in dispersing heat.
  • Four extendable roasting sticks
  • Regulator and 5 ft hose

Dimensions and weight;

  • Outer Diameter: 29″
  • Bowl Diameter: 24″
  • Bowl Height : 11″
  • 59 pounds

Cons of the Camp Chef Del Rio Gas Fire Pit

Based on some reviews there were problems with the igniter switch. The igniter switch didn’t work properly and the fire pit couldn’t stay lit. This may be because of the gas feed not being lined up properly or other assembly problems.

Worth noting about the lava rocks;

According to Camp Chef, you may need to cure your Lava rocks that come with your Camp Chef propane fire pit before a lifetime of use. To do this, simply bake your rocks for about 10 minutes in your fire pit while maintaining a safe distance from your fire pit. This is because depending on the nature of the lava rock, some may crack and pop out of the fire pit. Don’t worry though, it’s not guaranteed that your lava rocks will pop, but just to be safe stay a few feet away. After those 10 minutes your lava rocks will be cured ready for a lifetime of use.

You could also use decorative fire pit glass instead of lava rocks for a more appealing look. However, fire pit glass is not meant to be used in the fire pit when cooking.


As said earlier a Camp Chef propane fire pit is ideal for almost any outdoor setting, and especially great for small outdoor spaces, for camping and tailgating. Get to do your cooking as you enjoy a cool evening outdoors with friends or family.

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