Fire Pit Under a Pergola, Is It a Good Idea?

A Fire Pit Under a Pergola

Did you know experts say that the landscape of your home can potentially raise the value of your property by 15%? Yep, that’s true!

Property landscapes on front and backyards featuring a pergola and fire pits add value to your property that not only benefits the occupant but can also help your property move faster when selling.

The current trend in home exterior and outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular. That’s why it comes as no surprise that a pergola and other comfortable outdoor additions are highly sought after. A pergola adds a special vibe and character to your landscape design while offering useful shade on hot sunny days.

These structures are often designed with wood and can also be made from aluminum reinforced vinyl to create the final missing piece that completes your home’s outdoor space. The beauty of a pergola also inspires you to further creativity and comforts such as adding outdoor furniture and introducing a fire feature such as a fire pit.

Since a pergola offers inviting shade to just lounge and relax, introducing hardy but comfortable furniture is a great idea. Adding a fire feature brings harmony and makes the space feel cozier and almost irresistible. But what kind of fire feature should you add under a pergola and is it safe?

Most pergolas are fairly high with heights ranging from 9 to 12 feet. Why people are opting to use pergolas to spruce up their outdoors is because they bring depth and character to a space. They also offer shade and are an excellent place to lounge, spend time with family and catch up with friends.

The beams, struts, and lattices allow sunlight to seep through in abundance while fresh outdoor air circulates freely and yet you remain protected from the harsh sun rays of hot weather. Not only are these structures beautiful, but they are also functional.

Before you introduce a fire pit under your pergola, it is prudent to check the rules and regulations of your state and whether a fire pit is allowed or prohibited.

Most states will allow a fire pit in the backyard while others may be more specific on the type of fire pit allowed. Some may allow a fire built into the round while others may insist on a raised fire pit or fire pit with a stand so that the fire burns in a chamber suspended from the ground.

Is a Fire Pit Underneath a Pergola Safe?

Where fire is concerned, it’s always prudent to take the safety-first approach to prevent damage to property and the environment. Since Pergolas are often wooden structures, ensuring that you have a fire extinguisher on sight is always a good safety measure. In the unlikely event of a fire, you can easily snuff it out with great efficiency.

With fire pits, there is always the hazard of carbon monoxide. However, that is not an issue at all with a well-ventilated pergola. In these modern times, some pergolas can easily be closed through a retractable top or lattices that can be closed during rain or snow seasons. For such cases, when using a fire pit underneath a pergola you will need to make double sure that the area has good ventilation.

Propane or wood-fueled fire pits can be safely used underneath a pergola. The smoke from a wood-fueled fire pit will not damage the wood because there is plenty of aeration. A screen mesh that prevents sparks and burning embers from flying outside the pit is recommended as an additional safety measure that will give you peace of mind.

Can you cook on a wood burning fire pit underneath a pergola? Yes, you can. For that, you will need to get a fire pit grate that will enable you to grill and barbeque to your heart’s content.

Even with a fire pit grate, it is still recommended that you use a fire pit screen mesh to confine sparks and embers within the fire pit. A propane fire pit does not need the mesh screen as it does not produce sparks or embers.

If you don’t intend to cook, a fire pit table is the next best option that can also make your pergola shaded spot a cozy hang-out.

Most fire pit tables run on propane gas and come in several designs that range from a coffee table look to a full fledged dining table that integrates fire in the middle of the countertop. Like traditional fire pits, they are constructed with hardy materials that are easy to clean and durable under exposure to weather elements.

Whether you settle for a fire pit or fire pit table, it’s recommended that the fire fixture be covered during bad weather to further longevity. Pergolas have been in existence since medieval times. and their stunning smooth and rugged beauty is truly transformative for a poolside, patio, or deck as well as other outdoor spaces in the home.

When the inside of your pergola is well furnished with durable outdoor furniture and graced with a fire pit, it becomes an irresistible extension of the home that everyone gravitates to.

A Beautiful Pergola Awaits

Do you already have a pergola in your yard? Take the coziness and comfort level of that space to the next level by introducing a fire feature that is not only functional but decorative as well. A fire pit underneath your pergola is a marvelous idea. Just be sure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure safety as you enjoy the comforts of outdoor living.

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