How to Choose the Right Open Fire Cooking Grill

One of the cooking accessories that makes it possible to cook over an open fire to perfection is a grill. Without a good grill, the whole affair of roasting or grilling over an open fire becomes quite difficult.

So how do you ensure that you choose the right grill for your open fire?

Before buying a cooking grill, you want to consider what you will be using the grill for. For instance, you may be looking for a grill to use on an open fire from your fire pit in your backyard. In such a case you want a grilling option that will fit your fire pit and even perhaps include a fire pit lid to help keep the flying sparks and embers in check if you happen to have kids and pets around.

If you need a grill to use on your fire pit, getting the right size will ensure it sits over the fire pit or slightly sinks into the pit. For those who need a grill to be used in an open fire that does not fire pit-related, you will need to figure out how your grill over the fire will be supported.

If you get a grill option without a stand or legs to hold it down to the floor, then it means it has to sit on stones of your fire for support. So for the consumer who tends to have an open fire that has no support, you will need to factor in how to support your grill over the fire. The other alternative is to choose a grill that comes with its stand.

There are numerous options with self-supporting legs that ensure a hassle-free grilling experience over an open fire. For instance, some grilling units will include collapsible legs that allow for quick set up when you need to cook or you can easily collapse the unit when done for easy transportation.

Size and Design

How many people do you intend to cook for? Answering this question will help you determine the right design and grill size to buy.

Another factor that determines the size of the grill to settle for, is what types of cooking you would like to do over an open fire?

If you intend to use several cooking styles over your fire such as making stews with a pot(s), rotisserie, grill, and barbeque, then you will need to get a versatile grill design that accommodates all that with a height adjustability mechanism.

In the same breath, if you intend to cook for a sizeable number of people, cook multiple foods within a short time and serve meals when hot, you will want to consider a grill system that provides a large surface area and has good stability. These cooking needs can be met even when cooking over an open fire. One can consider a double-layered grill design which is a great way to meet such needs.

Such units come in manageable parts, are easy to assemble, and provide great stability. Such a unit would feature a stake with one pointed end for driving into the ground right next to the fire. They also come with a grill and a skillet which go into the stake at the desired height over the open fire and attach using gravity with no need for tools.

The grill and skillet can be rotated 360 degrees whenever you want them away from the direct heat. Meat can be grilled on the grate while foods like French fries, eggs, sausages, and such can be fried on the skillet. Such a grill design offers plenty of cooking surface area, good speed of cooking different meals simultaneously, and decent support for cooking over an open fire.


Grills are made from different types of metals. Such metals include the following;

  • Stainless steel – this is a popular material loved by grill consumers because it is rust-proof and easy to clean. It also gets hot very fast.
  • Enameled cast iron – most grills are prone to rust and warp because of the high temperatures they are exposed to in addition to weather exposure such as rain. An enameled coated cast iron grill is rust-proof and lessens the chances of grill warping.
  • Cast iron – cast iron takes approximately 15 minutes to heat up evenly. The only challenge with cast iron grills is their susceptibility to rust. If you are prepared to meticulously take care of the grill and oil it frequently, then it is a good choice that will work and serve you well.
  • Chrome-plated steel – Grills from this material are the common options in the market because they are pocket friendly. Although they work well, they are prone to rust.
  • Enameled steel – grills made from enameled steel will serve you for a decent duration but are based on quality. If the quality is substandard, the enamel coating tends to start cracking over time.

Cooking utensils

Since you are shopping for a grill anyway, once you find one that will work for you, it does not hurt to be on the look for offers that come with accompanying utensils such as a grilling fork, spatula, or a fire stoking rod. Such accompaniments do come in handy in your grilling process.


Size, design, and material used are key features that determine whether a cooking grill will perform to your expectations while cooking over an open fire.




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