11 Fire Pit Seatings Comprising of Tree Stumps and Rock Boulders

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living space with a fire pit, there is no limitation to design ideas available to us and obviously, the space would not be complete without a nice  seating area around the fire pit  to comfortably relax and enjoy a roaring fire with friends and family.

When it comes to fire pit seating areas, there are also plenty of designs  that can be incorporated around a fire pit and as many materials that can be used for the construction of said fire pit seating, from bricks to wood to just buying ready made outdoor furniture.

Like many outdoor decor there may not always be a need to buy the usual outdoor furniture or construct fire pit benches. How about using what is already in the environment? One of these natural resources are rock boulders. Rock boulder are commonly used to accent the landscapes, by outlining  walkways and dividing outdoor spaces, they are used among plantings or as planters themselves and as seats.

Large blocky boulders with a flat surface make suitable seats, though lets be honest, not very comfortable. However, this problem is easily solved by use of  pillows which then greatly improve the comfortability while at the same time introduces a cozy homey look.

Other than rock boulders, tree stumps also make for nice fun fire pit sits. If you have the privilege of having trees in your backyard and you need a fire pit seating area, then making fire pit seats from a trees stump could be a fun activity you could engage in sometime with satisfying end results.

In the market you will find man-made boulders and tree stumps for shopper who want that natural look for their decor. For example, the stump pictured below is a rustic traditional teak aluminum metal stool in silver with a tree trunk inspired stump base and oil rubbed seat. Looks close to the real thing, doesn’t it?


So why use rock boulders and tree stumps for fire pit seating?

  • They blend seamlessly with the environment for that rustic natural look.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Very little  maintenance required.
  • Save up on cost of having to buy or construct the usual fire pit benches or furniture.

you can accent the boulders and tree stumps with pillows for increased comfort.

Here are examples of boulders and trees stumps used as fire pit seating.

1. Like earlier mentioned, boulders may not offer the best of comfort when it comes to chairs but you can greatly improve this by use of pillows which as you see, are not only serving the functionality purpose but also do accentuate the whole seating  area while still blending with the environment?

Color Amidst a Woodland
2. This one here shows us that you don’t even have to make multiple little log stools, this way you save on time and man power.
Western Homestead Ranch
3. Talk of blending. Enough of those tree stumps to sit quite a few people and there is still space to add more.
27 Bridge Lake Dr.
Catamount Ranch
Dallas, TX: Mike & Jill Wood
Perkins Lane Residence
27 Bridge Lake Dr.
Transitional Patio
10. In her blog Sewn Many Ways, Karen gives a step by step tutorial on how to turn tree stumps into fire pit seats using trees she cut down from her property. You will also learn how to make the little pillows too.
Photo Credit- Sewn Many Ways
Photo Credit- Sewn Many Ways

9. Blankets will work too if your looking to increase comfort-ability.

European Country in Colorado
10. See how well the boulders look here, well intergrated with the environment.
Enchantment II
11. Here is an idea, how about a unique fire pit surrounded by log stools  for when you want to enjoy the fire with softer pea gravel around the fire pit seating area, We Like!
Potrero Hill Lookout
You don’t have to go the usual way when creating  the perfect fire pit seating. Just a tree and boulders and you’re have perfect outdoor living space.

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