2 Items That should Always Accompany Your Fire Pit Purchase

Most decor will always be affected by weather when left exposed to the elements and fire pits are no different. I’ve seen several fire pit reviews from customers who claim their fire pits rusted or developed holes at the bottom after they left their fire pits outdoors for few days and because of this, they end up faulting the manufacturer and they end up giving poor ratings for a fire pit that would have otherwise served them for longer had they taken proper care of the fire pit. But really, what do you expect  if you expose your fire pit to weather elements unprotected?

While most fire pits, come with a coated rust-proof  moisture repellent finish, because of continued use and exposure to heat, even the best kinds of fire pit coatings will eventually wear off leaving your fire pit vulnerable and unprotected.

Therefore, to safeguard your fire pit against elements and increase the chances of your fire serving you for season to come,here are the two items that should always be on your list as you shop for a fire pit.

Fire Pit Cover

When it comes to the longevity of your outdoor fire pit, a fire pit cover is the most important investment you will have to make. It doesn’t matter where you live and the kind of climate you experience there, a fire pit cover is absolutely necessary if you want your fire pit to last more than a few seasons.

Some fire pit designs do come with their own fire pit covers but the truth is, some of those fire pit covers are extremely poor quality and will almost always wear or tear after a few uses. Be that as it may,there is no shortage of fire pit covers in the market today with classic accessories and sunny daze covers being the most popular. The can check out our review of 5 great fire pit covers HERE

 But just to summarize, Here are 2 among this popular list:

1. Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Covers

  • They provide covers to fit several fire pit shapes and sizes.
  • The covers feature an elegant water-resistant fabric top with a protective waterproof backing and a protective dark splash guard skirt
  • Elastic hem cord with a toggle to allow adjustment for a tight and custom fit.
2. Sunnydaze Round Black Fire Pit Covers

  • Comes in a variety of Measurements; 30 by 12, 40 by 18, 36 by 12, 48 by 18, 60 by 24 and 80 inch diameter by 24 inches high.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant to withstand the elements.
  • Drawstring and toggle to securely stay put during windy and rainy weather conditions.
  • Covers are heavy duty reinforced vinyl (PVC) for durability and protection.

Rust and Heat Resistant Paint/Spray

Even though you fire pits are made to withstand extreme heat, you still need to paint and regularly paint or spray your fire pit with a heat resistant coating, most especially for metal fire pits. Most fire pits come painted with a heat resistant and rust prove paint but in my experience, they never really seem to help much especially when it comes to rust. This is why even before you use your fire pit for the first time, rust proof it . No harm in double rust proving, right?

 Some good examples of good quality heat/ rust resistant spray for your fire pit include:

1. Rust-Oleum  High Heat Enamel Spray, Bar-B-Que 
mn2. Rust-Oleum  High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray, Aged Copper


Their Key qualities include:

  • Elegant design and a rich satin finish
  • Provides  protection from rust and resistant to heat of up  to 1000ºF for the Rust-Oleum  High Heat Enamel Spray, Bar-B-Que spray  and 1200°F for the Rust-Oleum  High Heat Ultra Enamel Spray, Aged Copper spray.
  • No primer necessary with these sprays.
  • Are fast drying, 30 minutes and they’re dry to touch.

Both a fire pit cover and the protective paint help in the maintenance and care of your fire pit so you need to  invest in them.





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