How to Buy The Right Fire Pit Screen

When you’re outdoors enjoying the warm from a fire pit, you want to do this without having to worry about people getting injured from fire related accidents or things being set on fire by flying embers and the like by using a fire pit screen...

Fire pit screens are typically made of heat-resistant metal but steel is generally a top favorite because of it’s durability, heat resistance and it’s lighter in weight compared to other metals which is a really good quality for a fire pit screen.

Other Useful features that make good fire pit screen include:

  •  Has a a top handle for easier lifting from the fire pit. Because the screen is made of metal, the whole fire pit screen will get hot and you don’t want your hands getting burned when you’re lifting the screen.
  • Has hinged doors. Hinged doors allow for easier access to the fire pit when you want to, say add logs instead of lifting the whole fire pit screen off.

Types of fire pit screens

There are various types of fire pit screens based on how easily they allow you to access your fire pit but the very common types include:

A Lift-off fire pit screen

With these kinds of fire pits, you have to lift the screen completely off the fire pit to access your fire pit. This is why, a top handle on the fire pit screen is very important with the lift-off fire pit screens.


A Pivot fire pit screen

Pivot fire screens are made of two halves joined at the top. There is usually a smaller of the two halves that folds inside the larger one by help of a top handle thereby allowing you access to your fire pit without completely removing screen.

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Hinged fire pit screen

Feature two hinged doors Allows you to lift up the door panels to access the fire pit.

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A fire pit screen, can either completely enclose the whole fire pit or it can cover just the inside of the fire pit. So when you’re buying your fire pit, you may want to consider whether you want your fire pit to sit in the fire out screen or whether the fire pit screen should cover just the inside diameter of the fire pit.

Buying a fire pit that completely encloses the whole fore pit shouldn’t be a problem because you just go a screen that is bigger that the outer diameter or outer length of your fire pit. For those that cover just the diameter, its best to have inner measurements for your fire pit.

Measuring the fire pit

For a round screen

Measure the inside fire pit diameter of your fire pit and then add 4 inches to the dimensons. For Example: if the inside of the Fire Pit diameter measures 40 inches, add 4 inches to your measurement which then becomes 44 inches. That should be able to cover your fire pit inside diameter well.

Rectangular or square shape

For a rectangle or square shape you add 2 inches to the inside dimensions of the length and width...

So say for the rectangular shape, the width was  35 inches, then your screen width measurements would become 37, if we add the 2 inches.
For the length  say 40 inches then your dimensions become 42 inches.
So with just a few inches to spare on each edge the fire pit screen will sit well enough over each side of the fire pit.

Knowing the measurements of your fire pit will ensure that you buy the right kind of fire pit screen. Before you go using your wood burning fire pit, protect yourself and your property from the dangers that come with fire and using a fire pit screen with your fire pit.

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