How to Buy The Right Fire Pit Cover Size.

When it comes to the durability of your fire pit,  a fire pit cover is the most important investment one can make when it comes to ensuring the fire pit lasts and remains operational as intended. A fire pit cover will ensure the longevity of the fire pit by.,; protecting it from weather elements and keeping dirt and other unwanted debris away from the fire pit.

Fire pit covers are made from a variety of materials from vinyl to nylon and polyester, or a combination of these and more materials for increased quality and durability. So really, there is no shortage of quality covers to chose from.

Taking measurements for a fire pit cover.

You will need to take the measurements of your fire pit, the whole diameter of your fire pit and the height for a round fire pit. For the diameter, you will need to take the whole diameter, including the fire pit screen if your fire pit has any. After you get your diameter dimensions, add few inches, say 2 to 4 to ensure a little room for wiggling because you want your fire pit cover to fit just right and not be too tight that it tears at the seams.

For a square or rectangle shape, adding 2 inches to both sides should do.

For the height, take measurements up to where you would like your fire pit cover to reach.

Major feature that makes a good fire pit cover:

Water resistance dual vented feature for fire pit covers.

One of the primary reasons of getting a fire pit cover is so as to protect the fire pit from such elements as rain and snow. This is why when most of us go shopping for fire pit ..covers, we look for ‘water proof’ covers. Well, this is okay but  you see, condensation is also a major problem for your fire pit because even though a fire pit cover is a water proof it cannot guarantee protection of the fire pit from condensation. This is because  some of these fire pit covers that are water proof are not breathable and as such they facilitate condensation thereby defeating the purpose of the fire pit cover altogether.

To avoid this go for fire pit covers with dual vents  because there is increased breath-ability of the material  or those with he multi-layer, breathable  panels. Great examples of these include Duck Covers Elegant Square Fire Pit Cover and the Classic Accessories Terrazzo Fire Pit Covers.

Other features for fire pit covers include:

  1. Uv protection- To reduce fading of the material.
  2. Additionally fire pit covers that come with an elastic cord in bottom hem are ideal because they allow for a custom fit.
  3. If you buy a fire pit cover with seams, go for those with seam sealer tape applied at the seams to prevent water from penetrating into the fire pit as is the case with some of these fire pits covers.

Don’t be one of those customers who wrongly blames the seller when they get the wrong size fire pit cover. Do your measurements before ordering.


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