2 Types of Fire Pits You Should Avoid

You have probably owned a few fire pits in your life, or you are planning to, you know or have a idea of what type of fire pit you want, and you’ve  probably had experience with some bad ones but that’s the risk that come with choosing this feature that we so love. For example spending money on a highly recommended fire pit model only for it to corrode and develop large holes at the base after a few uses, and its ready for the garbage.

Fortunately, there are many fire pit designs out there that are great in terms of design and functionality and are quite durable to serve your needs. However, there are others that you should avoid if possible, they include:

Very cheap fire pits.

More often than not, and this holds true especially for fire pits, cheap is expensive. You don’t expect a $50 fire pit to match the quality construction of say a $200 fire pit. Obviously, I would think, more work went into the build structure of a fire pit that costs more which why if you buy a cheap fire pit, be prepared for what you get, probably to use it for a few seasons and then you will be forced to start looking for replacement parts or buy a new fire pit altogether. You get what you pay for, right? However though this may hold true in most cases expensive does not always guarantee quality either.

Fire pit made of thin metals.

Stay away from fire pits made of flimsy and thin metals. You will notice that with these kinds of light weight fire pits, after very few uses they will start corroding through, with holes forming at the bottom of the bowl. Some feature poor frames and weak support legs that make them wobbly. When you are buying a fire pit, you want something with a well made sturdy structure. One where all the joints fit well and are held together tightly, made with heavy duty material that will likely serve your long term needs.

There are exceptions to every rule. There is a suitable fire pit to fit your lifestyle and needs. Happy shopping!





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